Allen, Edwin J., auctioneer and plasterer; born October 22, 1852, in Mount Morris township; is married and has two children.

Allen, C. H., school teacher and in­surance agent; born August 1, 1846, at Keedysville, Md.; married December 22, 1878, to Ella Wolfe; has six children.

Alter, Sherman, farm hand; unmarried.

Andrews, Charles, farm hand.

Ankney, N. A., retired farmer. He was born August 17, 1833, at Clearspring, Washington county, Md., and came to Mount Morris, in 1837, with his mother when but a lad of four years. Mention of this is made on page 15, where his portrait is also shown. Mr. Ankney gained his early education in the country schools of the day. In 1859 he went to California and re­mained there eight years, engaged in mining and freighting. After his return from California in 1867 he worked at the carpenter trade for a time in partnership with Williams & Middlekauff. Among the buildings they erected were the Silver Creek Dunkard Church and Peter Funk's residence. January 14, 1869, he was married to Maggie Mumma. In 1870 they moved about five miles west of town and engaged in farming for a number of years, there and at other places. In 1SS6 they quit farming and moved to Mount Morris and have since lived retired lives. They have one daughter, Miss Mae Ankney, who is living at home.

Appel, Henry, farmer; born in Germany April 28, 1831; married in 1857 to Mary Shank; eight children, five living.

Appel, Fred, farmer; born January 11, 1868, in Mount Morris township.

Appel, George, farmer; born April 7, 1875, in Mount Morris township.

Avey, Josiah, retired farmer; born January 15, 1845, in Washington county, Md.: married in 1845 to Lizzie Bovey; one son.
avey, benjamin E., hardware dealer; was born in Lincoln township, August 3, 1874. He is the only son of Josiah and Elizabeth Avey, now residents of Mount Morris. Mr. Avey early showed ability as an artist, and to develop his talent first attended Mount Morris College and later the Zanerian Art College of Columbus, O. At the latter place after graduation he took post-graduate work under A. C. Foley, now of Paris, and Phil K. Clorer, of Columbus, O. After the completion of his education he was engaged by the Fenton (Mich.) Normal College as principal of their department of fine art, which position he filled one year. Later he was professor of art in Eldorado College, at Eldorado, Kan., for a term of three months, until the college went under. His last professorship was with the Michigan Correspondence Normal, located at Gladwin, Mich., which position he filled with credit for three and one-half years. In January, 1899. Mr. Avey came home and purchased the confectionery business of Otto Baker. After a year he disposed of the stock and opened his present hardware and implement house, which is affording him a good business. Mr. Avey is unmarried.

Avey, Solomon E., painter, decorator and paper hanger. He was born in Mount Morris, August 9, 1872, being the son of Thomas and Laura Avey. He gained his education in the Mount Morris public school, graduating with the class of 1890. After leaving school he spent four years in Chicago, learning the painting, papering and decorating trade. In 1894 he commenced working at his trade in Mount Morris, which he has followed successfully since. December 25, 1895, he was united in marriage with Belle Beard, daughter of Oliver and Julia Beard. Three children have been born, to them, viz.: Gladys, born November 1, 1896; Syrll, born January 26, 1899, and Olive B., born September 19, 1900. Mr. Avey is busy the year round at his trades and hires an assistant paper hanger and a number of painters during the busy season.

Avey, Thomas J., laborer. He was born October 14, 1837, at Bakersville, Washington county, Md. He came west to Illinois at an early day and in 1866 was married to Laura J. Davis, daughter of Solomon and Rebecca Davis. Three sons were born, to them. viz.: Ferdinand, Solomon E. and one dead. Mr. Ayey's first wife died while quite young and he was again married to Laura Knodle. They have three children, viz.: Minnie, Edward and Lulu. Mr. Avey is a veteran of the Civil War, having served in Company H, 34th Illinois Infantry, during three years of the strife. His hearing was injured at the battle of Kenesaw Mountain by the explosion of a large shell.

Avey, Edward, painter; born in Mount Morris, March 17, 1879; unmarried.

Bain, Sanders, farmer; born at Caldwell's Furnace, Pa., March 8, 1852; married Nancy Lookabaugh in 1861; has eleven children, one dead.

Bain, George C., blacksmith; born at Lawsonham, Pa., August 15, 1873; married Ina Reese in December, 1899.

Baker, Joseph T., lumber dealer; born in Pine Creek township, December 9, 1842; married Annie C. Herbert in 1S66; two children; second marriage in 1895 to Mrs. Julia A. Lester.

Baker, O. W., laborer; born October 26, 1850, in Washington county, Md.; married Elenore Wilson in 1878; has eight children, five living.

Baker, Harry W., laborer; born September 14, 1878; unmarried.

Baker, Wm. F.. laborer.

Baker, Frank M., paper hanger: born November 14, 1872, in Washington county, Md.; married Grace A. Watts in 1898.

Baker, Elmer W., laborer; born April 16, 1876, in Washington county, Md.; married Ida M. Wallace in 1897.

Bakner, Fred, stone mason and butcher; born in Franklin county, Pa.; married Catherine Waggaman in 1850; has eight children, six living.

Barnhizer, Isaac, retired; born Feb ruary 2, 1840, in Ogle county, Ill.; married Susan Artz in 1867; seven children. His first wife died and he was again married to Ann B. Hopewood; three children, one living. Mr. Barnhizer served in Company H, 34th Illinois Infantry, during four years of the war.

Barber, Jasper, farmer; born December 2, 1873, at Hennepin, Ill.; married Ida Valley December 9, 1896; two children.

Beard, Oliver J., carpenter; born June 1. 1836, at Cavetown, Md.; married Julia A. Houser in 1859; eight children. Mr. Beard served in the army during the Civil War, and participated in many of the bloodiest battles.

Beard, Daniel J., farmer; born June 10, 1860, in Washington county, Md.; married Florence O. Koontz in 1883; has one child.

Beard, Lewis H., farmer; born September 25, 1868, in Washington county, Md.; married Annie S. Gimple in 1895; two children.

Beard, John W., painter; born October 27, 1866, at Covetown, Md.; mar­ried January 1, 1890, to Mary Gardner; three children.

Beard, C. N., farmer; born April 22, 1863 ; married in 1887 to Mary Oswald; three children.

Beard, George C., farmer; born March 28, 1875. in Washington county, Md.: unmarried.

Bearmax, August, farmer; born in Mount Morris township, February 26, 1868; married Mary Shipman April 21, 1891; five children.

Bearmax, Fred C., farmer; born May 7, 1856, in Stephenson county, Ill.; married Ida Lookabaugh in 1884. three children.

Beahmax, Harmon C., farmer; born February 10, 1858, in Stephenson county; married January 12, 1888, to Mary Cramer: three children.

Bearmax, Henry C., farmer; born December 17, 1859, in Stephenson county; married Susan E. Wallace; three children.

Bearman, F. E., farmer; born January 1, 1870, in Mount Morris township : married Nina Dennis November 25, 1894.

Bear, Levi R., barber; was born in Pine Creek township, November 15. 1861, and spent his boyhood days gaining an education in the country school of his district. Since moving to town he has followed the tonsorial profession with success, for a period of fourteen years. Mr. Bear is a musician of considerable ability. His portrait appears in chapter XV.

Bear, Isaac M., laborer; born October 27, 1855 ; unmarried.

Bechtold, John W., buttermaker; he was born near McConnell, Ill., where his parents, Levi and Mary Bechtold, still reside. He spent his early life on the farm attending the public school of his district. In the fall of 1898 he entered Mount Morris College and attended during a part of two years, spending the intervening time working on neighboring farms. During the summer of 1900 he was engaged in R. C. McCredie's creamery. The beginning of the new century finds him again a student of the college.

Bennett, Walter, carpenter; born August 4, 1850, at Oregon, Ill.; unmarried.

Bear, John, born in Mount Morris October 27, 1856; unmarried.

Binkley, A. R., groceryman; bow January 13, 1846. in Washington connty, . Md.; married Laura Sprecher in 1878: is a veteran of the Civil War. His portrait will be found in chapter XV.

Bickforo, H. A., farmer; born August 7, 1875, in Canada; married in 1896 to Lilly Grove; one child.

Bleckek, Johx, stonemason; born June 14, 1847, in Marion township, Illinois: married Sophia E. Grimm, March 21, 1879; one son.

Blair, S. R., farmer: born in Maryland township July 1, 1845, and has lived his entire life in or near Mount Morris. He was married July 1, 1867, to Carrie V. Fish; they have one child. Mr. Blair is a veteran of the Civil War, having served in Company I, 140th Illi­nois Infantry.

blair, william M., farmer. He is the only son of S. R. and Carry Blair and was born in Mount Morris township, August 3, 1868. He obtained a good education in the public school of his district. Most of his life has been spent assisting with the farm work on his father's farm, one mile east of town.

Blake, M. F., carpenter; born In Washington county, Md., March 24, 1855; married February 2, 1879, to Jennie Augel; has eight children.

Bowmas, J. W., retired farmer; born. July 31, 1846, in Washington county, Md.; unmarried.

Bosserman, L. D.. student in college; is studying for the ministry; is married and has one son.

Borneman, Lewis, farmer; born February 12, 1849, in Germany; married Rebecca Mace in 1881; four children.

Borneman, Henry, farmer; born May 14, 1857, in Germany; married Lena Horst in 1884; five children.

Bovet, Michael, retired farmer; was born November 29, 1815, in Washington county, Md., and came to Illinois in 1815.

