BLY THOMAS, tenant farmer; See. 6.

Billmire Martin, farmer; Sec. 3; P. 0. Ashton.

Boothe Lyman, school teacher.

Bowen William, tenant former; Sec. 13 ; P. O. Ashton.

Borles Daniel, former;   Sec.  11;   P.O. Ashton.

CABLE    HENRY,   tenant   farmer; Sec. 15 ; P. 0. Ashton.

Calgine G. laborer; Sec. 11; P. 0. Ashton.

CHAPMAN JOHN K. Farmer; Sec. 11; P. 0. Ashton, Lee Co.; owns 240 acres valued at $60 per acre; born in Greenup Co., Ky., March 4, 1818; when 2 years old, his parents, John and Mary Chapman, were compelled to forfeit their homestead in Kentucky under the disputed land acts and moved into Scioto Co., Ohio ; in Aug. 1836, they moved into Madison Co., Ind.; in March. 1838, Mr. C, then a young man, set out with a yoke of oxen, for Cincinnati, Ohio; he started alone, but was compelled, when only a few days on the road, to send back for assistance, as the difficulties encountered on the way were too great for one man to overcome; he finally accomplished the journey in fourteen days; on May 28, of the same year, he left his parental home and joined an expedition, formed by P. Patrick, for the Indian Territory, but at Peoria they were disbanded and Mr. C., in company with three others, started for Bureau Co.; becoming separated from his companions, he continued on his way and after experiencing innumerable hardships he arrived at his destination, June 28, one month from the time he lefc home; marrying Elmina A. Taylor, who was born July 5, 1820, Sept. 30, 1841, he moved to this Co., in April, 1843, and was one of the first to break up the wild prairie land in the vicinity of Paine's Point; Mr. C." was twice elected County Coroner, and has also held the offices of School Trustee and Director, both in Pine Rock and Lafayette Townships; he is at present Justice of the Peace, to which office he was elected in Nor. 1877; it is worthy of mention in connection with this sketch of Mr. C., that that he is strictly speaking a self-educated man, and also that he is a descendant of a Chapman who served with distinction throughout the Revolutionary war; Mr. C. has had two children—Sa­rah Ann, born Aug. 25th, 1842, died July 19th, 1845 ; Electa J., born Jan. 26, 1844, died July 22, 1845.

CLARK S. D. Farmer; Sec. 9; P. 0. Ashton; owns 90 acres, valued at $45 per acre; born in this county Dec. 22, 1845; Republican in politics, and was elected Town Clerk, in 1873, holding the office for two years ; is at present Supervisor, to which office he was elected in 1875; with the exception of an occasional term missed, Mr. C. has taught school for the past fourteen years; married Eunice A. Reed Feb. 23,1871, who was born Dec. 9, 1847 ; have had two children—Arthur, born. Sept. 26, 1873, and died Dec. 19, 1873, and Myrtie B., born Aug. 5, 1876.

Coakley Ira, far.; Sec. 8 ; P. 0. Asbton.

Crass Hamilton, farmer; Sec. 2 ; P. 0. Lafayette.

CROSS JOHN, Farmer; Sec. 2; P. O. Ghana; owns 237 acres valued at $45 per acre; born in Huntington Co., Pa., May 17th, 1804; married Sophia Hardesty, who was born in Anne Arundel Co., Md., 1806; March 22, 1832. he arrived in Coshocton Co., O.; came to this county Oct. 21, 1853; have bad ten children—Edward, born May 17, 1833; Daniel, born March 22,1834: James, born Dec. 30, 1836; Mary, born Oct. 14, 1838 ; Ruth, born March 11, 1840 ; Levi P., Oct. 6, 1842, died Oct. 13, 1853; Melissa, March 6, 1844; Henry EL, who served six months in the Army, born Feb. 6, 1846; Thomas J., May 18, 1847; Rachel, born Oct. 6. 1851, died Feb. 24, 1875; Mr. and Mrs. C. have been members of the M. E. Church for over thirty years.

