This village is situated in Scott Township, midway between Rockford and Rochelle, at the crossing of the Chicago, Rockford and Northern, and the Chicago and Pacific railroads. It was laid out in May, 1875, by Jeremiah Davis; is situated in the heart of a rich agricultural section, and is a place of much promise

. It had a population of about two hundred. The York River Butter Factory was built and commenced operations May 14, 1877. It has a capacity for working 16,000 pounds of milk per day, and is as complete an establishment as can be found. T. H. Baker, President; G. W. Fraser, Secretary; Israel Boyes, Manager. James Martin runs a steam feed mill with an engine of forty horse power, capable of turning three runs of stones.

There are also other business interests, as follows:

Burdick & Wilson, carriage and wagon makers

J. K. Dentler, general merchant

P. Brace, hardware; Joseph Kendall, drugs, groceries and books

Frank Eaton, grocer

J. P. Eddy, meat market

Miss Agnes H. Canning, milliner, dressmaker and postmistress

Frank Morse, livery stable

Henry Woodworth, blacksmith

Junction House, built by Peter Tilton, run by Wm. Hills

Central Hotel by Frank Eaton

An elevator is situated on the Chicago. Rockford & Northern railroad, having a capacity for handling 5,000 bushels of grain per day. There are two express offices, the American and United States. Four mails arrive each day. The public school building is a fine, large brick structure of two stories. The two railroads crossing at right angles make this place very desirable for manufacturing purposes, on ac­count of the facilities offered for distribution of products. In this township is Big Mound, an eminence visible for a distance of fifteen miles in every direction.


History of Ogle County-1878


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