The founders of this village were Captains Harvey, Roundy, Samuel Brimblecorn and John H. Anderson, who had been sea captains on the coast of China and returning home, the two former in 1855 and the latter in the year following, they were advised by their old employer, J. N. A. Griswold, then president of the Illinois Central Railroad, to seek homes in the far western country Illinois.
The Village of Woosung was laid out on the railroad above named. June 14, 1855, by Messrs. Roundy, Brimblecorn and Amos C. Stedman. It was surveyed by Miles B. Light.
It was named by the captains above stated after the City of Woosung, in China, the term meaning " Haven of Rest."
Sept. 4, 1857, Francis Chase made a resurvey of the village; Messrs. Roundy, Anderson and Putnam made additions, and the name was recorded in the Clerk's Office as " Juniata City;" This change, however, was not permanently made.

The first house was built in 1855, and is still standing as a residence. In this the settlers lived together with eighteen employes. The captains purchased 2,480 acres of land in that vicinity, and began improvements.
In 1856, their farm house and barn were built on the southeast quarter of section 2. Captain Brimblecorn also built a house in this year, and in the year following, a wind mill, with a fifty-foot wheel, was built by this company. It, however, proved a failure.
A store was soon started, and with time others have been started, until now Woosung is quite a busy little village. Captain Anderson is now station agent.


History of Ogle County-1878


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