DAVIS JAMES, fanner; Sec. 10; P. 0. Ashton. Davis Justice, far.; Sec. 10; P. 0. Ashton.

DRUMMOND A. J. Farmer; Sec. 5; P. 0. Ashton; born in Westmoreland Co. Pa., Oct. 20,1821 ; he came to this county in 1838; married twice; first wife, Electa Martin, in 1843; second wife, Elenorah Highbarger. who was born April 18, 1823. and married on the 6th of June, 1862; Mr. D. was Supervisor for one year, and held the offices of Assessor and Justice of the Peace for a number of years; Mr. D. has had five children—Elizabeth L., born July 28, 1847; Eliza A., May 15, 1850; Benton P., Nov. 11, 1852; John Deane, Feb. 25,1S55; and James L., Sept. 7, 1857; owns 394 acres of land.

Drummond Benton, farmer;   Sec. 8 ;   P. 0. Ashton.

Drummond Levi, farmer; Sec. 18; P. O. Ashton.

Dugdale Charles, farmer;  Sec. 5 ;  P. O. Ashton.

EDGINGTON HENRY, lab.;  Sec. 6; P. 0. Ashton.

FROST CHARLES, tenant farmer.

GARRISON ROBERT, Tenant Farmer; Sec. 11; P. O. Ashton, Lee Co.; born in Perry Co., Ill., May 22, 1847 ; when 4 years old, his parents moved to Kentucky, where they lived until they moved to Missouri, in 1859; in which State he married Ellen Rinker, March 6, 1870; she was born in Ogle Co., Ill, June 24, 1849; in 1871, moved to Butler Co., Kan., remaining until the Spring of 1875, when they came to this Co.; the trip to Kansas and back was made by wagon; at one place on the journey, near the rendezvous of the notorious Younger boys, they were detained by the stream over which they had to pass having become unfordable, and although they were not molested, they naturally felt unsafe until they had placed several miles between them and that gang of desperadoes; have had three children— Daisy C., born in Missouri, Jan. 10, 1871; Orville B., born in Kansas, Dec. 4, 1873; Sheldon M., born in Illinois, Sept. 8, 1876 ; Mr. G. owns 75 acres, in Sec. 25, Deep Water Tp., Mo.

HARDESTY DANIEL, farmer; Sec. 4; P.O. Ghana.

Hardesty J. M. farmer: Sec. 4; P. O. Ghana.

HAVENS B. V. (deceased); bora in Connecticut, May 31, 1802; married twice; first wife was Sarah Dunham, by whom he had twelve children, and who died in 1842; married second wife (who survived him), March 8, 1846: moved from Ottawa Co., Ohio, to this Co. in 1869; at the time of his death, which occurred on the 8th of Oct.. 1876, be was a member of the Church of the Disciples; Mrs. Havens, who is a member of the same church, was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, June 13, 1820, and is the mother of five children— Newman G., Augusta (deceased), Nancy A., Jennie and Sumner; at the time of her husband's death Mrs. H. owned 172 acres of land in Sec. 8, where she still resides; P. 0. Ashton, Lee Co.

Havens G. N. laborer.

KESTED L B. farmer;  Sec. 14;   P.0. Ashton.

LINK WILLIAM, tenant farmer: Sec.13; P. O Ashton.

Linscott Joseph, farmer; Sec. 2; P. O. Ashton.

LUCKEY R. H. Farmer; Sec.6: P. 0. Taylor; born in Hamilton Co.. 0.; when quite young his parents moved to Ottawa Co., 0.; he buried his father and mother in that Co., and came to this Co. June 3, 1868; married twice; his first wife, Susan Hammond. March 3, 1842; she was born in Ma­rion Co., 0., March 3, 1826; died March 14,1874; father of nine children, all living but one; married Eliza Deselms, who was born in Ottawa Co., 0., March 20, 1830; on the 19th day of Oct., 1862, Mr. L.'s son William enlisted in Co. M, 3d Ohio Cavalry, and served throughout the rebellion; Mr. and Mrs. Lucfcey are members of the Church of the Disciples; Mr. L. has filled the office of Highway Commissioner in the town ; owns 172 acres.

