AVERILL EDWARDS Farmer; Sec. 33; P. O. Daysville; born in Upper Canada; located in Clinton Co., N. Y., with his father when a small child, and in this Co. in 1831 ; married Sarah Ann Cole in 1836 ; she was born in Morrow Co., Ohio, in 1841; had eight children, four deceased; the living are: Frank E., Clarata A, Frances I., and Walter E,; are members of the Evangelical Church; has been Class Leader in the Evangelical Association four years, Steward two years, and is Class Leader now; owns 110 acres of land, worth $3,500.

BAILEY JAMES, Farmer; Sec. 24; P.O. Honey Creek; born in Columbus, Ohio., in 1832; married Susan E. Chamberlin in 1859 , she was born in Genesee Co., N. Y., in 1836; had five children, one deceased; living are: Florence J., born Sept 20, 1860; Melissa, Oct 5, 1865; Adra G., Aug. 25, 1869; Anna E. Nov. 11, 1875 ; Mr. Bailey has been Supervisor two years; he owns 270 acres of land, in a prosperous state of cultivation, worth $10,800.

Bennis Clinton, mechanic; Sec. 25; P. O. Daysville.

Baaitis George, tenant farmer; Sec. 24; P. O. Daysville.

Bennis Henry, farmer; P. O. Daysville. Bennis John, farmer; P. O. Daysville. Beads Stephen, farmer; P. O. Daysville.

Bigelow Wm., Daysville.

BISHOP NOAH Farmer; Sec. 2; P. 0. Daysville; bora in Schenectady Co., N. Y., 1821; came to this Co. 1838; married Mary Ann Underbill in 1865; she was born in Canada West 1830; she has one son, Albert Emerson Park, by her first husband (deceased); she has by her present husband three children. Mary Elizabeth, John Albert and Jennie M.; Mr. Bishop had one son by his first wife; he owns 160 acres of land, valued at $8,000; are members of M. E. Church.

BISHOP WM. Farmer; See. 37: P. O. Daysville; born in Schenectady Co., N. Y., 1817; came to this Co. 1837; married Johannah Kahil 1856; she was born in Canada West 1830; have two children: Frank J. and George F.; owns 200 acres of land worth $10,000; has been Road Master for three terms in this Tp.

BISSEL JLORENZO, Farmer; Sec. 26; P. O. Daysville; born in Upper Canada, 1829; located in this Co. 1846; married Sarah Jane Rose in 1855; had eight children, one deceased; living are: Nelly M., born in 1859; Walter, 1861; Rose E., 1863; Bertha A., 1865; Alfred J., 1867; Mary E., 1871; are members of the M. E. Church; has been Road Commissioner and Town Supervisor for two terms each; owns 140 acres of land, with unusually fine improvements.

BISSEL MOSES, Farmer; Sec. 36; P. O. Daysville; born in Upper Canada in 1836; moved to this Co, in 1847; married Emeline Arnold in 1859; was born in 1837; are members of the M. E. Church; have four children: Florence Victoria, Charles Albert, Minnie Bell and Lucy Helen; owns 255 acres of land, worth $14,000; Mr. Bissell has held the office of Road Commissioner.

BOYD ANN, Farm; Secs. 33 and 34; P. O. Taylor; born in Co. Tyrone,Ireland, in 1816; married Joseph Boyd (deceased); he was born in Co. Tyrone, Ireland, in 1806, and died in this Co. in 1872; they came from Ireland direct to this Co. in 1843; bad five daughters: Bessie, Eliza A., Ellen, Emma and Josephine, three of whom are married; Mrs. Boyd, although sixty-two years old. stiil displays the vigor of a woman of thirty; under the superintendence of herself and two unmarried daughters, her farm of 200 acres is in a most flourishing condition, and is valued at $10,000.

Beardon John, P. O. Honey Creek.

Brooks Seth, P. O. Honey Creek.

Brooks William, P. O. Honey Creek.

Buker Isiah, P. O. Daysville.

Bullock D. R. farm; 8. 12; P. O. Daysville.

