This is a station of the Chicago & Iowa Railroad, but more particularly noted as the location of the first tragedy in the Black Hawk War, ""Stillman's Defeat." The village was laid out Oct. 27 and 28, 1874, by Joshua White, proprietor of the village site. Mr. White is one of the old residents of that vicinity, and one of its present business men. It is located on the western line of Marion Township, near Stillman's Run, a small creek emptying into the Rock River, east of Byron.


A creek running through the community was named after Major Stillman of the Illinois Militia who led troops in the first named battle of the Black Hawk War on May 14, 1832. The battle and the creek became known as Stillman's Run  after Stillman and his men fled the battlefield believing they were being chased by thousands of Chief Black Hawk's warriors. The day after the battle, Abraham Lincoln helped burying the dead soldiers from the battle. The village was named after Stillman Creek; the valley serves as the watershed for the creek, hence the name Stillman Valley.
The battlefield and the site where the soldiers from the War are buried is in Stillman Valley at the Stillman's Run Battle Site. A large memorial to this battle is located in there. It reads, in part: "Here, on May 14, 1832, the first engagement of the Black Hawk War took place.


History of Ogle County-1878


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