McCABE A. tenant farmer; Sec. 4: P. 0. Ashton

McBirney J. M. farmer; Sec. 18; P. 0. Franklin.

MASON STEPHEN G.. Teacher; Sec. 5; P. 0.-Taylor; Teacher of the Prairie Star School; lives with Mr. C. Dugdale; born in Ryegate, CaledoniaCo., Ver., Aug. 20, 1853; came to Ill. in 1854 with Mr. Stephen Wright, an early settler; the following year went to Iowa, living there about five years; returned to this State in 1860; working on a farm he attended school when he had the opportunity; at the expiration of about nine years he in company with Mr. Wright, moved to Kansas, and with the exception of one term passed in the State University, at Lawrence, during the five years' residence in that State, he worked on a farm; in Nov., 1874, he again returned to 111., and since then has taught school every Winter term; Republican ; he is the resident corresponent for the Oregon Courier and Dixon Sun.

Mayer J.  A. farmer;   Sec.   11 ;   P. 0. Ashton.

Mead Wilson, tenant farmer; Sec. 18; P. 0. Ashton.

Mitchell H. J. farmer; Sec. 16; P. 0. Ashton.

MOAT JOSEPH C. Farmer and Stock Kaiser; 230 acres; Sec. 4; P. O. Ashton ; born in Washington Co. Md., Oct. 17, 1840; in 1845 his parents moved to this Co., married Emurilla Newcomer, who was born in Washington Co., Md., Oct. 28, 1841, on the 7th of Dec. 1865; have had two children— Frances, born April 1, 1869; OIHe, bora May 5, 1871, died Jan. 28, 1874; Mr. Moat's father, William, the same year of his arrival in this Co., died very suddenly, in the month of Nov., ten miles this side of Chicago, to which city he had brought a load of grain and was returning with furniture for the house he had occupied the month previous; his mother, Elizabeth, died Aug. 7, 1862; Mr. M. enlisted in Co. F, 34th Ill. Infantry as private; the close of the war found him a Lieutenant, having been promoted for meritorious services; offered a commission in the regular army; he declined the honor, as the emergency for which he enlisted having passed, he preferred to follow the peaceful pursuit of fanning, for the future; Mr. M., since coming into full possession of the property he now owns, has made very extensive improvements, and at this time has one of the finest farms in the township wherein he resides.

Mullen Levi, tenant farmer; S. 11; P. 0. Ashton.

Myers G. W. farmer; S^3; P. O. Ashton.

Myers Manasse, Sec. 3; P. O. Ashton.

NETTLETON THORNTON, farm.; Sec. 15 ; P. O. Ashton.

NETTLETON F. Farmer: P. 0. Ashton Lee-Co.; 160 acres; Sec. 15; born in Augusta Tp., GranviUe Co., Province Ontario, Canada, June 15, 1817 ; came to this county in 1848, his mother dying shortly after ; he returned to his native place for his father, who died in this county in 1855; both of his parents were born in N. Y. State, his father, Amos, on the 18th of May, 1777, and his mother, Mary,"Oct. 2b', 1778 ; Mr. Nettleton married twice, first wife Sarah Bass, born in Canada, June 29. 1821; died Sept. 15, 1849: Eliza J., only child by first wife, born Feb. 19, 1842, died Oct. 13,1849; second wife, Caroline Billmire, born in Washington Co., Md., Feb. 22,1824; married Nov. 12, 1850; have had four children—Mary E., born July 23, 1852, died Sept. 6th, same year; Margaret A., July 19, 1853; Thornton, Nov. 24, 1854 ; Harriet N., April 16, 1858, died Nov. 3, 1869; Mr. and Mrs. N. are members of the Christian Church.

Nettleton Thornton, farmer; Sec. 15: P. 0. Ashton.

PAYNE F. I. farmer; Sec. 18; P. 0. Franklin.

