The township of Mount Morris was organized in. the year 1850, under the Township Organization Law, passed by the State Legislature In Feb­ruary of the year previous. The first town meeting was held on the second day of April, 1850, in the chapel of the Rock River Seminary, for the purpose of choosing town oiffcers. Of this meeting D. J. Pinckney was moderator and Benj. G. Stephens, clerk. A resolution was passed to divide the township into six road difitriets, and an overseer of highways was ap­pointed for each district. The election of town officers, as are required by law to be elected by ballot, resulted as follows: For supervisor, James B. McCoy; town clerk, A. Q. Allen; assessor, M. Garman; collector, Jonathan Kuodle, Sr.; highway commissioners, Abram Thomas, Jacob Myerw, Henry Hiestand; constables, Peter Knodle, Henry Little; justices of the peace, James M. Webb, Henry Little; overseer of the poor, Benj. G. Stephens.
The voters at this first township election numbered 107, many of whose names are probably forgotten by the present citizens of Mount Morris. The list will be of interest to many, and is as follows:
David Gloss.                                 Michael Garman Jr..                 F, G. Petrie.
Samuel S. Miller.                         Martin Rodermel,                        John Sehultz.
David Beard,                                George Brayton,                           Daniel Arnold
John Heard,                                   Daniel Sprecher,                           William Schultz
Abraham Thomas.                     Michael Jarman Sr.,                 Stephen H.Cheney
John Harmon, Jr..                       William Little,                              Peter Kuodle
D. J. Pinkney,                             Jacob Coffman,                            Otho Wallace
Peter Glasgow,                              Salathiel Highbarger                Henry Newcomer
Andrew Rowland.                        Jacob Rice Jr.,                            Henry Seff,
James T. Hays                           Jacob Meyers,                               Enoch Wood.
Joseph Muller                             O. N. Adams.                                  Elias Bilker.
William Grnbb.                           Henry Clarke,                                Richard McClain,
Jacob Beard,                                  C. C. Olds.                                       Stephen Fouts
Walter McNutt,                            Jacoli Hoffman,                            Henry Thomas,
Jonathan Knodle. Sr..                 John Wallace,                                George Avey,
John Palmer,                                 Adam Patterson,                          Thomas Winn
Charles M. Haller,                       John Ankney,                                 Benj. Hedrick,
Washingtou Phelps                   John Lauderbaugh                     Aaron Billig
Samuel Garber.                            David Butterbaugh.                  F. B. Brayton
Samuel Webb                               Andrew Newcomer.                      Matthew Ayers
Jacob Philips                                 Jacob Hykns,                                 J. J. Beatty,
Henry Coffman.                           Henry Agard,                                 N. J. Stroh.
James Mitten.                               Joel K, Carll.                                 Benj. G. Stephens,
Thomas Bryant,                            William Falkler.                          J. B. McCoy.
John Rice,                                       James M. Webb,                           L. S. Carll.
George Fonke.                               Tallbot C. Ankney.                       Stephen Adams,
John Miller,                                   C. Misner,                                       W, S, Blair,
Henry Little,                                  John Hammer.                              William Hodges

Matthew Blair.
Samuel McMillen
Lawrence Wallace,
James Fouke.
Peter Funk,
Jonathan Knodle. Jr..
S. M. Fellows.
Jacob A. Knodle.

Alexander Hedrick,
N. J. Judson.
Cooper Crews.
Peter Knodle. Sr..
John F. Grosh.
Isaac Rice.
Jonathan Meyers.
Samuel Thomas.

Philip .Sprecher.
Samuel Swingle
A. Q. Allen.
John Reitzell.
A. C. Marston.
William Stephens,
Jonas Shafstall.


History of Ogle County-1878


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