ARNOLD ELISHA, Farmer; Sec. 2 ; P. 0. Taylor ; born in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., in 1812 ; came to this Co. in 1844, and settled on his present estate of 170 acres, valued at 810,500; Mr. A. was the first Collector elected after the organization of the town and collected the first tax; was also Supervisor two years and is prominently known throughout the town and county; there was but one house between his home and Franklin when he settled, and at that time carried all his produce to Chicago; married Aseneth Earl in 1841; she was born in Augusta, Ontario, in 1815; have four children living—-Amelia, Maria, Ellen and Melissa; lost one child—William, born Sept. 18, 1842; enlisted Aug. 9,1862, in Co. K, 92d I. S. V., and served until Aug. 16, 1863, when he died at Decherd, Tenn.

Bachman harmon, farmer; Sec. 8; P. O. Taylor.

Bissell Albert, fermer; Src 2; P. 0. Taylor.

Bly Isaac, farmer; Sec. 11; P. 0 Taylor.

COLWELL JASON,   farmer; Sec. 14; P.O.Taylor.

CLEMENS WILLIAM, Farmer; See. 12; P. 0. Taylor; born in Breckenridge Co., Ky., in 1830; came to this county in 1848 and settled in Nashua, where he resided twelve years, when he removed to his present estate; has a farm of 160 acres valued at $8,000; served as Constable in the early years of his settlement and is well-known throughout the town and county ; married Harriet Bishop in 1850; she was born in Chautauqna Co., N.Y.,in l832, and died in July, 1872; have eight children—Henry, Charles, Mary, James, Addie, Ozzy, Franklin and Carrie.

Cole Jerry, farm. ; Sec. 14 ; P. O. Taylor.

Corlin Edward, Sec. 2;  P. O. Taylor.


Edmunds Oliver, farm.; Sec. 2; P. 0. Taylor.

EARL JOSEPH, Farmer; Sec. 1 ; P. O. Taylor; born in Augusta, Canada, in 1819; married Harriett M. Taylor; she was born in Canada in 1835, and died leaving two children—Orson, Maud Lillie; came to this county in 1848, where he remained until 1849, when he crossed the plains to California, remaining 14 months; returned in 1851, and settled on his present estate; owns a farm of 150 acres, value, $9,000 ; is a member of M. JE. Church; in 1853, he married Sarah Martin, who died in 1871; have four children—Louie, Mary, Hatfcie and William M.; lost one child, Sarah, born Oct. 28,1859, died in 1860.

FLOTO L. fermer; S. 7; P. 0. Taylor.

Floto L. H. farm.; S. 7; P. 0. Taylor.

G1IFFIN JAMES, farmer, Sec. 2 ;  P. 0. Taylor.

Gilbert James, fermer, Sec. 14;   P. O. Taylor.

Gilbert John, far., Sec. 14; P. O. Taylor.

FAMMONDS EDMUND, Sec. 2; P.O.Taylor.

Hanger Jacob, farmer, Sec. 1;   P.  0. Taylor.

Harris Amaziah, farmer, Sec. 10; P. 0. Taylor.

Hunsdon Edward, farmer, Sec. 15 ; P. 0. Taylor.

IREY H. B. former, Sec. 9;  P.  O. Taylor.

JOHNSON WM. farmer, Sec.  2; P.O. Taylor.

LAW SAM'L, farmer, Sec. 10; P. 0. Taylor.

Ling Henry, farmer, S. 12; P. 0. Taylor.

MACKAY JOHN, former, Sec. 10; P. O. Taylor.

MARCH B. F. Farmer, Sec. 3; P.0. Taylor.

March John, butter factory, Sec. 4; P. O.Taylor.

Mills  James, physician,  Sec. 2; P. 0. Taylor.

Morris   John,  former,  Sec.15;  P. 0. Taylor.

ORNER THOMAS, farmer, Sec. 13; P. O. Taylor.

RICHARDSON WM. farmer, Sec. 3; P. O. Taylor.

ROWLEY SAMUEL, Farmer, S. 32; P. 0. Oregon; born in Elizabeth Township, Canada West, in 1854; came to this county in 1866; returned to Canada in 1873, and removed perma- nently to this county in 1875; own 80 acres of land; rents 40 acres

Rolph F.   B.  former,   Sec. 12;   P. 0. Taylor.

SANFORD SAXTON, farmer, Sec. 11; P. O. Taylor.

Stevens Joseph, farmer, Sec. 2; P. 0. Taylor.

Stewart John, farmer; S. 4; P. 0. Taylor.

Stewart Oliver, former; S. 4; P.O. Taylor,

Stewart Wm. farmer; S. 16; P.O. Taylor.

TEAL MANLY, Farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Taylor.

Thompson James, farmer; Sec. 11 ; P. 0. Taylor.

Thompson James, former; Sec. 2; P. 0. Taylor.

Trostle Levi, former; Sec 3 ; P.O. Taylor.

VANCE HENRY, Farmer; Sec. 16; P. O. Taylor.

VANCE JOHN, Farmer; Sec. 15; P. 0. Taylor; born in Canada in 1848, and came to this county with his father, Henry Vance, who died Aug. 8, 1876; he left eight children—William, Henry, Eliza, Mary, John, James, George and Elmer ; owns the estate of 80 acres; his mother is still living at Rochelle, aged 68 years.

WARD ENOCH, Farmer; Sec. 13; P. O. Taylor.

Wingate Jacob, former; Sec. 11 ; P. 0. Taylor.