PAYNE MARY S. Farmer ; Sec. 18 ; P. O. Franklin; widow of John Payne, who died very suddenly on the 20th of Feb. 1855; owns 90 acres farm land; born in Vigo Co., Ind., Aug. 12, 1820; Mrs. Payne married the late Mr. Payne in 1836, and is the mother of eight children—Hannah, Rebecca, Eliza Ann, deceased; Cinderella, de­ceased; Thomas J., Eliza Ann, William, B., Marietta. The late Mr. Payne came to this county in 1846; at that time this section was very sparsely settled; the only market for grain in those early days was Chicago and St. Charles, to which places he often made trips by wagon.

Payne Samuel, farmer ; Sec. 18; P. 0. Ashton:

Petepicee Joseph, farmer; Sec. 16; P. 0. Ashton.

PFETZING PAUL, Farm Renter ; Sec. 8, P. O. Ashton, Lee Co.; born in Hesse, Germany, March 2, 1842; came to the United States, landing in N. Y. city, in 1867; starting for the West, the second after his arrival in this country, he entered into the batcher business in Chicago; remaining there but a short time, he moved to Lee Co., where he lived for four years, when he moved to this county; married Martha Eizel, who was also born in Hesse, Germany, June 17, 1848, June 31, 1870; have had four children—Lizzie A., Mary, John and Christina; 160 acres.

Phillips G. W. farmer; See. 12; P. O. Ashton.

Phillips John, farmer: Sec. 12; P. O. Ashton.

Phillips William, farmer; Sec. 22 P. 0. Ashton.

QUICK HO WARD, farmer; Sec. 14; P. 0. Ashton.

Quick James, farmer; Sec. 14; P. O. Ashton.

REED ABIJAH, farmer; Sec. 17; P. 0. Ashton.

Reed Albert, farmer; S. 17 ; P.O. Ash­ton.

Reed Dudley, farm.; Sec. 8; P. O. Ashton.

Reed Gilbert, farm.; Sec. 8; P. 0. Ashton.

Reed James, farm.; Sec. 8; P. O. Ashton.

Reid J. W. farm.; Sec. 18; P. O. Ashton.

REZNER JAMES, Farmer; See. 9; P. 0. Ashton; born in Union Co., Pa.. Oct. 26, 1849; when six years old his parents, Robert F. and Elizabeth, moved to Freeport, Stephenson Co.,where he lived until Nov. 20, 1877; married Edith F. Yarger on the llth of December, 1875; his wife was born in Central Co., Pa., Nov, 4, 1851; Mr. Rezner's father is Supervisor of Lancaster Township, in Stephenson County; the subject of this sketch is the oldest member of his father's family; the other children still reside with tlieir parents; rents 276 acres.

Rummell T. H. tenant farmer.

SANFORD J. farm hand; Sec. G.

Sherwood Orin, tenant farmer;  Sec. 12; P. O. Ashton.

SHOTTENKIRK D.G.. Farmer; Sec. 5; P. O. Ashton; owns 66 acres; born in Montgomery, Fulton Co.. N.Y..Nov. 14,1828; came to Carroll County, this State, in 1846, remaining four years; went to Calona, Cai., where he followed gold mining for five years, when he re­turned to Illinois, settling in this county in 1855, and has lived here ever since ; is Republican in politics, and was Town Collector for ten years, and Supervisor for six years, holding the position of Chairman of the Board the last year in office; married Angelica Eakle, who was born in Washington Co., Md., March 8, 1836, on Feb. 14, 1856; have two children—Wm. P., born in Ogle Co., Feb. 27, 1857 : Clara F.. Ogle Co., Oct. 31, 1860.

Sisk N. farmer; Sec. 12 ; P. 0. Ashton.

Slyter W. laborer.

Smith Patrick, farmer; Sec. 16; P. 0 Ashton.

TAMAR RUSSELL, farmer; Sec. 3; P. O. Ashton.

Taylor James, farm.; Sec. 6; P. O. Ashton.