Bollinger, Jesse, laborer; born April 29, 1832, in Adams county, Pa.; married Angeline E. Baker in 1868; they have three children, two living.

Bock, David, farmer; born December 28, 1858, in Franklin county, Pa.; married Viola Marshall in 1889; have three children.

Bopp, John, farmer; was born October 16, 1829, in Dauphin county, Pa., being the son of Martin and Anna Bopp. He moved with his parents to Maryland in 1845. His schooling was obtained in the district schools of Pennsylvania. In 1864 he moved to Montgomery coun­ty, Ohio, and engaged in farming there ten years. Coming to Illinois in 1876, he first settled on a farm owned by R. G. Marshall in Mount Morris township and remained there two years. The following nine years were spent on the Jos. Palmer place, and still later lived on Edward Bntterbaugh's farm, three years. In 1893 he moved to his present home just east of Mount Morris. Mr. Bopp was married August 16, 1855, to Matilda Secore, who died in 1896. Seven children were born to them, viz.:. John Henry, born 1856, died 1862; Benjamin Franklin, born January 26, 1858, died April 23, 1858; Wm. Thomas, born 1859, died 1860; Mary Ellen, born December 22, 1862; Emma J., December 2, 1866, and Ida May, September 26. 1871.

Bonar, Jacob  TV.,  farmer;  born Franklin county, Pa., May 1, 1862; married Olive Hedrick February 26, 1891; have three children.

Brubaker, D. E.. Dunkard minister; born in East Tennessee March 26, 1841; married Mary Funk in 1860: have six children. The oldest son, Samuel H. Brubaker, is a successful architect of Indianapolis, Ind.

Bricknel, Edwin, retired farmer; bom March 28, 1836, at Elsbere, Eng­land: married Lydia Miller in 1869; five sons and two daughters were born. Mr. Bricknel is a veteran of the Civil War, having served in the 65th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company A.; was several times severely wounded.

Bricknel, Lewis O, laborer; born September 29, 1866, in Mount Morris township; married Elizabeth Bain June 20, 1899; they have one child.

Brayton, Arthur W., druggist: was born January 7, 1847, in Mount Morris; married Hattie Grigsby; they have three sons.

Brayton, Louis, student; is the eldest son of A. W. Brayton: is attending the Illinois State University.

Brayton, B. L., student: second son of A. W. Brayton; is attending the Illinois State University.

Brinker, L. A., farmer; born in Mount Morris township.

Brinkman, Roelf, retired farmer; born February 8, 1831, in Germany.

Breaw. Levi W., farmer: born in Canada May 27, 1867: married Annie Meyer December 15, 1892; one child, dead.

Butterbaugh, Edward C., farmer: born July 8. 1863, in Mount Morris township; married in 1882 to Mary C. Popp; they have four children, three living.

Buser, Nathaniel E., licensed architect and superintendent of construction. He was born April 28, 1851, at Boonsboro, Md., being the son of Jeremiah and Mary Buser. At the age of 16. in the year 1868, he came west and has been a resident of Mount Morris township since that time. He was married September 15, 1872, to Arbanna Middlekauff, daughter of Christian and Jane Middlekauff. Six children have been born: Florence, born December 14. 1873; Oliver, born June 20, 1875; Pearl, born November 5, 1878; Robert, born September 7, 1880; Ruby, born April 27, 1882; Charles, born October 27, 1885. Oliver and Charles died in infancy. Immediately upon arriving west from Maryland Mr. Buser commences work at the carpenter trade under the instruction of Henry Middlekauff and after three years formed a partnership with him in the contracting business. After several years Mr. Middlekauff dropped out and Mr. Buser conducted the business alone. In 1876 he commenced making plans and specifications. He was one of the first architects in the state to receive a license, and bears the distinction of being the only man in Ogle county now holding one. He went into the lumber and coal business in 1894, taking Jos. T. Baker as a partner the next year. After two years Mr. Buser sold his interest in the stock to Frank Coffman, but retained ownership of the buildings and grounds. In 1898 he formed a partnership with W. S. Mumma, under the firm name of Buser & Mumma, contractors and builders. During the last year they have been building extensively in the city of Elgin.

Canode. Dr. Jonas Findley, dentist. He was the son of Wm.  L. and Mary Canode and was born January 23. 1863, in Greenwood. Franklin county, Pa.   He came to Rockvale township. Ogle county, Ill., with his parents in 1876 and spent h's boyhood days on the farm. He finally became a citizen of Oregon and was engaged in various lines of business there. He  conducted   a  jewelry  business  and later  a  grocery  there and  then spent some time as traveling salesman in the employ of the McCormick Manufacturing Company.  Two years were spent in an  air  brush   studio   in  Rockford  and three years in the laundry business in Oregon,  he having  started  the  Oregon Steam  Laundry.  In 1895 Mr. Canode entered the  Chicago  College of Dental Surgery and graduated with honors in 1898.  After  graduation  he  located  in Mount Morris and has since been employed here, enjoying a lucrative business.   Mr. Canode was married Nov. 26, 1896,  to Lucy A.  Seyster. They have two children: Mary, born April 9, 1890, and Morris, born July 30, 1900.

Canode, A. E., carpenter: born January 2, 1832, in Washington county, Md.; married Amelia J. Worley in 1854; nine children.

Canode, B. F., school teacher; born in Franklin county, Pa.; unmarried.

Canode, Chas. H., printer; born October 24, 1872, at State Line, Franklin county, Pa.; married Eva Lutz in 1896; was founder and publisher of the Mount Morris News, sold out in fall of 1900. worked on his father's farm in summer and attended school in winter until 1863, when he enlisted in a Massachusetts regiment of Infantry, serving in the Army of the Potomac. He took part in nearly all the terrible fighting, beginning with the Wilderness, May 5, 1864, to the surrender of Lee. Was severely wounded at the battle of Sailor's Creek, Va., April 6, 1865. Returning home after the war he attended school, graduating from Eastman's National Business College at Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Castle, william E., farmer; born October 10, 1863, in Washington county, Md.; married Lizzie Fridley March 21, 1889; they have one daughter.

Castle, harry E., painter; born at Hagerstown, Md., October 23, 1876; unmarried.

Care, Charles O., farmer; born in Mount Morris township. October 6, 1871; married June 12, 1894, to Belle Goodrich; one child.

Clark, Holly C., postmaster; was born in the town of Becket, Berkshire county, Mass., November 20, 1847. He in 1866. Went to Martinsburg, W. Va., in the spring of 1867, where he remained until 1871, engaged in teaching. Coming West in the spring of 1871 he located at Macon, Mo., where he lived two years. He came to Mount Morris in February, 1873, where he has since resided. He continued teaching school until 1880, making thirteen years of service as a teacher. From 1881 to 1884 he was in the lumber business. From 1884 to 1889 he conducted a successful grocery business. In February, 1889, he formed a partnership with Ira W. Wingert, under the firm name of Clark & Wingert, and bought the lumber business of the Minnesota Lumber Company, at this place, which they have conducted to the present time. In politics Mr. Clark has always been an active Republican. In March, 1898, he was appointed postmaster, which office he now holds. He was married March 31, 1875, to Josephine, youngest daughter of the late Rev. N.Stroh. They have three living children—two sons and one daughter—Roscoe C., who is married, resides in Oregon, Ill., and is a successful lumber salesman; Holly Bluer, who is attending school at Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio, and Grace, who is at home.

Clark. Rinee, student, son of Postmaster H. C. Clark, is attending Hiram College at Hiram, Ohio.

Clevidence, Henry H., grain buyer and implement dealer. He was born January 18, 1836, in Washington county, Md., being the son of Samuel and Nancy Clevidence. He gained a practical education in the district schools of his native state. In 1861 be came to Mount Morris and two years later embarked in the mercantile business in partnership with John Sprecher, and retained an interest in the business until 1891. In the meantime, after the coming of the railroad, he began buying and shipping grain and since the early seventies has continually been engaged in that business, with much success. In late years he has also been doing a prosperous machinery business. Mr. Clevidence was married January 5, 1860, to Sophia E. Middlekauff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob C. Middlekauff. Eleven children have been born to them: Mazie M., Clara B.. Alvernon, Howard, Arthur E., Bert and Earl Four are dead.

Clevidence, Arthur E., grain buyer and implement dealer. He is the son of Henry H. and Sophia Clevidence, and was born in Mount Morris June 11, 1868. He attended public school in Mount Morris and later during 1887, 1888 and 18S9 attended Mount Morris College. He served as clerk in the storeof Sprecher & Clevidence from April, 1889, to March,. 1891. He was married January 24, 1895,. to Lillie D. Billig, daughter of Samuel and Emma Bil'ig, of Forreston. Mr. Clevidence is associated with his father in the grain buying and implement business and like his father is an experienced and reliable business man. His portrait appears in chapter XV.

Clopper, Ludwick, laborer; born July 19, 1838, in Wayne county, Ind.; married Melinda Himes in 1859; two sons.

Clopper, J. E, farmer;  born April 8, 1870, in Henry county, Ind.; unmarried.

Clopper,Oren L., born in Delaware county Ind., September 20, 1879; unmarried.

Clair, A. L., college professor.

Cook, W. G., retired farmer; born in Marshall county, Ind., November 9, 1841; married Margarette Hoover in 1868; seven children. Mr. Cook is a minister of Dunkard church. He served in the Civil War in Indiana infantry.

Coffmax, Frank, lumber dealer; was born in Pine Creek township. May 5, 1870; married Grace McCoy in 1898.

