The Township of Nashua was first settled about 1836, by Dr. John Roe, who moved to Lighthouse Point, and lived there with his family for many years. He died in Nebraska, and has several sons who sre practicing medicine in this and neighboring counties.

The exact order in which the following settlers came, between that time and 1838, is not known. Ruel Peabody settled on section 28, where he still resides; Major Chamberlin, with family, who is yet living on his old farm, settled in section 13 ; John H. Stevenson settled southeast of him, but just across the line in Pine Rock Township; Stephen Bemis also lives where he settled, on section 25. Besides these there were : John Carr, who died in the township, and family; Levi Dort, who died at La Salle, and family: Henry Farwell, who died at Sterling, and family; John Carpenter, who died at Watertown; James Hatch, who died at Dixon ; Alanson Bishop, who died in the township ; Joseph Williams, who lives now in Iowa; Riley Paddock, who now lives at Ashton ; Seth H. Hills, who died in California ; Daniel McKinney, Richard McKianey and John McKinney, with their families ; Wm. J. Keyes, who now resides in Daysville. The elder McKinneys are now deceased, and the sons have moved west. Mrs. Wm. J. Mix is a daughter of Richard McKinney.


History of Ogle County-1878


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