The first school, house was a frame building, located in the center of the original town plat, erected in 1856. It was first taught by Miss Maria Blair, followed by Thomas J. Hewitt and A. Q. Allen.

This building is still standing nearly opposite the residence of Mr. Philo J. Hitt. School was continued here until in 1867, when the present elegant three-story brick school house was erected on Front street, in the southern part of the town. The building, grounds and furniture cost about $16,000.

The records show the following instructors since 1860: J. L. Spear, 1860-62; Assistant, Julia Saterlee, 1860-62; J. W. Clinton, 1862-63; Assistant, E. A. Lunt, 1862-63 (from this time until 1869 they have not been recorded); G. M. M. Glenn, 1869 ; M. L. Seymour, 1870-72; George Blount, 1872-75.

The present teachers are J. Lawson Wright, Principal; Eliza J. Wilson, Assistant; Abram Myers, First Intermediate ; Nellie Perrin, Second Intermediate; Lizzie D. Hiller, First Primary; Addie E. Shyrock, Second Primary. For teachers' salaries, $2,610 is appro­priated for the present year.

The present Board of School Directors is Eli Schaffher, Levi J. Bowers and John Dovenbarger. The present school membership is 315.


History of Ogle County-1878


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