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The Rock Island Illinois Genealogical Society

The Genealogical Society is dedicated to preserving materials which tell the history of Rock Island County and also of Illinois .The library collection of the Society is housed at the Rock Island County Historical Society (RICHS) Library. It is a wonderful collection and very important for those searching for their Rock Island Roots.  Website


The Rock Island County Historical Society  is a non-profit organization founded in 1905 by a group of community leaders dedicated to preserving the history of Rock Island County

They have a vast collection of past newspapers containing obituaries, city directories, and histories of organizations, companies, schools and information concerning Rock Island County . Their website has been updated with a lot of good information! The staff is wonderful and always willing to help you.    Website

The Rock Island County Historical Society charges non-members $5.00 per day to use the research library.  We are a non-profit society and we receive no city, county, state or federal funding.  We are only funded through our membership and donations.  Non-members can join at any time to enjoy free use of the research library.

For those of you with Irish roots : Irish Roots magazine, the only magazine entirely dedicated to Irish ancestral research within the entire island of Ireland.

Julie Phibbs