Michael Henry Fulscher – A well known resident of East Moline, has built up a good business there and is otherwise interested as he owns a comfortable home in the city.  He is an expert cigar manufacturer and had popularized several fine brands, which have won wide local notice.  Mr. Fulscher was born in Germany in 1859, a son of Marks and Frederika (Rasmussen) Fulscher.  The parents brought their four children to America in 1868 and located at Davenport, Iowa, where the father followed the stone mason’s trade, becoming a contractor on his own account and won a high reputation in this line.  He died in 1906 and his widow survived him about a year, both being buried at Davenport.  Their children were: Johannes, who is a grocer of Davenport, Ia.; Dora, who is the wife of L. Heller, of Nebraska; Michael Henry, and Claus, who died at Hampton, Ill., in 1908, was a cigar-maker and had worked at his trade there.

     Before coming to the United States Michael Henry Fulscher attended school in Germany for four years, but his education was completed at Davenport.  He learned the trade of cigar maker very young, so that in 1907, when he came to East Moline he was able to start a factory of his own.  His best known brands are the “Crown” and the “O.K.,” on which he has built up a large trade in the vicinity and had a good standing in business circles.  He is a member of the cigar-makers’ union and has many friends in it and the community.  His first comfortable nine-room house he sold in 1913 and built on First Avenue, East Moline, a fine modern residence.

     In 1880, while in New York City, Mr. Fulscher was united in marriage with Emily Lemare, who died in 1897, having borne children as follows: Albert, who died at the age of two years; Mabel, who is the wife of A. Fires, of Davenport; Edward, who married Maud Day, is a cigar-maker by trade, being a resident of Joliet, Ill.; Frank, who married Elizabeth Vick, lives in East Moline; Robert, who is a cement-block manufacturer, lives in East Moline; and Leona, who is the wife of Roy Stephenson.  In 1898, Mr. Fulscher was married (second) to Christina Remily, and five children were born to them: Mary, Alfred, Marks, Donovan, and Michael.

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