Throop Alpheus, farm hand; Sec. 12; P. 0. Ashton.

Throop Calvin, farmer; Sec. 12; P. O. Ashton.

Throop Hosiah, farmer; Sec. 12 ; P. 0. Ashton.

Tilton Burton, farm.; Sec. 1; P. O. Asbton.

Tilton Horace, farm.; Sec. 4; P. 0. Asbton.

Tilton Lemuel, farm.; Sec. 2; P. 0. Ashton.

TILTON MRS. NANCY, owned 100 acres, Sec. 4; P. O. Ashton, Lee County; born in Washington County, Md., Dec. 19, 1797; maiden name, Nancy Hardesty; married Wm. Tilton Nov. 24, 1815, The late Mr. T. was born in Ohio, April 15, 1796, and died in this county Aug. 13, 1872. The family moved into this county in 1843 from Coshoeton Connty, Ohio, where they had carried on farming. Mr. T. was a member of the Christian Church at the time of his death, and his wife is at present a member of the same denomination. They have had thirteen children—Richard, Mary (deceased), Laban, Alexander (deceased), Edmund (deceased), Francis, William (deceased), Benjamin, Elizabeth, Emily, Philma and Harriet; Elijah, born Oct. 26, 1824, in Coshoeton Co., Ohio, was married to Miss Rachel Brooks in 1843. where he remained until 1846, when he removed with his family to Ogle Co., Nov. 14,1828; came to Carroll County, this State, in 1846, remaining four years; went to Calona, Cal., where he followed gold mining for five years, when he re­turned to Illinois, settling in this county in 1855, and has lived here ever since ; is Republican in politics, and was Town Collector for ten years, and Supervisor for six years, holding the position of Chairman of the Board the last year in office; married Angelica Eakle, who was born in Washington Co., Md., March 8, 1836, on Feb. 14, 1856; have two children—Wm. P., born in Ogle Co., Feb. 27, 1857 : Clara F.. Ogle Co., Oct. 31, 1860.111., where he Armed until the year 1862; when he enlisted in the 92d Regi­ment Illinois Volunteers; was in active service about two years, or until Oct. 6, 1864, when he died, and was buried at Atlanta, Ga. It is very interesting to hear Mrs. T. relate early reminiscences, and of the hardships undergone when she first came to this county. Although a very aged lady, she takes a deep in­terest in all that pertains to the county in which she has lived so long.

TILTON RACHEL, Farmer; Sec. 2 ; P. O. Ashton; widow of Elijah Tilton who was born in Coshocton Co., 0., Oct. 26, 1824; married Rachel Brooke, June 29, 1843; came to this county in 1848; enlisted in Co. H, 92d III. Inf; died in the hospital at Atlanta, Oct. 6, 1864 ; two sons—George W. and Commodore Perry, served as soldiers during the rebellion; Mrs. Tilton was born : in Belmont Co.. 0., Jan. 28, 1825, and i married June 29, 1843; have had ten children—Geo.   W., born   April   19, 1844; Nancy E., Jan. 4, 1846; Comodore P., born Sept. 18.  1847; Benjamin F., April  23, 1850; Martha 31., May 25. 1852,  died April 18, 1853; Lemuel H., April 1, 1854; Willard F., Jan 15, 1857, died April 2, 1858; one child not christened, born Oct. 2, 1858, and died the next day; Alva L., Sept. 21, 1859 ; Welford E., Dec. 31, 1861; : owns 80 acres land.

Tilton  Richard, fanner;  Sec. 4; P.  0. ; Ashton.

Tilton Spencer, farmer;   Sec. 1;  P.  0. Ashton.

Tilton Warren, farmer;   Sec. 3 ;  P.   0. Ashton.

Trainer Hugh, farmer ; Sec.  13 ; P. 0. -. Ashton.

Trainer James, tenant farmer; Sec. 13 ;' P. 0. Ashton.

Trainer Patrick, tenant farmer; Sec. 13 ; ; P. 0. Ashton.