Bullock N. farm; Sec. 12; P. 0. Daysville.

Bullock S. farm; Sec. 12; P. O. Daysville.

CARPENTER WILLIS  F. Farm; Sec. 13; P. O. Honey Creek; born in this Co. in 1852; married Alice C. Bates, in Dec., 1877; she was born in Cottage Hill (now known as Elmhurst), Du Page Co., Ill.,in 1859; he owns 120 acres land, valued at $6,000; John Carpenter (deceased), father of Willis F., came to this Co. about 1838; was Supervisor for ten years just prior to his death.

Carrick Jno. farm; Sec. 27; P. O. Daysville.

Chamberlin Corydon, farm; Sec. 27; P.O. Lighthouse.

Chamberlin Hazen, farm; Sec. 13: P. 0. Honey Creek.

CHAMBERLIN MAJOR, Farmer; Sec. 13; P. O. Honey Creek; born in Orleans Co., Vt, in 1800; married Elizabeth Shed in 1851; she was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1804; had four children, one deceased; those living are: Lodicia, Louisa and Susan E.; moved to Genesee Co., N. Y., in 1814, and to this Co., in 1837; are members of the United Brethren Church; owns 500 acres land, valued at $20,000; Republican

Conlan Mathew, farm; S.32; P.O.Daysville.

Conghlin Jerry, farm; 8. 32; P.O. Daysville.

Cook George W., P. O. Daysville.

Edmonds, Hiram Farmer; Sec. 34; P. O. Taylor; born in this Co. in 1843; married Helen Waldo in 1867; she was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., in 1842; have three children: Theodate M., born in 1869; Susie M., 1870; Jay D 1874; Mr. Edmonds and family are members of the M. E. Church; he owns a farm of 160 acres of very choice land, in a most flourishing condition, and estimated as worth $16,000; enlisted in 92d 111. Mounted V. I. in Aug., 1863, and served during the war, being in all the engagements with his Reg, except when on courier duty with his company, E., during the battles of Chicamauga and Mission Ridge, which was a post of danger and honor; the record of his Regt is in the army record in this work; he was mustered out in 1865.

Edmonds John W. farmer; Sec. 34; P. 0. Lighthouse.

FITCH FRANK, farmer; P. 0. Daysvillc.

Fitch Peter C., P. O. Daysville.

GUTHRIE J. P. farmer; Sec. 28; P. 0. Daysville.

HATCH REV. ALONZO PERRY, Preacher M. E. Church; Sec. 25; P. O. Lighthouse; born in Orange Co., Vt, 1880; married Clara L. Mack-instry, who was born in 1837, in Windsor Co., Vt.; they had six children: Gregory S., born in 1860; Hattie S., 1861; Mary W., 1863; Alice L. 1872; Florence 0,1874; Carl P., 1876; Mr. Hatch has been preaching steadily for the last twenty years; owns a neat homestead of 80acres, with good improvements; he located in this Co. in 1868.


JACKSON WILLIAM, Retired Merchant; Daysville; born in Roxbury, Mass., in 1798;. married Maria Moulton; she was born in Middlesex Co., Mass.; they had seven children: Hannah, Lousia, George, Frank, Charles and Emily: one deceased; owns houses and lots in Daysville; held office of Postmaster and Town Clerk for several years; have eighteen, grand children ana sixteen great-grand children.

Jones William P. farmer; Sec. 32; P. 0. Daysville.

KENNEY JOHN, farmer; Sec.32; P.O. Daysville.

Kenny Martin farmer; Sec. 32; P. O. Daysville.

Kenney Michael farmer; Sec. 32; P. 0. Daysville.

Keys Frank, P. O. Daysville.

Keyes Joseph B., P. O. Daysville.

