George Washington Carr – One of the foremost and enterprising agriculturists of Rockvale Township, is a native of Pennsylvania, being born in Fulton County on February 10, 1849.  He is the son of George W. and Margaret (McLean) Carr, natives of Center and Huntington Counties, respectively.  The former was born in September 1819 and the latter in 1823.  Mr. Carr was a farmer in Center County, where he resided until his twenty-third year, when he removed to Fulton County where he was united in marriage to the mother of our subject.  In 1884 Mr. and Mrs. Carr moved to Ogle County, but being dissatisfied with the country, they went still further west to Wichita County, Kansas, where Mr. Carr purchased three hundred acres.  Then children have blessed this marriage.  James married Elizabeth Row, who died in 1876.  He afterward married Katie Angel and they reside in Ogle County; Ellen is the wife of James Stevens.  Their home is in Mt. Morris Township; George W. is the third children; Erven married Sadie Angel, a sister of Mrs. James Carr; William died at the age of thirty of brain fever the result of typhoid pneumonia.  He was unmarried; McClure resides in Wichita county, Kansas; Mary died when six years of age of diphtheria; Silvester, the eight child died when eighteen months old.  E. D. is foreman of an electric car line in Omaha, Nebraska and the youngest child, Amanda is the wife of Furd Avey.  Mr. Carr died July 18, 1898 and his is residing with Mrs. Avey.

Our subject bent all his energies toward a good education and helped his father until his twentieth year, when having finished his schooling, he farmed with his father for two years and then came west and settled in Ogle County.   He rented eighty acres in Mt. Morris Township for a term of three years and then rented the farm of the Reverend Robert Hitt, also for three years.  After the expiration of this lease, he re-rented the land in Mt. Morris Township for a period of four years which place he left for his present property in Rockvale, giving in part payment eighty acres in Mt. Morris Township.

Mr. Carr’s first wife was Miss Ella Moats who was born in Ogle County and who was the daughter of Daniel and Margaret Moats.  By her he had three children: Margaret, born February 17, 1877, died in infancy.  Albert, born April 27, 1878, is living with his maternal grandfather.  He received his earlier schooling at district school, and is now attending the normal school at Valparaiso, Indiana where he is taking a commercial course and where he expects to remain for the next two years.  In the summer he assists his father about the home farm.  Maudie, born March 4, 1882, died June 3, 1882 at the age of three months.  The mother of this family died January 17, 1884 of consumption in her twenty-eighth years.  She was a highly respected member of the German Baptist Church.
February 8, 1887, Mr. Carr married Miss Martha Alexander who was born in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, September 19, 1867.  She was the daughter of Randall Alexander, a farmer of Huntingdon County, and his wife, Martha Kuntzman, and was one of twelve children, namely: George W., William C., Colter, John, Mary, Rosy, Katie, Rachel, Martha, Sadie, Maggie and Rosa.  To Mr. and Mrs. Carr have been born two children, namely: Nora, born April 9, 1886, and Herbert born April 17, 1887.  Both are attending the district school.  Our subject carries on in addition to general farming, the breeding of fancy stock.  He has at the present writing about one hundred and fifty Berkshire pigs, sixty head of Durham cattle and fourteen head of Norman draft horses, from which he frequently sells at handsome prices to the Chicago market.
Mr. Carr is a Republican in politics and stoutly upholds the party to which he belongs.  He his served as school director for several years with great credit to himself and much benefit to the community.  He is a prominent and representative citizen of Rockvale and is held in high esteem by all who know him.


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Biographical Record of Ogle County


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