Cornell, W. D., farmer; born in Mount Morris township, June 26, 1861; married Cora Hogan in 1883; four children, three living.

Cornell, Fred D., farmer; born September 9, 1855, in Mount Morris township ; married Emma Ely in 1883; two children.

Cowan, George, builder of   cement walk; married Elizabeth Slifer; four children.

Coddington, Ernest, paper cleaner and decorator; born in Pine Creek township; married Anna Ridenonr; two children.

Coddington, Harry, laborer; born in Pine Creek township; unmarried.

Crawford, Chas., retired; born November 17, 1838, in Cattaraugns county. N. Y.; married Frances E. Hoverland in 1873.

Crawford, Mark Leroy, harnessmaker. He was born at Pierceton, Ind.. June 30, 1876, being the son of Jasper and Cally Crawford. He attended the public school at Pierceton and graduated with the class of 1899, and entered the employ of J. D. Miller as harnessmaker, at which trade he has had considerable experience. He worked at his trade two years at Warsaw, Ind.
Chalet, Jacob, carpenter, born at Leitersburg, Pa., October 9, 1835; married Anna A. Canode in 1860; four children.

Chalet, David   B., telephone  operator;  born   in  Franklin  county, Pa., August 8, 1871; unmarried.

Crosby, Robert, laborer; born September 5, 1844, at Philadelphia, Pa.; married Mary E, Cozzens in 1874; one son. Mr. Crosby is a veteran of the Civil War, having served in Company K, 149th Illinois Infantry.

Crosby, Fred, printer; born August 21, 1878, in Mount Morris; unmarried.

Cripe, David S., dry goods merchant • born February 17, 1864, at Sacramento, Cal.; married Elva Newcomer, daugter of Eld. M. S. Newcomer; one son

Crowell, C. C., proprietor bus and dray line. He was born May 2, 1857, in Marion township, Ogle county, where he grew to manhood. In April, 1869, he left Illinois and went to Iowa with three of his uncles, where he was engaged a number of years breaking horses and engaged in other work. In 1874 he re­turned to Ogle county and pursued the. avocation of a farmer for two years, east of Oregon. In 1876 he worked in Mount Morris with W. H. Hedges and the following year spent the summer in Iowa. Returning again to Mount Morris in 1878, he engaged for a number of years in teaming. In 1892 he first took charge of the dray line and carrying of mail and express. He has since conducted the draying business against all competition. He has also been operating the ice business in Mount Morris during all this time, and for four years has run the street sprinkling business in the summer time. Mr. Crowell was first married in 1880 to Alice Knodle, who died in 1892. He was again married in 1895 to Virgie I. Stevens, daughter of  Mr.   and    Mrs.  James  Stereos. They have three children.

Crump, John W.. hardware clerk; born December 17, 1854, in McCoopin county, Ill.; married Amanda Gibson in 1879; two children.

Cushing, Harry W., traveling salesman ; born September 1, 1862, at Grand Detour; married Lillian Farwell in 1887; they have one son and one daughter. Mr. Gushing travels for the Sup-ply Company, of Philadelphia, one of the largest hardware firms in the United States.

Curry, wm. O., farmer; born February 5, 1856, in New York; married Emma Harmon in 1881; six children.

Davis, Joseph L., laborer; born in Washington county, Md., November 20, 1833 ; married Irene Bar in 1865; seven children.

Davis, Edward G., carpenter; born Washington county, Md., August 16, 1874; married Emma Wissinger in 1895; two children.

Davis, Lewis L., laborer; born Boonesboro, Md., May 18, 1842 unmarried ; served in Civil War in Company I, 140th Illinois Infantry.

Davis, G. W., laborer; born January 21, 1845, at Boonesboro, Md.; married Emma Skinner in 1870; four children.

Davis, James S., farmer; born August 27, 1852, in Washington county, Md.; married Delia Crawford in 1881; two children.

Davis, Wm. D., retired farmer; moved from Pine Creek township in November, 1900; born in Washington county, Md.

Deppen, George "W., grocer; born in Dixon October 13, 1860; married Nettie Neff; two children.

Deppen, John R., retired; born March 17, 1831, at Beading, Pa.; married Sarah J. Shelhamer in 1853: one son living.

Diehl, John, farmer; bom in Germany, September 26, 1843: married Anna C. Horst in 1868; seven children, five living.

Diehl, George, farmer: son of John Diehl; unmarried; born in Mount Morris township.

Doward, Alfred M., mechanic. He is the son of Jesse and Esther Trautman, and was born October 5, 1833, at Reading, Pa. When three years of age he was taken by his parents to Delaware county, Ohio, and there gained his education in the public schools. He came to Illinois in 1850, and to Mount Morris in 1857. In 1863 he enlisted in the 4th Illinois Cavalry and served during the remainder of the war. He received an honorable discharge in July, 1865. Mr. Doward is an expert saw filer and woodworker and is continually kept busy at work in his shop in the rear of A. N. Neffs blacksmith shop. He is a particularly fine woodworker. Mr. Doward was married in 1860 to Annorah Nichols. They have six children, viz.: William, born December 24, 1864; Frank M., born June 12, 1862 ; Oscar L., March 3, 1864; Zenas O., June 19, 1866; Winnie O., June 19, 1866; Daisy D., August 2. 1872.

Doward, O. L., tinner: born March 3, 1864: married January 26. 1883, to Helen Lizer: three children, two living.

Doward, Wm. A., laborer; born in Mount Morris, December 24, 1860; unmarried.

Domer, W. H., teamster; born in Mount Morris township, April 20, 1859; married Dec. 19, 1881, to Mary K. Alter; four children.

Driscoll, James, railroad section boss: born at Rochelle, Ill., June 15, 1857; married April 21, 1878, to Nellie O'Loughlin; five children.

Drumheller, William, carpenter; born in Leaf River township April 3, 1871; married December 22, 1897, to Ida E. Wakenight.

Drumkeller, Chas. F., carpenter; born in Leaf River township June 7, 1866; married December 22, 1897, to Sadie B. Wakenight.

Dunne, Simon E., farmer; born in Germany in 1839; married in 1866 to Charlotte Navelsick; five children, one dead.

Dunne, Augst, farmer; born in Mount Morris township: is the son of Simon Dunne; unmarried.

Easton, Jerry, farmer; born in Washington county, Md., August 1, 1854; married September 17, 1878, to Susan Woltz ; seven children.

Easton, William, farm hand: son of Jerry Easton; married in 1899 to Flora Finger; one child.

Emmert, George, son of Daniel Emmert; born in Mount Morris township February 27, 1875; unmarried.

Emmert, Daniel, laborer; born in Washington county, Md., May 19, 1850; married in 1873 to Emma A. Potter; four children.

Eversole, Daniel, retired farmer; born at Harper's Ferry, Va., April 19, 1831; married in 1858 to Catherine Buser; six children.

Farwell, George V., farmer; born March 18, 1860, in Mount Morris town­ship ; son of H. J. and M. J. Farweli; has served as supervisor from Mount Morris township four years; unmarried.

Fairlamb, W. F., laborer; born in Lancaster county, Pa., March 14, 1865; married in 1896 to Nettie Kerns, who died in 1899; two children.

Feltman, George, farmer; born in Germany April 26, 1848; married in 1871 to Cathrina Kleemann; ten chil­dren.

Feltman, Jacob, farmer; born in Mount Morris township December 22, 1874; married in 1899 to Annie Jones.

Feltman, William, farmer; born October 12, 1876, in Mount Morris township ; unmarried.

Felker, Willoughby M., farmer; born in Washington county, Md., February 22, 1844; married in 1868 to Alice Butterbaugh; four children.

Felker, Merritt, farmer; born in Mount Morris township June 15, 1878; married in November, 1900, to Maude Wilson.

Felker, Henry, farmer; born in Mount Morris township October 15, 1872; unmarried.

Felker, William, farmer; born in Mount Morris, February 2, 1867; un­married.

Few, William, farmer; born December 3, 1863, in Washington county, Md.: married Anna Ridenour in 1888; two children.

Finney, William, carpenter; born at Sterling, Ill., December 25, 1849; married in 1871 to Melinda Shafstal; two children.

Fixney, Ira E.. school teacher: born near Adeline, Ill., March 13, 1873; unmarried.

Finney, Alvin, farmer: born March 8, 1872. in Lincoln township; married Mary A. Newcomer in 1897; one child.

Fischer, Jacob, farm hand.

Flort, A. M,, retired farmer; born in Augusta county, Va., March 1, 1843; married March 17,  1870, to Susan C. Miller;   three children.

Floby, H. D., student; born in Iowa county, Iowa, September 27, 1876; unmarried.

Floby, E. N., student; born in Iowa county, Iowa, April 7, 1879; unmarried.

Floto, Lewis, farmer; born in Mount Morris township May 8, 1863; married in 1888 to Minnie Bearman; three children.

Fouke, Dorsey, laborer; born March 22, 1836, at St. Louis, Mo.; married Elizabeth Alsip November 12, 1874 ; four children.

Fouke, Fred, blacksmith; born November 21, 1877, in Mount Morris; unmarried.

Frawert, Frederick, farmer; born in Germany August 14, 1839; married in 1886 to Mary Rohns; three children.

Frawert, Henry C, farmer; born in Mount Morris township June 27, 1873; married in 1897 to Amanda Sandmeyer; three children.

Fridley, John, retired farmer; born in Rockvale township September 30, 1S38; married in 1863 to Lizzie Hildebrand; seven children; married second time November 24, 1886, to Cecetia (Adams) Middlekauff.

