From Rock Island Illinois Genealogical Society

Compiled by Phyllis S. Anderson and Bernice M. Mosely



Armstrong W.W., physician.justice of the peace.

Ballard J.H., carp.

Bowman E H , Physician.

Britton Jacob H, plasterer.

Brookman John H, gen'l store.

Brusso Chas, fish market.

Buffum, John grain and comission merchant.

Buffum John & Son, farm implements

Cushman O.D. Lime and cement

Goode, Samuel, Postmaster

Hayes, Alex carp

Hayes, Chas groceries

Kelly, M.T. hotel

Millett. John & Son, coal opts

Moore D.C., meat market

Mosher H, wagonmaker and blacksmith

Parker A & Son, gen'l store

Paul F.D., physician

Robinson Dr physician

Smith A W, harnessmkr and justice of the peace

Smith .J S Rev, pastor U.B.Church

. Stockman John, boat builder.

Stringham Jas, painter.

Strohmier Edward, harnessmkr.

. Vanderveer Ira, ins agt.

Von Arch, Henry, Saloon

Wells Geo R, druggist and physician

Woods Jas, real estate.


Swisher, W.J. Postmaster and General Store



Thomas Wallton, postmaster.

Allison, Wm. coal

Bowden Philip, grocer.

Bowels & Donald grocers and coal oprs

Griffin, Geo. coal opr.

Sheppard & Co, grocers and coal oprs.

Walton, Thos, Postmaster and grocer.

Buffalo Prairie

Elliot Bros General Store

Elliot L.C. justice of the peace

Platt Bros blksmith

Carbon Cliff

Carey Wm R, justice of the peace.

Corbin C.Postmaster and General Store. Also Agent CRI & P, Ry and American Express.

Holland John, pottery.

Kiefer Anton, pottery.

Silvis Bros, coal oprs.

Woodbury Daniel, coal opr.


Freeberg, postmaster

Battersby & Sons gen'l store

Black Diamond Coal Co. coal oprs

Cardall, Ellen prop Valley Hotel

Caughey, Hugh grain dealer

Connor, Murt blksmith

Corns, justice of the peace

Freberg, Fredrick, Postmaster and Hardware

Garland, Jos, coal oprs

Gordon J.W., grocer

Hass John T. brick mnfr

Haupt Henry, meat market

Krapp, Gustave, saloon

McCreery R.D., justice of the peace Rural twmshp

Martin Thos., physician and druggist

Martin Wm. B. teacher

Morgan Dal. agt RI&P P Ry and United States Express Co.

Mulvany Peter, tinner

Myers Wm. undertaker

Navlor Frank, lumber dealer

Ranson John H. saloon

Stafford L., gen'l store

Staserofke Jacob saloon

Todd W. Rev. pastor M.E. Church

Valley Hotel, Ellen Cardall prop.

Wallberg O.H. shoemkr


Charles B. Marshall, postmaster

Colwell Benj F. Rev. Pastor Baptist Church

Cool Robt C. gen'l store

Cordova Lime Co. lime mnfrs

Cordova Port Byron Lime Association, lime mnfrs

Cordova Public Library, Mrs. M. Mullery librarian

Ely Richard, shoemkr

Fisk Chas. B. grocer

Freck W.R. physician and druggist

Gager Geo. H. blksmith and wagonmkr

Gager, Jennie Mrs., music teacher

Grenell Emma Miss, teacher

Hoke, Jacob, physician

Johnston Laura Miss, music teacher

Johnston Wm K., dentist

:Marshall Albert S, gen'l store.

Marshall R & I, dressmkrs.

Marshall Chas H , Postmaster.

Martin Mary Mrs, dressmkr.

Meyers Howard, druggist.

Mullery M. Mrs. Librarian, Cordova Public Library

Opdycke Chas. C justice of the peace Coe Twnshp

Phillips Chas A, harnessmk

Phillips Ruth Miss, teacher

Robinson Jas H, barber.

Spoor Geo B, agt C M & St P Ry.

Sutter John, barber.

Tavener John E, livery stable.

Tew Jas, stock dealer and meat market.

Van Duzer Harry E, teacher.

Way Lucy B, restaurant.

Webster Wm D, gen'l store, coal and wood

Zimmerman Conveyancer, Notary Public and Justice of the Pence


Drury, Eli, Postmaster, Coal Dealer and Stock Raiser

Essex Wiley, coal opr.

Gorham Adam coal opr

Lewis Nicholas coal opr

Reeves A.J. coal opr


Boughton W.T., physician.

Boughton & Son, druggists.

Cailt E C, carp and Builder.

Fountaine David, blksmith.

Lowe Fred, shoemkr

Robinson David A, wagonmaker.

Rush Addison, general Store and Agricultural Implements.

Sherwood Nelson, harnessmkr and justice of the peace.

Stoddard H.P. Postmaster and Stock Dealer



Kennedy John, Mrs. Postmaster

Shutes John, carp and builder

Ward J.D. Stock Dealer and Farmer


James Winans Postmaster

Adams I.J. Insurance Agt

Baker & Clark, gen'l store.

Barsel W, shoemkr.

Black Fancis, gen'l store.

Conant Wm H. teacher.

Coons Richard, CM& St P Ry

Gribbon John, saloon

Guckert Bros, coal opr.

Guckert Mary

II:toter md a v. 1,11;smith.

Hanwacker Geo. C, saloon

Harder Gustav blksmith

Hunter, Warren physician

Klebe August, farm implements

McNabney Geo F. ins agt

Northern Mining and Railway Co. coal oprs and gen'l store.

Northrup Jas A Rev, pastor M.E. Church.

Norton H. 0, saw and flour mill.

Robinson Bevea.Miss, teacher.

Stevens Frank, wagonmkr

Stevens Lena Miss, teacher.

Tracy Harvey S, hotel.

Vincent Geo, physician and druggist.

Vogel .Jas, saloon

Wells Geo. R., justice of the peace.

Wendel Fred, undertaker.

Winans James, Postmaster and Police Magistrate.

Winter Louis Rev, pastor German Lutheran Church


Brown, Armond J. agt CB & Q Ry and Am Ex Co.

Gerhardt, Chas. gen'l store

Hill Richard, prop Hillsdale Hotel

Hillsdale Hotel, Bullard hill, piop•

Higgins Clifford E., physician and justice of the peace

Lamphere, James M. gen'l store

Wiggins, Henry G. Postmaster and General Store

Woodburn, S. Justice of the Peace


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