A post-office was established by this name, March 6, 1866, with George C. Steele, Postmaster, on the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, near the south county line. The present Postmaster is Alfred Thorp.
A warehouse was built in the same year by Lauren and Alvin Chamberlm. It is now managed by A. A. Thorp, and the business, in 1877, amounted to nearly $33,000.
In the same year, also, a school-house was built, which was taught the first Summer by Miss Louisa Randall, and the next Winter by M. S. Moore.
A Methodist Episcopal Class was organized in 1862, by Rev. Jesse Penfield, although they had no building except private houses in which to hold meetings until the school-house was erected.
A Good Templars Association had been organized at the Fisher school-house, in 1865. In 1867, G. W. Darby built a store building. The store is now carried on by Alfred Thorp.
A blacksmith shop was opened in 1867, by William Messer, and the depot was built in November, 1877.
The town is now known by the name of Jefferson. It was originally named for William P. Flap.


Flagg center is the station in Flagg Township, about three and a half miles northwest of Rochelle, at the junction of the Chicago & Iowa and the Chicago, Rockford & Northern railroads. The post-office there located is called Kyte River, and the station is building up into a village, though yet but little developed.



History of Ogle County-1878


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