Fridley, Irvin, farmer; born in Mount Morris township April 22, 1877; unmarried.

Frey, Yost, farmer; born in Germany June 29, 1850; married in 1880 to Anna Konig; six children.

French, John H., market gardener; born in Washington county, Md., August 12, 1837; married in 1863 to Malinda Hause; three children, one dead.

Fry, Fred E., teamster; born in Maryland township July 26, 1868; married in 1892 to Sarah Lizer; three children.

Frederickson, Fred, tailor, was born March 20, 1872, in Copenhagen, Den­mark, being the son of J. P. E. and Johanne Marie Frederickson. At the age of thirteen he graduated from public school and was then apprenticed in a large tailoring establishment in Copenhagen to learn the tailor's trade. After an apprenticeship of five years he went to Norway and worked in several cities. From Norway he went to Stockholm, Sweden, and after traveling over that country a few months he returned home. He next went to-Hamburg, Germany, and after traveling over the principal portions of Germany he went to Calais, France, where he remained nine weeks. He then returned home and was examined for the army, but was rejected. He then determined to try his fortune In the United States. Accordingly he took a steamer for New York and after landing came direct to Mount Morris and commenced work for Gregor Thompson. After working for him a short time he concluded to establish a business of his own. He has now been in business about six years and has built up a good substantial trade. Mr. Frederickson was married September 17. 1893, to Fannie Wilson, a native of Ogle county.

Funk. Peter, retired farmer; was born at Beaver Creek, Md., January 18. 1818, being the son of Isaac and Anna Funk. He came to Mount Morris in 1844 and for many years was engaged in blacksmithing and the livery business in the village. He also cultivated his farm situated near the village limits Mr. Funk was married May 22. 1S44. at Richmond. Ind.. to Sarah Ann Flor-nish. One child. Chas. W. Funk, was born to them, who died at the age of twenty years. Mr. Funk's first wife died only six years after their marriage and he was again married March 10. 1832, to .Isabella Heller. To them were born seven children, viz.: Mary Ella, born January 30, 1853, married H. J. Griswold in 1875: Anna S., born August 5. 1855: Sarah E., born December 11, 1857. married F. N. Jackson in 1883: Lillie B.., died in infancy: Arthur L., born November 24. 1863. married in 1888  to  Lucy A.  Beal.  and after  her death a second time to Cora B. Tyler in 1900:   Ida and Isabel, twins, born September 29, 1866. the former married to E. O. Fitz in 1890 and the latter to M. W. Fitz in 1884.

Funk, George, farmer: born August 8. 1839. in Germany: married in 1865 to Catherine Smith: five children.

Funk. Otto, farmer: born in Ger­many October 19. 1873: married in 1889  to Triene Wichman: one child.

Furry, George W., college professor:

Funk, William H., farmer: born in Germany April 10, 1868; married in 1896 to Minnie Frawert: four children, three dead.

Funk, Henry, farmer; born in Germany ; unmarried.

Funderburgh, Emanuel J., farmer.

Garkey, Henry C.. farmer: born in Germany May 1, 1852: married February 7, 1878: seven children.

Gaffin, W. H., farmer: born in Leaf River township April 27. 1850: married February 10, 1876, to Frances Gaffin : five children, one dead.

Gaude, Paul, farmer: born in Germany.

Gesford, Wm., farm hand.

Genandt. H. A., farmer: born in Germany June 30. 1861: married in 1880 to Johanna Hageman; two children.

Geiger, W. Alonzo, farmer: born at Dubuque. Iowa, November 24, 1862; married in 1885 to Susan Edwards; four children.

Gimple, David, farmer; born in Washington county, Md.. September, 1841; married in 1867 to Rebecca Grove: three children, one dead.

Gimple. Edward, farmer: born in Washington. Md., September 19, 1875; unmarried.

Gibbel,. I. B.. engaged in raising small fruits: born in December, 1858. Burks county, Pa.: married in 1881 to Mary Eross: seven children.

Gigous, Andrew, farmer: born in Oregon township October 9, 1841: married in 1864 to Lydia Rowland: eight children, four dead: married second time to Maria McKee, January 4, 1882; three children.

Glasgow, Wilson, farmer: was born August 14. 1839. in Blair county, Pa., being the son of Taylor W. and Ann Glasgow; married in'1863 to Elizabeth J. Domer: two children: married second time to Clara M. Wagner, in 1882; five children.

Gloss. William L.. farmer: born in Lincoln township July 31. 1861: married in 1897 to Emma Bakener.

Gloss, Abram, laborer: born June 30, 1833. in Washington county, Md.: married March, I860, to Cordelia Fletcher, who died February 15, 1879; nine children, six dead.

Gloss,  O. C., retired   farmer:  born February 16, 1854, in Washington county, Md. ; married in March, 1879, to Florence B. Stonebraker; two children. gbove, john J., farmer; born in Washington county, Md., December 15, 1872; married in 1892 to Wilhelmina Bruner; three children.

Grimm, Samuel M., plasterer; born November 26, 1847, at Sharpsburg, Md.; married in 1870 to Sarah C. Rowe; one child.

Grimm, O. H., laborer; born in Mount Morris   December 21, 1873; married November 15, 1899, to Elsie V. Winters.

Granger, J.  W., painter;  born June 14,  1877, at Sharon, Wis.; unmarried.

Granger, B. I., barber; born in Mount Morris March 1, 1871; married August 8, 1900, to Viola Ingall.

Hanes, W. W., physician and surgeon ; born in Pine Creek township June 13, 1861; married August 14, 1889, to Georgia Bohrer; one child.

Hartje, August, farmer; born in Germany May 19, 1859; came to America in 1879; married March 26, 1885, to Amelia Schnulle.

Halter, John, farmer; born in France July 4, 1852; served in French army several years; married August 6, 1882, to Catherine Thompson; three children.

Halsey, S. C., hostler; born in Washington county, Md., August 20, 1855; unmarried.

Haney, H. B., farmer; born in Rockvale township September 29, 1869; mar­ried February 26, 1896, to Mabel Smith; one child.

Hammond, William J., farmer; born in Leaf River November 24, 1864; married in 1881 to Ada C. Thomas; one child.

Hamlin, David Franklin, dry goods merchant; born November 16, 1858, at Lynnville, Ill.; married.

Hageman, Henry, Sr., farmer; born in Germany January 13, 1831; married to Carolina Meyers; six children.

Hageman, Fred H., farmer; born in Germany March 16, 1864 ; married; five children.

Hageman, Henry P., farmer; born in Germany January 13, 1857; married August 9, 1881; eight children, one dead.

Hageman, Lewis, farmer;   born Sep tember 15, 1877, in Mount Morris township ; married in 1898 to Gussie Miller; three children.

Hageman, Herman H., farmer; born in Germany December 16, 1860; married October 7, 1882, to Minnie Weeg-ens: four children; married second time to Maggie Genandt; two children.

Healy, Wayne, J.,farmer;  is  the son of Sullivan and Emiline Healy and was   born   in   Eagle     Point   township March 8, 1854.   He attended his home school until seventeen years of age, when he took  up  studies in the  Polo  High School and was for three years under the tutorship of J. H. Freeman, one of Ogle county's very brightest instructors. When Mr. Healy was one year old his parents moved to Whiteside county, but moved back to  Ogle county in  March, 1864,  and he lived with  them  on the farm until he became of age.   He farmed his  father's farm from  1871  to  1879, when, his health failing him, he was advised by friends to go to California.   He remained in California three years, when he came back well and hearty. Upon his return   (1882)   he  took  charge  of  his sister's farm,  which he cultivated successfully  for  seven  years. Finally, in 1894, he moved to Mount Morris township, where he has since resided. Mr. Healy was united in marriage September 3, 1888, to Miss Luella Alice Rhinehart. Five children have been born to them: Floyd S., July 11, 1889; Ethel E., August 26, 1891;   Euth C., July 17, 1893; Monte D.,  March 23,  1895;  Hazel  V., July 21. 1897.

Hess, Sidney J., township collector and proprietor of restaurant; son of Willoughby and Mary Hess; born June 11, 1870, in Leaf River township. His education was acquired in public school and later he took the shorthand and typewriting course in Mount Morris College. In 1897 he purchased the restaurant stock of Ed. Mullendore and to the present time has worked up a good patronage. Mr. Hess was elected township tax collector in 1898 and has held the office. with credit since that time.

Hedges, W. H., well driller; born November 20, 1849, in Hedgesville, Berkley county, W. Va.; unmarried.

Herlyn, Lucas, farmer;  was born in Germany March 15, 1853; married in 1881 to Frouke Anderson.

Hefler, C, college janitor; born March 26, 1858, at Danville, Pa.; married in 1898 to Ellen Holsinger.

Hershey, Daniel., carpenter; born December 29. 1845, in Pine Creek township ; married in 1866 to Barbara Johnson ; four children—Minnie Katherine, who married Prof. TV. R. Young, principal of the Idaville public schools: Martha, who married Prof. G. W. Furrey, of Mount Morris College; Pearl, who is at home, and Orney, who is in Cali­fornia.

Hiestand, T. M., farmer; born in Leaf River township August 14, 1852; married September 11, 1879, to Laura J. Pond; two children, one dead.