KEYES WILLIAM J. Farmer; Sec. 15; P. O. Daysville; born toFanquier Co., Va., in 1811; located in peny Co., O., in 1831, and in Franklin Co., 0., 1833, and in this Co. in 1838; married Sarah Ann Williams in 1833; she was born in Franklin Co., O., Dec. 31, 1815: they had twelve children (six deceased); living: Emily Jane, Ann Eliza, Sarah Isabel, Rebecca Adelaide, John Franklin and Alice Caroline; he and his family are members of the M. E.Church; Mr. Keyes has been an active member of the community in which he moves; he has filled the several offices of Coroner, Justice of the Peace, the latter for twenty-four years, Constable twelve years, Town Clerk, Assessor, School Trustee and Road Commissioner; he has been a member of the church forty-three years; be is Coroner at the present time.

LANE NEWTON, P. 0. Honey Creek.

Lighthizer Robert, P. O. Daysville.

McCLOUD M., P. O. Daysville.

McCloud Newton, P. O. Daysville. McCloud Stephen, P. O. Daysville.

McCae Thomas, P. 0. Daysville.

McKenney Bradford, farmer; Sec. 33; P. O. Daysville.

Malarky Jas. farmer; Sec. 25; P.O.Daysville.

Malarky Jas. farmer; See. 26; P.O.Daysville.

Malarky Patrick C. farmer; Sec. 33; P. O. Taylor.


March Frank W. farmer; Sec. 34; P. O.Daysville.

Merritt George, P. O. Daysville.

NETTLETON JAMES, farmer; Sec. 35;P. 0. Honey Creek.

NEWTON ADDISON, Physician; Sec. 13; P. 0. Honey Creek; born in Redding, Windsor Co., Vt, in 1816; moved to Sosquehanna Co., Pa., in 1830; and to this Co. in 1855; married Polly Butterfield; she was born in Susquehanna Co., Pa , in 1822; had seven children, four of whom are deceased; the living are : Frances C., Sherman N., TT. S. Grant; Dr. Newton has practiced medicine for 35 years; he enlisted in 46th I. V. I. in Sept., 1861 ; mustered out in 1862; had charge of the Military Hospital at Dixon part of the time he was in the service; he came home on short leave of absence to see his children, who were on their deathbed ; he received an order to join his regiment, which be promptly obeyed ; two of his children died immediately after he bid them good-bye.

Newton Wm. J., Oregon.

Patttson John, P.O Oregon.

PEABODY RUEL, Farmer; Sec. 28; P. O Daysville; born in Sullivan Co., N. H., in 1806; moved to this Co. May 28, 1836; married Maria M. Newton in 1841; she was born in 1813 in Windsor Co., Vt; have had three children, two deceased; one living, Emma; has been Road Commissioner several terms; owns 320 acres land, worth $16,000; Mr. Peabody has ofl his premises the oldest frame barn erected in this Co.; it is in good repair now.

PLANTZ MICHAEL R. Farmer; Sec. 26; P. O. Daysville; born in Montgomery Co., N. Y., in 1800; located in this Co. in 1840; married Ruth Nettleton in 1825; she was born in Canada; had eight children,three deceased; living: Timothy, William, Catherine, Emily, Almedia; are members of M. E. Church; owns 228 acres land, worth $12,000; he would sell his farm, as his children are all married; it is a desirable farm; they have twenty-one grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Plum Edwin, farmer; Sec. 26; P. O. Daysville.

RANSOM  ONLET,  farmer;  Sec. 18; P. O. Oregon.

Reed Aaron, P. O. Lighthouse.

REED GEOEGE M. Merchant and Postmaster, Daysville; born in Gilsum, N. H., in 1836; came to this Co. in 1840; married Myra McLeod; she was born in Ohio; are members of the M. E. Church; two children: Frank E. and Alice E.; has been Postmaster for four years, Town Clerk four terms, Collector seven years, School Director fourteen years; owns resi­dence and store, thirteen town lots, and eight acres of land in DaysvHle, valued at $11,500.
Reed John L. Daysville.

