Township Organization

The legal voters of the township of Grand de Tour held their first election April 3, 1850, at the village school-house. S. C. Cotton was chosen moderator and L. E. Hemenway, clerk.

The following officers were elected: Supervisor—S. C. Cotton; Town Clerk—S. M. Harris; Assessor—Solon Cumins; Collector—E. W. Dutcher; Overseer of the Poor—S. C. Cotton; Commissioners of Highway—Samuel Bovey, G. L. Herrick and D. A. Brown; Justices of Peace—S. Cotton and Solon Cumins; Constables—]. T. Hunsdon and E. W. Dutcher; Overseers of Highway—G. L. Herrick and James Weaver. The present township officers are: Supervisor—Samuel Young; Town Clerk—James Rogers; Assessor—C. D. Sawyer; Collector—G. S. Fox; Commissioners of Highway—A. A. Sheffield, John Bovey and C. T. Wordsworth; Justices of Peace—James Rogers and Charles Johnson; Constables—Samuel Young and A. A. Sheffield.


History of Ogle County-1878


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