Hiestand, Jonathan, justice of the peace and notary public: son of Henry and Elizabeth Hiestand. who settled in section 4 in 1837. He was born in Mount Morris township November 21, 1842, and gained his early education in the district schools, and during the '60s attended Rock River Seminary. His early life was spent on the farm, but he came to the village of Mount Morris in 1885. He has taught school several years and acted as town clerk one year; has traveled extensively over the United* States and visited Europe in 1891. Mr. Hiestand has literary tastes and keeps well informed on topics of the day. He is unmarried.

Hilger, Jacob, retired farmer; born in Germany December 21, 1820; married in 1852 to Apelonia Deitrich; two children.

Hilger, feed, farmer: born March 17, 1859. in Mount Morris; married in 1891 to Hannah Berge; four children.

Hitt, Hon. Robert R., member of Congress from this district, is the most distinguished and highly respected citi­zen of Mount Morris. Ever since there has been such a place as Mount Morris, closely connected with it has been the name of Hitt; and, in fact, one of the very first white men to set foot in Mount Morris township was Samuel M. Hitt, an elder brother of Rev. Thomas S. Hitt, father of the subject of this sketch. After the planting of the Maryland colony, as narrated in Chapter I, so-called because of the number of settlers from that state who had migrated to nothern Illinois, Rev. Hitt, upon the solicitation and advice of his brother, decided also to locate in the new country and accordingly with his family, including Robert, he started overland for Mount Morris from Urbana, Champaign county, Ohio, where he arrived in the fall of 1837. Upon his arrival the family occupied a house west of the present village on the Lohafer farm; but later he purchased a tract of land containing one thousand acres, located about two and a half miles south. He soon removed, however, .to a tract reserved for him by his brother, Samuel, comprising what is now the Railroad Addition to. the village and the farm immediately northwest, now being cultivated by Gera Watts. It was here that this illustrious family grew in manhood and womanhood. The father, Thomas S. Hitt, a portrait of whom appears on page 177 of this volume, was a Methodist ministor, and was a man of fine physique and mental training. More is said of him on page 176. Robert, the second son, wasit might present his name and upon his consent nominated and elected him to the position. He has since been successfully elected each term until the present time, and it never enters the public mind to do otherwise than send him to the national capital to represent our interests in the making of laws for this great nation. His congressional work has been chiefly done in the committee on foreign affairs, of which he is chairman. He is a positive and systematic protectionist and an advocate of sound money. In1895 Mr. Hitt underwent a very severe spell of sickness, from which his friends despaired of his recovery. It took two years to gain his usual good health. Mr. Hitt enjoys the friendship of the greatest men in the country, including President McKinley. He and his good wife spend a portion of each sum­mer at their pleasant Mount Morris home, and near the close of the recent campaign Mr. Hitt favored the people with a sound discussion of the issues of the day. He is probably the best in­formed man alive on the early history of Mount Morris and talks freely when approached upon the subject.

Holsinger,, J. P. clerk; born in Bedford county, Pa., October 17, 1864; married November 17, 1887, to Minnie O. Biddle; two children.

Holsinger, Levi, laborer; born in Blair county, Pa., October 20, 1840; married in 1865 to Harriet Cheesman; five children; married second time No­vember 2, 1875, to Mary Grosnickle; three children.

Householder, Peter, painter; born August 10, 1835, at Williamsport, Md. He gained his education in the country school. He came to Illinois in 1838, and spent his life on the farm until September 7, 1861, when he enlisted in the army from Mount Morris and was mustered into the United States service at Camp Butler as sergeant of Company H, 34th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, under Captain J. M. Miller and Colonel E. N. Kirk, to serve three years or during the war. The regiment was assigned to the 2d Brigade, 2d Division, 14th Corps, Army of the Cumberland, and participated in engagements at Shiloh, Tenn., April 6 and 7, 1862; Corinth, April 30;La Vergne, November 27; Knob Uap, December 26; Stone River, December 31; Liberty Gap, June 25, 1863 ; Chick-amauga, Ga., September 19 and 20; Re-saca, May 13 to 16, 1864; Kenesaw Mountain, June 9; Atlanta, July 28 to September 2; Jonesboro, August 31; Sherman's march to the sea, November 15 to December 10; Eentonville, March 19 to 21, 1865. Mr. Householder was promoted to First Lieutenant December 27, 1862, and to Captain September 12, 1863. He was wounded in left side and spine at Stone River December 31, 1862, and through both thighs by canister shot at Resaca May 14, 1864. He re­signed on account of disability November 6, 1864. Mr. Householder was married November 28, 1869, to Annie A. Sheets. Six children have been born—Claude, William, Roy, Earl, Melvin and Blanche.

Householder, Claude, laborer; born 'June 4, 1871: unmarried.

Householder, William, professional baseball player; born in Mount Morris 'township July 8, 1873; unmarried.

Householder, Roy, photographer; :was born July 4, 1876, the one hundredth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. His parents are Peter and Anna Householder. He completed the prescribed course of study in the Mount Morris public school in 1891 and 'several years later became apprentice to J. M. Hosking, photographer. He continued in Mr. Hoskin's employ until the sudden death of that gentleman. Mr. Householder conducted the business for two months until J. M. Rinedollar purchased the gallery, when he spent some time as a painter in the employ of the Burlington Railroad and did work in many places along that railroad. The painting trade he had previously learned of his father. March 1, 1899, Mr. Householder purchased the photograph gallery of J. M. Rinedollar and entered into business for himself. He has since worked diligently at the art and does an excellent class of work. He is now serving his first term as village treasurer. He is unmarried.

Householder, Earl, drug clerk. He was born April 4, 1878, in Mount Morris, being the son of Peter and Anna Householder. He obtained his education in the Mount Morris public school, and on Nov. 25, 1896, entered the employ of A.   W.   Brayton   as  clerk   in  his   drug store.    He is unmarried.

Holsinger, Charles R.. student and school teacher. He is the son of Levi and Mary Holsinger, and was born in Jewel county, Kan., December 9, 1879. He came with his parents to Ogle county, Ill., in 1880, and gained his early education in the district and public schools of Mount Morris township. Later he attended Mount Morris College sev­eral years. He has taught four terms of school and worked some at the printer's trade.

Holsinger, David S., stonemason; born in Blair county. Pa.. August 20, 1853: married in 1875 to Sarah E. Mondabaugh, deceased: married again in 1885 to Annie E. Wolfe, who is also dead; married a third time. November 28, 1894, to Belle Lizer.

Holsinger, W. S., laborer: born in Pennsylvania August 10. 1855: married in 1891 to Florence O. Knodle: one child.

Holland, John, laborer; born February 4. 1852, in Franklin county, Pa.; married; three children.

Hossack, George, retired farmer; was born in Canada, November 3, 1833; unmarried.

Hobst, George, Sr., farmer; born in Germany. April, 1823; married.

Horst, George, Jr., farmer; born in Germany, August 18, 1855; married in 1880 to Sarah Rebman; six children.

Horst, Konrad, farmer; born in Germany, March 29, 1850; married in 1876 to Louisa Tohefer; four children.

Hoppe, Joseph, farm hand.

Howland, George P., unmarried.

Hollinger, Samuel, farmer; born in Dark county, Ohio, April 12, 1876; married December 27, 1899, to Ellen Metzger.

Huff, O. E., farmer; born in Leaf River township, December 23, 1871; married in 1892 to Elsie Marks; one child.

Herbert, Fred, farm hand; born in Washington county, Md.; unmarried.

Irvin, A. C, railroad mail clerk: born at Chicago, Ill., March 28, 1858; mar­ried in 1883 to Julia S. Weller; one son.

Jackson, D. A., retired ; born July 29, 1820, at Fairfield, N. Y. ; married September 19. 1848 ; three children.

Jackson, William H., butter manufacturer; born in Salisbury, N. Y., February 27, 1856 ; married March 12, 1878, to Carrie H. Hyde ; three cliildren.

Janssenj Eildert, farmer ; born in Germany, July 1, 1840 ; married July 7, 1868, to Lena Brinkema ; four children.

Janssen, Meixt, farmer ; born in Germany, February 16, 1845 ; married in 1873 to Hattie Anderson ; eight children, two dead.

Janssen. Dirk, farmer; born in Germany, September 13, 1878 ; unmarried.

Jacobs, Geouge A., teacher

Jimmerson, Edward, re., laborer born in Knox county, Ohio. September 15, 1852 ; married July 4, 1874, to Mary Gossler ; three children.

Jimmerson, John J., carpenter; born in Mount Morris township, January 17, 1876 ; married September 1, 1898, to Georgia Watts ; one child.

Jimmerson, Edward Otto, laborer born in Mount Morris township. May 25, 1879 ; unmarried.

Kable, John A., carpet weaver. He was born in Dauphin county. Pa., June 27, 1847, and was the son of Christian and Esther Kable. He obtained his education in the district schools of Dauphin county. He came west with his parents to Carroll county, Ill., in April, 1866. Before coming west Mr. Kable spent a number of years working in a coal mine.While in Carroll county he operated a threshing outfit and farmed several years. Later he learned the carpetweaving, and located at Mount Morris in the spring of 1882, and has built up an enormous business. He weaves thousands of yards of durable carpet every year for people living twenty miles on every side of Mount Morris. Mr. Kable was united in marriage June 27, 1872, to Elizabeth A. Speicher. daughter of Christian and Anna Speicher of Tanark. Eight children have been born—Minnie M., August 6, 1873 : Allie E., March 20, 1875 ; Lulu E., September 7, 1877 ; Harry G. and Harvey J., July 15, 1880 : William, September 15. 1883: Hazel, May 25, 1891 ; Ruth, January 14, 1894. All are living except William, who died in infancy.

