This village was laid out in July, 1875, by William H. King, when the Chicago, Rockford & Northern Railroad was completed through that point. As recorded, the plat was made March 31, 1877.

The first building to be erected was an elevator followed by an small hotel and store, all in 1875 and by William H. King. The store is operated by R. W. Schadle and Robert W. Oaks, the former being, also, postmaster. Mr. King soon after built a dwelling, which is rented to Charles Rtngquest, shoemaker. The depot was next erected, in the Winter of 1875 and 1876.
In the following Spring, C. T. King, Patrick Malone and W. H. King, each put up small dwellings. Charles Hangland, carpenter, and William Sechler built dwellings in 1877. The latter carries on a neat market and hotel. A. B. Sechler and W. H. King are now building houses. John Doden is the only blacksmith. The elevator is run by West & Andrus, and a lumber and coal business is carried on by King, Kline & Co.

The Township officers at present(1878) are: Supervisor, Geo. Stansbury ; Town Clerk, R. W. Schadle; Assessor, Charles Eyster; Collector, E. C. Hayes; Com­missioners of Highways, Austin Noe, Julius Elliott and Jacob Gates; Justices of the Peace, Samuel Doctor and D. H. Hayes; Constable, J. Q. Bower.

History of Ogle County-1878


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