Trainer Thomas, farmer;  Sec 13;   P. 0. i Ashton.

VOSBURGH JOHN P. Farmer; Sec. 14;   P. 0. Ashton, Lee Co.; born Montgomery Co., N. Y., May 24, 1820, ; at Tribes' Hill, a place so called from thefact that different tribes of Indians, in early colonial days, would rendezvous on a hill in that vicinity; married Hannah Pitman Oct. 26, 1844; she was born in Montgomery Co., N. Y., Feb. 2, 1810; Mr. N. came to this county March 17, 1865, since when be bas greatly improved the premises purchased at that time: is a Republican in politics and held the office of Highway Commissioner, owns eighty acres of land.

WEATHERINGTON G. W. Farmer; Sec. 2 ; P. O. Ashton.

WEEKS JOHN, Farmer; Sec. 9; P. 0. Ashton, Lee Co.; 156 acres; born in Middlesex Co., Mass., Dec 1, 1798; leaving his native State in 1824, he set out on foot for New York; the appearance of the country in that State not quite meeting his expectations, he continued on to Buffalo., where he procured passage on one of the Lake steamers for Cleveland; disembarking, he settled in Delaware Co., where he lived eight years, when he returned home on a visit; there being no railroads at that time, he made the journey by the boat and stage; returning same year to his adopted home, he lived there until 1836, when he came to Ogle Co., since when his father, Jonathan, and mother, Sarah, have both died; being one of the earliest settlers, Mr. W. encountered difficulties that the present generation knows nothing of; he was compelled to haul his grain to such dis­tant markets as Chicago, Peru and St. Charles; he married Sarah Royse (widow), who died Dec. 20, 1851; Mr. W. a number of years ago, held the office of Tax Collector; although well advanced in life and crippled by rheumatism, Mr. W. continues to manage the farm which he has willed to his sister-in-law, Fredericka Weeks, who acts as his housekeeper.

YORTY C. H. Sec. 10; P. 0. Ashton.

Yorty Cyrus, Sec. 10; P. 0. Ashton.

Yorty Peter, farmer; Sec. 10; P. O. Ashton.

Yorty Peter P. Sec. 10; P. 0. Ashton

Woodworth Frank J. telegraph operator.

Woodworfh R K. clerk.

WOOLEY ISAAC S. Retired Merchant: bora near Tuckerton, Gloucester Co., N. J., Nov. 4, 1805 ; moved to Philadelphia in 1809; remained there until 1817; then went to Urbana, Ohio, where he was engaged in boot and shoe business ; first came to Ogle Co. in 1836; removed with his family to Oregon in 1838; kept hotel from 1838 to 1839; in 1839 the County Commissioners appointed him County Treasurer ; was County Treasurer several terms; was for many years Justice of the Peace, for a number of years doing most of the business ; during his service as Justice over 7,000 cases were brought before him; he has held various other offices; he established the first school in the Co. under the present school law; he has always been prominently identified with the interests of the town and Co. in which he resides; he owns a farm of 160 seres on Sec. 2, Oregon Tp.; his wife was Elizabeth Parkinson ; they were married Dec. 25, 1828; she was born in .North Carolina in 1801, and died Feb. 4, 1871; they had three children; those who are living are: MaryE. (now Mrs. B. Brundage), and Amanda J. (now Mrs. Daniel W. Peck); lost one son, John P., who died at the age of twenty-six years. Wboley Jno. W. shoemaker.

YOUNG WILLIAM, retired farmer.

YOUNG FRANCIS J. Speculator; born near Old Chester, Delaware Co., Pa., Oct22, 1847; came to Rochelle in 1858; was engaged in farming pursuits until he enlisted Jan. 5,1864; served in the army until Sept 4,1865; for twenty months Mr. Young was engaged in produce business at Ashton, Lee Co.; afterwards came to Oregon where he continued in same busi­ness until Dec. 1,1877.

ZELLAR HARRY, tenant farmer.

Zeller Joseph H. tenant farmer.

Zenone Charles, well driller.