Kanode, Johx T., farmer; born August 29, Frederick county, Md. ; married in 1876 to Sarah C. Wetzel : one child.

Kanode, Harry L., carpenter ; born March 27, 1866, in Frederick county. Md. ; married in 1890 to Emma Glasgow ; three children.

Keefer, M. C, farmer ; born in Ogle county, July 28, 1866 ; married in 1889 to Hannah Skiles ; three children.

Keedy, F. C, engineer ; born in Washington county, Md., August 8, 1869 married in 1899 to Altha A. Coffman ; one child.

Keedy, William H., liveryman ; born in Washington county, Md., June 5, 1867 ; unmarried.

Kendel, Samuel, farmer ; born in Washington county. Md., August 29, 1823 ; married in 1863 to Abbie A. Hazzard : eight children, one dead.

Kendel, Daxiel, farmer ; born in Forreston township.

Kendel, Trumax W., farmer ; born March 28, 1875.

Keplinger, W. F., laborer ; born July 4, 1846, at Keedysville, Md. ; married in 1870 to Fannie M. Hedrick ; seven children, six dead.

Kinsey, S. C, carpenter ; born July 10, 1844, in Washington county, Md. ; married December 5, 1869, to Nancy C. Funk ; two children, one dead.

Konig, Charles, farmer ; born in Germany March 13, 1877 ; married in 1896 to Henrietta Fischer ; two children.

Konig, Ferdinaxd, farmer ; born in Germany, May 10, 1827 ; has two childien.

Knodle, J. A., wood worker ; born October 10, 1823, in Washington county, Md. : married in 1848 to Anna C. Little; one child : married second time in 1867 to Hannah Wagner.

Knodle, F. F., music composer and engraver ; born April 29, 1853, in Mount Morris township ; married January 3, 1877, to Cora B. Crowell ; one child.

Koontz, N. T., blacksmith ; born in Maryland.

Koontz, W. W., -farmer ; born in Mount Morris, Ill., May 22, 1870 ; married in 1898 to Sarah A. Domer.

Kump, Daxiel, laborer ; born in Washington county, Md., October 31, 1875 ;married in 1896 to Rilla Slifer; two children.

Lampert. George, laborer ; born in New York City, November 18. 1869 ; married August 18, 1892. to Licia Bain three children .

Lambing, John H., blacksmith ; was born November 18, 1876, at Weeping Water Neb., being the son of George W. and Sarah Lambing. He attended the high school at Weeping Water, and at the age of seventeen commenced to learn the blacksmith trade under his father, and worked at the business three years. He belonged to the Volunteers of America and spent two years at mission work. He came to Mount Morris June 1, 1899, and worked at his trade for A. C. Lookabaugh for ten months, at the end of which time he purchased himself a set
of new tools and started up in business for himself. Mr. Lambing was married November 15, 1898, to Lydia Muller of New York City. They have one son, Donald George, born March 17, 1900.

Lawson, Fred, farmer ; born in Ogle county, March 21, 1854 ; married January 18, 1882, to Eva D. Wood ; three children.

Light, J. Frank, farmer ; born August 22, 1875, in Leaf River township ; married Mary E. Sprecher in 1898.

Link, George XL, farmer ; born July 5, 1865, in Lincoln township ; married Augusta Bicker in 1888 ; four children, three living.

Lindsay, F. J., grain buyer; born June 9, 1869, at Seneca, Ill. ; married Margaret Fogle in 1899 ; operates the south elevator for the Neola Elevator Company.

Lehner J. C. ; born in Germany, September 8, 1831 ; married August 20, 1856, to Louisa Krell ; one child.

Lipe, L. L., pastor of Lutheran church.

Lizer, Jeremiah, laborer ; born January 9, 1846, in Washington county, Md. : married and has eight children, five living.

Lizer, John, laborer ; born July 9, 1840 ; married in 1865 to Mary Lloyd ;ten children, three dead.

Lizer, Luther E., drayman ; born August 29, 1864, in Franklin county, Pa. ; married Laui"a Speilman in 1888 ; four children living.

Lohafer, William, Sr., farmer ; born in Germany, May 10, 1838 ; has six children.

Lohafer, Henry F., farmer ; born December 8, 1865, in Mount Morris township ; married Mary E. Haney in 1893 ; two children.

Lohafer, William Jr.., farmer ; unmarried.

Long:, Ernest, farmer ; married to Olive Felker.

Long, Feed, liveryman ; married in 1900 to Grace Davis.

Long, Andrew J., liveryman ; born October 15, 1841, in Washington county, Md. ; married to Louisa V. Weller in 1867 ; two children ; second marriage, to Susan Miller, in 1887.

Long, Samuel E., farmer ; born August 15, 1868, in Mount Morris township ; unmarried.

Longman, John, janitor ; born November 24, 1838, in Frederick county, Md. :married and has three children ; served in Civil War, in the 1st Md. Infantry, and saw much hard fighting.

Longman, Harry F., laborer ; born in Washington county, Md., December 29, 1872 ; unmarried.

Longman, Herlock E., carpenter ;born October 28, 1875, in Washington county, Md. ; married Elsie V. Lookabaugh in 1899.

Lookabaugh, John F., laborer ; born January 28, 1853, in Franklin county. Pa. ; married Anna Winters in 1890.

Lookabaugh, James, laborer ; born October 17, 1857, in Franklin county. Pa. ; married September 29, 1889, to Mrs. M. Schelling ; worked some at carpenter trade.

Lookabaugh, Albert C, blacksmith ; born January 11, 1855, in Franklin county. Pa. : married in 1878 to Mary Delila Davis ; four children living.

Lookabaugh, Jacob, laborer ; born May 16, 1825, in Franklin county. Pa. ; married Rachael Buzzard in 1848 ; eight children.

Lookabaugh, Jacob D., magnetic healer; born March 28, 1863, in Armstrong, Pa.; married Effie Morford in 1890 ; three children.

Lutz, J. M., retired farmer ; born March 29, 1839, in Franklin county. Pa. ; married Sarah Garber in 1865;eight children, five living.

Marvin, Edward H., farmer; born October 3, 1872, at Franklin Grove, Ill.; married Mary Donaldson in 1900.

Marshall, Ira W., farmer and dairyman. He is the son of Ruben S. and Matilda Marshall, and was born August 24, 1859. He was married December 17, 1897, to Delia Smith, daughter of Stephen and Lydia Smith, of Mount Morris, who had previously attended the Mount Mor­ris public school and college and taught school a number of years. They, have two children—Bessie, born March 26, 1881; and Jesse, born July 29, 1882. Mr. Marshall was engaged in farming in Leaf River township for a number of years and during five years conducted a butcher shop in Leaf River, doing the butchering himself at his home and hireing a man in Leaf River to run the shop. He also had a branch in Byron for one year. After selling his Leaf River and Byron shops, he moved to Rockford, and conducted a shop there for one and a half years. In 1895 Mr. Marshall purchased his present farm, north of town, of Daniel Smith, and in 1897 establisbed the milk route in Mount Morris, which now has grown to be a large and pros-. perous business. Mr. Marshall was elected road commissioner for a term of three years in 1890, to succeed bis father, R. S. Marshall, who had filled the office for many years. He is also a member of the Board of Education of the Mount Morris public school. Mr. Mar­shall is now having a fine new residence erected.

Marshall. Reuben S., farmer. He is one of the pioneers of Mount Morris township. Mr. Marshall was born October 4, 1827, in Clinton county, New York, and was the son of Caleb and Louisa Marshall. His birthplace was on a farm near Platts-burg; his father having participated in the memorable battle of Plattsburg, which occurred near the old homestead. In November, 1834, his father's family started for the wild frontier in Illinois. At Cleveland, Ohio, hearing such alarming reports of the deeds of hostile Indians in Illinois th«y stopped until hostilities were over. In February, 1837, they left Cleveland by team for Oregon, Ogle county, and reached their destination after about four weeks of driving. They were compelled to remain in Oregon about three weeks before being able to cross Rock River, on account of unsafe ice. They then proceeded to their claim, northeast of the present site of Mount Morris, and erected a very rude log cabin, 12x14 feet, into which the family moved.As soon as the frost was out of the ground five acres of ground was broken and their first crop in Illinois planted. It consisted of 2 acres of wheat, 1 acre of oats, 1 1/2 acres of sod corn and 1/2 acre of potatoes. The subject of th:s sketch was but ten years of age when his father's family thus established them­selves in. Mount Morris townsh'p. He attended school until seventeen years of age. during the winter term of school, which at the most was only twenty-one days in length. On leaving school he s?ttled down to a l.fe of hard work, and during the sixty years and more since that time has done far above the aver­age in the work of developing this great State. Mr. Marshall always manifested an interest in politics, and has ably served his township in a number of offices. He has served as school director for thirty years, road commissioner thirty-six years, two terms as a member of the Board of Supervisors. While representing his township as supervisor he did invaluable service as one of the building committee for the erection of our presant courthouse in Oregon. Mr. Marshall was married January 13, 1852, to Matilda Steffa, who died February 24, 1875. They became the parents of twelve children, ten of whom are living. Those living are Wm. C., born March 6, 1853: Emma May. born May 25. 1855; Ira W., born August 24, 185T; Albertus S.. born July 27, 1861: Frank E., born June 12. 1863; Ida C.. born February 3, 1866: John C., born September 10, 1867; Grace A., born April 24. 1869: Viola, born December 11, 1870; Oliver E., born March 21, 1873. One son and one daughter died in Infancy.