REED VIRGIL E Farmer; Sec. 13; P. O. Honey Creek; born in this Co. in 1841; married Harriet D. Carpenter, in 1866; have four children: Leon A., Eleanor Y.. Ernest C. and Orin O.; enlisted in 34th I. V. I., Aug. 22, 1861; reenlisted as veteran Dec. 22,1863; was in every engagement with his Regt., except from Dec. 31, 1862, till June, 1863, while he was a pris­oner of war in Richmond, Va., having been captured at Murfreesboro, Tenn, Dec. 31, 1862; was slightly wounded in the left hand; mustered out July 12,1865; owns 100 acres land, valued at $5,000, and rents 100 acres; they are members of the M. E. Church; he is a Republican, and a member of the Masonic order.

Reese D. E., P. O. Daysville.

Rutlege Frank, P. O. Daysville.

Rutlege Harry, P. O. Daysville.

Rutlege John, P. O. Daysville.

SANFORD NEWTON, tenant farmer; Sec. 29; P. O. Lighthouse.

Saulsbury Lyman, laborer; Sec. 14; P. O. Daysville.

Scott Wm. farm; Sec. 35; P. O. Oregon.

Skelly Hugh, farm; Sec. 29; P. O. Daysville

SMITH WEBSTER Farmer; Sec. 25; P.O. Oresron; born in Marshall, Oneida Co.. N. Y., April 6,1841; came with his parents to Du Page Co., Ill., when 18 months old; he enlisted, July, 1861, in Co. A, 52d I. V. I.; served until July, 1882, when he was discharged on account of disability; he was at the battle of Shiloh both days; married Elizabeth, daughter of John W. Edmunds, who came to this Co. in 1839; she died Nov. 16,1873; they had one child, who died in infancy; present wife was Clara D. Aidrich; married Jan. 1,1875; she was born in Cass Co., Mich.; they have two children, Harriet E. and Arthur W.; Mr. and Mrs. S. are members of the M. E. Church.

STEWART THOMAS, Farmer; Sec. 33; P.O. Daysville; born in Tyrone Co., Ireland, Oct. 5, 1826; married Margaret Snider; she was born in Quincy Co., Pa., in 1826; have nine children: George!la, Katie, Mary, Lenora, Frank T., Alexeana, Senalalia, waiter and Willis; located in this Co. in 1847; are members of the Lu­theran Church; has been School Director several terms; owns 300 acres land, worth $20,000, known as the " Spring Hill Dairy Farm," a brand of butter well known and appreciated, in Chicago for its purity, sweetness and excellent flavor; the depot for this butter in Chicago is 104 and 106 South Water St, E. Todd & Co., agents; he is erecting a dairy house on the most improved plan, and has 45 head of high-grade short-horns; he produced about 6,000 pounds of giltedge butter this season;when the best grades of other mamrfacturers were selling for 50cents, the "Spring Hill Farm" butter brought from 33 to 35 cents per pound; the facilities of the " Spring Hill Farm " for producing a high grade of butter are unexceptionable.

THOMAS JAMES C., P. O. Daysville.

Tower G. P., P. O. Daysville.

WILLIAMS RALPH, P. O. Daysville.

Williams William T., P. O. Daysville.

Wilson A. farm; Sec. 26; P. O. Lighthouse.

Wilson P. farm; Sec. 26; P. O. Lighthouse.

Westbrook James L.

Wood Alonzo, farm; Sec. 33; P. O. Daysville.

WILLIAMS GEORGE, Farmer; residence and P. O. Daysville; born in Co. Cork, Ireland, in 1794; married Christine Blair; she was born in Schenectady Co., N. Y.; have eight children: John, Joseph B., Margaret, George, Ellen, Daniel, Eliza and William T.; William T. enlisted in the 34th I. V. L, Dec. 22, 1863, and served to the close of the war; participated in the following battles with his Regt.: Mission Ridge, Rocky Face, Resaea, Rome, Dallas, Kenesaw Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, siege of Atlanta, and Jonesboro, Ga.

Warner Samuel, P. O. Daysville.

Weatherington Andrew, farm; Sec. 36; P. 0. Ashton.

Weatherington John, farm; Sec. 36; P. 0. Ashton.

Weltz C. C., P. O. Daysville. Wilkison Boyd, P. O. Oregon. Williams Daniel, P. O. Daysville.