Marshall. Frank E., farmer; born in Mount Morris township: married Annie Smith in 1804: one child.

Marshall. Wm. C., retired farmer: born in Mount Morris township: married Mary Rowe in 1876: two children.

Marshall. John C., farmer: born in Mount Morris township; married Grace Koontz; two children.

Mayer, J. W., farmer: born February 1. 1859, in Stephenson county, ILL.: married Annie V. Wakenight in 1887: four children.

Merryman, John, carpenter: born in Blair county, Pa., November 7. 1842: married Clara M. Sheets in 1870: six children, five living.

Maloney, M. F.; born in Ireland in 1860; married Ida Stover in 1886; five children.

Metzger. Charles, farmer; born in Germany: has two sons.

Metzger, Adam, farmer: married.

Metzger,  Alvin, farmer:  married.

Meyer, Henry, farmer ; born February 27. 1876, in Maryland township: unmarried.

Meyer. William, farmer: born in Germany. November 5. 1822: married Winnie Bremmer in 1866: six children.

McCoy, rigdox, shoemaker; born February 3. 1843, at Funkstown. Md.; mar­ried Helen E. Harper in 1867 ; six children.

McCoy, Jackson, bricklayer and stone mason: born March 27, 1872, at Funkstown, Md.; married in 1899 to Mabel Routzhan.

McCoy, Richard, laborer; born in Mount Morris.

McCoy, Claude, stone mason: born in Mount Morris, September 12, 1877; unmarried.

McCoy, James B.. woodworker; born in Mount Morris, August 17, 1845 ; married Mary A. Smith in 1873; two sons, one dead.

McCoy, Robert, laborer ; youngest son of James B. and Mary McCoy; unmarried.

McCoy, A. S.. farmer: born January 1, 1849, in Mount Morris township: married first to Lura A. Xeff: married second time in 1889 to Hattie McQuoid.

McCoy. John E., farmer and ex-post­master : born in Mount Morris township, January 22, 1842; married in 1865 to M. Elle Swugley: five children.

McCoy, Charles B., tinner; son of John E. McCoy: unmarried.

McCosh, Dr. George B., physician and surgeon; bora March 4, 1857, in Frank­lin county, Pa.: married Wanda Blair: five children living.

McCosh, David S., music composer and engraver and band leader. He is the son of Dr. John and Elizabeth McCosh, and was born December 15. 1847, in Franklin county. Pa. He attended the public school of his district, and later a select school in Quincy. At the age of seventeen he came west with his parents and settled in Mount Morris. The first year he spent as a farmer hand, working for Wm. Rine, and then attended Rock River Seminary a number of years, daring which time he became a member of the village band and began his musical career. After quitting the seminary he went to Dixon, and besides clerking in a bookstore played in the Dixon band. He soon became leader of the band and remained there seven years. He then went to Freeport and organized a helicon band which afterward consolidated with the Germania Band as the Grand Union Band. Here at Freeport, in 1876, he first began to publish music, although he had done some composing in Dixon. After a term of three years in Freeport Professor McCosh then went to the city of Chicago and continued to publish music and instruct bands and orchestras on a larger scale. His first band there was the Sixth Battalion Band, now the famous Second Regiment Band. He next became leader of Lyon & Healy's famous band and with it traveled extensively with the St. Bernard Commanadery of the Masonic fraternity. Hislast trip with them was to San Francisco. Other bands under his control later were the West Side Military Band and Bowman's Military Band, the latter of forty pieces. At one time he furnished music at five of the biggest skating rinks in Chicago, having in his employ forty-five musicians. One of these rinks was what was known as the "Palace Rink," occupying ground where the Auditorium now stands. Professor Mc-Cosh's musical compositions have been exceedingly numerous and have been very successful on the market. It is estimated that he has. composed not less than 4,000 separate pieces, of which probably the most successful was the song "Hear Dem Bells." which was sung all over the United States. Among other musical compositions are nine sets of orchestra books, two sets of band books, and many single pieces, for C. T. Root & Son; five sets of orchestra books and one band book for Henry Detmer; two sets of orchestra books for John Church Com­pany; one set for Lyon & Healy, and many other single compositions. In late years Mr. McCosh returned to Mount Morris, and is engaged in the publishing business with Dr. G. B. McCosh and Wm. H. Smith. He is kept busy composing and engraving music and leading bands. The work of engraving he has been doing for about eighteen years past. Mr. McCosh was married September 19, 18T9, to Lottie Huntington, of New York city. They have two sons. viz.-Dudley, born December 17, 1880. and Leighton, born October 1. 1882. Both have inherited their father's exceptional musical talent. Dudley has already become an efficient band leader, and "both are good cornetists.

McCready, W. E., farmer. He is the son of John and Eliza McCready. and was born February 27, 1845, in Clinton county, N. Y. He came with his parents to Illinois in 1830, settling in Mount Morris township. His boyhood days were spent in the public school of his district, and at the early age of seven­teen enlisted in the army. He joined the 14th Illinois Cavalry in January, 1863, and served during the remainder of the war, participating in various engagements, from Knoxville to Atlanta. Was with the command of General Gerard in the famous raid after Morgan, capturing him at Bluffington Island, in Jane, 1864. After the war he married and went to farming. Daring the first year he farmed one of B. S. Marshall's farms in Mount Morris township; the second year, went to Lincoln township, on what was then known as the John Nye farm, and re­mained there twenty-five years. He served thirteen years as road commis­sioner in Lincoln township. Moving to Mount Morris township in 1894, he con­tinued farming, occupying the Seibert farm east of Mount Morris. He is now serving the township as road commis­sioner, having been elected in 1899. Mr. McCready was married March 2, 1868, to Sarah Nye, who died in the early eighties. Three children were born to them, viz.: John C., born December 21, 1869; Vernie E., October 18, 18T1; and Chas. E., born October 12, 1876. Mr. McCready was again married in 1885 to Elizabeth Marsh. They have one son, Frederick H., born February 13, 1886.

McCready, John, eldest son of W. E. McCready; unmarried.

McCready, Chas. W., laborer; second son of W. E. McCready; unmarried.

McCready, chables; born in Clinton county, New York; unmarried.

McCure, Robert D., farmer; born July 27, 1845, at Pittsburg, Pa.; married Elizabeth Allen, January 1, 1876; four children.

McClure, Ray, law student; born in Freedom township, Carroll county; unmarried.

McNett, John, teamster; born in Pine Creek township, September 6, 1844; married Margaret A. Hause in 1867; six children living.

McNett, Samuel, laborer; born December 21, 1869, in Mount Morris; unmarried.

McNett, Charles, laborer; born December 16, 1872, in Mount Morris; unmarried.

McNett, Walter, laundryman; born December 26, 1877, in Mount Morris; unmarried.

McIlvanie, Charles H., farm hand; born in Mount Morris township, August 29, 1874; unmarried.

Miller, Elder D. L., editor, author, and minister of the Dunkard church, is now living a semi-retired life in his pleasant new home in Mount Morr's. Honored and respected by all, there is no man in Mount Morris who occupies a more exalted position in the estimation of the good people of the town. One of the most prominent men in all the Brethren church, he is known not only in Ogle county but has thousands of warm friends over the entire United States. Mr. Miller is a self-made man in every sense of the term. His father having a very conservative idea of the necessity of education, gave him only the knowledge which it was possible for him to obtain in the little country school-house of his district, and at the age of twelve put him out with a neighboring farmer to work. For a number of years he labored as a farm hand and assisted in his father's mill, but finally contracted the Western fever, and, leaving his father's farm, which was partly in Washington .county, Md., and the remainder in Franklin county, Pa., came out to Illinois. He first worked for his uncle, John Long, on his farm northwest of Mount Morris. After a few years in Illinois he returned to Maryland, and again assisted for a time in his father's mill. He soon decided to come west again, however, and this time stopped at Polo, engaging as a clerk. One of his first business ventures in Polo was in the dry goods business, in partnership with Samuel Snoop. He next bought grain in partnership with George Ambrose, now of Pine Creek, and later opened up a grocery store in partnership with the same gentleman. Mr. Ambrose sold out his share in the business after the first year and Mr. Miller conducted it alone for about five years with much success financially. It was while engaged in this business that Mount Morris College was purchased by the Brethren. In casting about for a competent man to become business manager of the college Mr. Miller's sterling business qualifications, as attested by his exceptional success in Polo, were brought to notice and he was solicited to fill the position. With some reluctance he disposed of his business in Polo and in 1879 moved to Mount Morris, assuming his duties as business manager with the first opening of the school under the auspices of the Brethren in the fall of that year. For five years he was actively engaged in the work of managing the business of the school, a part of which time, after the departure of J. M. Stein (see page 95), also doing the work of president, although he would never al­low that title to be applied to him. Soon after becoming business manager he became a stockholder, and it was also during these years that the enter­prise known, as the Brethren at Work was purchased by Joseph Amick and himself. Mr. M. M. Eshleman, former owner of the plant and business, had failed, but the new owners soon built up an exceedingly prosperous business, concerning which more is found on page 143 of this volume. Mr. Miller, along with his duties in the college, acted as office editor of the Brethren at Woik, later changed to the Gospel Messenger, and together with other work was an exceedingly busy man. In 1883 Mr. Miller decided to go abroad, and in August of that year, having completed all the preparations for the year 1883-84 of the college, which his office of business manager demanded, embarked at New York in company with his wife on his first trip across the Atlantic. Nine months were spent journeying in Germany, Denmark and other parts of Europe, and in the Holy Lands. Dur­ing these nine months Mr. Miller wrote a famous series of communications to the Gospel Messenger, which were read with a great deal of interest all over the Brotherhood and served to greatly increase the Messenger subscription list. After his return to America letters came from many quarters urging him to write a book concerning his trip, embodying the substance of his letters. This was done and during its preparation agents went to work unsolicited and the entire edition was disposed of before it was off the press. Other editions were later printed and easily sold. After his re­turn from this first trip abroad Mr. Miller remained at home nine years and did double duty in the college and the publishing house, his principal work being in the latter, however. In 1892 Mr. and Mrs. Miller again went abroad, and after their return Mr. Miller's second book, "Wanderings in the Bible Lands," made its appearance. It was even more successful than the first, and a number of large editions were sold. About this time he also prepared the manuscript for a book entitled "Seven Churches of Asia," and made a present of it to the mission board, the proceeds of its sale to be used in mission work. Jt was also very successful on the market. Mr. Miller's third trip abroad was made in company with Joseph Lehman, his wife remaining at home. On this trip they spent consldarable time in Egypt, traveling 1,000 miles up the Nile. After their return from th.s trip Mr, Miller did not remain at home long and again in May, 1895, in com­pany with h:s wife embarked at New York on their most novel experience—a trip around the world. They returned safely by way of San Francisco after an absence of over a year. Two years after their return Mr. Miller's last and most successful book, "Girdling the Globe," made its apearance, dedicated to the cause of missions. In 1S98 Mr. Miller made his fifth and last tour abroad, ac­companied again by his wife. They spent six weeks in Jerusalem, five weeks in Smyrna and three months in India. During his many travels Mr. Miller gathered numerous photographs, from which slides have been made. With a powerful stereopticon and these slides be has illustrated hundreds of his interest­ing lectures concerning his travels. He is always greeted with enormous crowds. At present Mr. Miller is living practically retired, although he still does considerable work as one of the editors of the Gospel Messenger and chairman of the General Missionary and Tract Committee. He is very deeply interested in the cause of missions, both at home and, particularly, abroad, and contributes liberally of his means for the promotion of the work. Stock in both Mount Morris College and the Brethren Publishing House has been donated to the church. For many years Mr. Miller has been a minister of the Brethren church and is a very able talker, one of the foremost in ability in the pulpit to be found in the Brotherhood. As a result of his natural talent and by much reading and extensive travel Mr. Miller has come to be, with the exception of Mr. Hitt, probably the best informed man in Mount Morris, or even in Ogle county. It has been said of him that he is a veritable "walking encyclopedia." Mr. Miller is now in his fifty-ninth year, and continues in the best of health and vigor. Mr. Miller was married in 1867 to Lizzie Talley of Philadelphia. She was born, and lived until the time of her marriage, in that city. She accompanied Mr. Miller on all of his trips to Europe except the third. She is the author of one book entitled. "Letters to the Young from the Old World," written at the solicitation of friends, from letters published in the Young Disciple. Three editions of 1,000 each were sold, the proceeds going for charitable purposes.

Miller, Wm. H., undertaker and furniture dealer; born in Washington county. Md.. July 23, 1850: married in 1878 to Mary Ellen Wallace: three chil­dren. •

Miller, Michael E., retired farmer; born in Mount Morris township, in 1841; married to Elizabeth Welty; twelve chil­dren.

Miller, John H., carpenter and farmer; born November 27, 1864; mar­ried Mary E. Smith in 1890: three chil­dren.

Miller, John H., employed by Deer-ing Harvester Company; born December 24, 1865, in Mount Morris township; married Myrtle Eine in 1890; two children.

Miller. John H., farmer; born in Franklin county, Pa., June 8, 1864: married in 1887 to Fannie Roadenizer; two children.

Miller, Thomas E., school teacher; born in Mount Morris, September 1, 1863; unmarried.

Miller, Upton, cabinet maker; born March 22, 1828. in Washington county, Md.; married in 1849 to Maria Lou Davis; five children, three living: second marriage in 1887 to Catherine (Koontz) Newcomer.

Miller, Oliver L., horse dealer; born in Mount Morris township, September 15, 1872: married in 1894 to Elva Stevens; four children.

Miller, Harry: G., farmer: born De­cember 12, 1869, in Franklin county, Pa.; married Nettie Deihof in 1891; four children.

Miller, Jacob G., school teacher: born May 16, 1847, in Pine Creek township. Ogle county; married to Annie Swingiey ; one son.

Miller, Lewis D., superintendent of Old Folks' Home; born in Mount Morris township January 18, 1852; married in 1873 to Mary A. Diehl; married second time in 1878 to Susan E. Diehl.

Miller, George M., farmer; born May 15, 1874, in Mount Morris township; married Hattie Lewis in 1900.

Miller. Jacob 6., school teacher; born May 16, 1847, in Pine Creek township; married; one son.

Miller. John D., harness maker and dealer in horse millinery. He was born October 26, 1858, in Mount Morris, being the son of Upton and Louisa Miller. He completed his school education in 1877 and worked at farm work several years. In 1881 he started to learn telegraphy, and after an apprenticeship of one year was engaged by the Burlington Railroad, serving as station agent and telegraph operator at a number of places on the Burlington system for a number of years. He was engaged principally at Mount Morris and Ghana. October 5, 1885. he bought out Wm. Cushing's harness shop, and during the fifteen years since that time has been actively engaged in that business, with a large and profitable trade. March 1. 1885, he was married to Carrie E. Stone of Polo. They have three sons—Dale E., born July 25, 1889 ; Harvey L.. born April 7, 1894: and Wilbur E. born March 10, 1896; three sons have died.
Middour, Samuel, farmer; born January 31, 1831, at Waynesboro, Pa.; married Hattie A. Little in 1866; three children.

Middour, E. W., farmer; born in Mount Morris township; unmarried.

Middlekauff, Austin, farmer; born in Mount Morris township, March 22, 1863; married Mary C. Moats in 1887; three children.

Middlekauff, Fred A., grocery clerk; born November 15, 1859, in Washington county, Md.; unmarried.

Mishler, Calvin H., carpenter: born August 21, 1857, in Stephenson county, Ill.; married Louisa A. Miller in 1883 \ four children living.

Miles, Charles C., fence builder; born in Washington county, Md., December 6, 1841; married January 1, 1884. One daughter.

Moats, Henry T., farmer; born July 31. 1839, in Washington county, Md.; married Ann E. Speicher in 1864; three children.

Moats, Dr. Joseph B., dentist. He is the son of John W. and Rebecca Moats and was born in Mount Morris township. October 2, 1863. In 1870 he moved with his parents from the township to near Des Moines, la., and there gained his early education in the country schools. He soon returned to Moun tMorris, however, and farmed the home place three years. He then studied medicine eighteen months under Dr. G. B. McCosh and finally entered the Chicago College of Dental Surgery, taking his junior course in that institution. His senior course he took in the dental department of the Iowa State Unirer-sity. graduating with the class of 1891. He began the practice of dentistry here immediately and has been at work continuously since that time. Mr. Moats was first married to Grace Swingley, daughter of Benjamin and Catherine Swingley, who died June 3, 1897. Two sons were born to them, Ollie and Fred, who are now living with their grandparents in Iowa. Mr. Moats was again married in September, 1899, to Isadore Kinehart.

Mongan. James, farm hand: born in Washington county, Maryland, April 8, 1869: married Ida Bopp in 1892; one child.                                                 

Mongas. Wm., farm hand, born in Washington county, Md.; unmarried.

Mumma Samuel P., stock buyer; born October 4, 1844, in Pine Creek township ; married Louisa Swingley in 1870; four children.

Mumma, Willis S., contractor and builder; is the eldest son of Samuel and Louisa Mumma, of Mount Morris. He was born in Pine Creek township December 2, 1870, and besides attending the Mount Morris public school spent two years of diligent work in Mount Morris College. During the building of College Hall in 1889 he entered the employ of N. E. Buser to learn the carpenter's trade, and in a surprisingly short time became an expert in tlie business. Mr. Buser engaged bis services the year round at good wages and soon intrusted the entire .work of building houses to him, from cellar to roof. In 1898 he formed a partnership with Mr. Buser and with him continued the contracting business. He is a rapid and efficient workman, a most successful superintendent of construction and an accurate calculator. Mr. Mumma was married March 21,1896, to Anna L. Kice, daughter of Andrew and Barbara Bice.

Mumma, Ed S., born September 24, 1876, in Mount Morris; unmarried.

Mumma ,James, batcher; born in Ogle county April 15, 1841; married to Sophia Etnyre; six children, three dead.

Muller, Fraxk, farmer; born May 30, 1839, in France; married Anna Klock in 1864; seven children.

Muller, John F., farmer; born in Mount Morris township January 2, 1871 ; unmarried

Muller, Jos. C., farmer:   married.

Muller, Hero J., farmer; born in Germany; married; has several children.

Myers, John A., laborer; born in Maryland township August 1, 1843: married Barbara A. Strock in 1870 ; nine children, seven living.

Myers, John H., farmer; born in January, 1835, in Washington county, Md.: married in 1835; four children.

Myers, George M., traveling salesman : born in Mount Morris December 26, 1866: married Ella Lohater, who died in 1899; four children. Mr. Meyers is engaged by the Goar Scott Threshing Machine Company.

Myer, Wm. F., farmer; born, in Ger­many December 15, 1864; married Amelia Bicker in 1889; four children.

Myers, Joseph., laborer; son of John A. Myers; unmarried.