Apgar Conrad, carpenter; Byron

Armstrong E. rents farm ; S. 23; P.O. Byron

Armstrong Win. Sec. 18 ; P. O. Byron

Artz W. P. druggist and physician; Byron

Austin H. C. former; Sec.26; P. 0. Byron

Ayres T. G. farmer; P. O. Byron

BABCOCK E. R. laborer; Byron

Ball Frank, poultry dealer; Byron

Barker F. A. merchant; Byron

BARRICK DANIEL, Farmer; Sec. 7; P. O. Byron; born in Perry Co., Pa,, Dec. 8, 1889 ; came to Byron, Ogle Co., Ill., in 1851 ; married Jan. 28, 1873, to Margaret E. Wray, who was born in Perry Co., Pa March 10, 1845 ; have two children : Annie E., born Jane 28, 1875; D. Wray, March 6 1877 ; owns farm of 101 acres, valued at $5,000.

Barrick Jacob, farmer; Sec. 7 ; P. O. Byron.

Barry Andrew D. fanner; P. 0. Byron.

Barry J. pump and windwill dealer ; Byron.

Barry Jno. farmer; Sec. 27; P. O. Byron.

Barry John H., Jr., pump and windmill dealer; Byron.

Bebb E. farmer; See. 3 ; P. 0. Fountaindale.

Beekman J. C. minister; Byron.

Birch Levi, farmer; Sec. 16; P. 0. Byron.

Bickford I. B. Methodist minister; Byron.

BickfordT. blacksmith; S. 25; P. O. Byron.

Bird Levi, st., farmer; P. O. Byron.

Bird Levi, Jr., rents farm ; P. O. Byron.

Birden D. C. farmer; Sec. 11; P. O. Byron.

Blount Jos. physician; Byron.

Bellinger W. J. hardware; Byron.

Boon Geo. railroad contractor; Byron.

Bowles J. G. livery man ; Byron.

Bowie Robert.

Buck M. carpenter ; Byron.

Bull M. P. farmer; Sec. 1.

Bullock G. M. farmer, Sec. 11; P. O. Byron.

Bonn Wm. C. farmer; P. O. Byron.

Burch C. E.

Burch L. B. farmer; Sec. 17; P. O. Byron

Burch Wm. M., Byron

Burke Jeffrey, renter; Sec. 18; P. O. Byron

Burke Patrick, farmer; Sec. 8; P. O. Byron

Bradley Michael, farmer; P. O. Byron

Brewster M. S. farmer; Sec. 1

Brown W. D. blacksmith; Byron

Brownlow James, laborer; Byron

Cain, Justice H. carpenter, Byron

CAMPBELL A. O. Byron; born in Bradford Co., Pa., July 23, 1809; came to Ill. July, 1836, locating in what was then known as Bloomingville Precinct, now Byron Tp.; married Aug., 1835, to Celinda M. Foster; wife deceased March 11, 1838; married second wife,Elmira Brewster, who was the mother of two sons; the elder, Wm. F., enlisted in the 92d I. V. I; he was killed at Powder Springs, Ga.; the younger, D. H. Campbell, is now at home in business; Mrs. C. died Dec. 28, 1865; Mr. Campbell again married Mrs. Lucy C. York, his present wife; Mr. Campbell has held the offices of Justice of the Peace and Supervisor for several years.

CAMPBELL D. H. Dealer in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Notions, etc., Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes; Byron; was born June 3, 1845.

Campbell Jas. farmer; Sec. 14; P. O. Byron.

Carnor John, laborer; Byron.

Carter Peter, lawyer; Byron.

Carter Thos. farmer; Sec. 12; P. O. Byron.

Catanach James, ferryman; Byron.

Catanach John, ferryman ; Byron.

Christopher John G. wagon maker; Byron.

Cole R. W. stone quarry, Byron.

Coleman D. farmer; Sec. 12; P. O. Byron.

Coleman John.

Calver Harry, Byron.

Cook Eli, laborer; Byron.

Cook Joseph, laborer; Byron.

Cook Thomas H. teamster; Byron.

Coolbaugh J. B. laborer; Byron.

Coolbaugh Moses, stone mason.

Cooling F. W. farm ; Sec. 34 ; P. O. Byron.

Cornwall T. H. physician; Byron.

Craig Stewart, farm ; Sec. 6 ; P. O. Byron.

Cullerton Chas. farm; Sec. 3; P. O. Byron.

Curry Elias.

DAVIS JOHN C. Farmer; Sec. 24; P.O.Byron; born in England July 31,1824; came to Ill. in Nov., 1841, settling in Winnebago Co., where he lived twelve years; he then removed to Ogle Go. in 1853; married May 10, 1855, to Julia A Hall; have six children; Mr. Davis owns a farm of 200 acres, valued at $8,000.

Davis W. H. tin peddler; Byron.

DeWolf H. F. farm ; P. O. Byron.

Dodds Wm.T. traveling salesman; Byron.

Donahoe Patrick, Byron.

Donovan Michael, plasterer; Byron.

Donovan William.

Doughty Benj. farm; Sec. 18; P. O. Byron.

Doughty John, farm; Sec. 11 ; P. O. Byron.

Doughty William, farm ; Sec. 2 ; P. O. Byron.

Dreman William, farm; Sec. 10; P. O. Byron.

EDDY, GEORGE, retired farmer; Byron.

Elliott John L. farmer; P. O. Fountaindale.

Elsing Andrew, carpenter; Byron.

Ercanbrack Wm. farm ; Sec. 31 ; P. O. Byron.

Evans Ezra H. farm; Sec. 29; P. O. Byron.

FIRIAN JOHN, farmer; Sec. 1; P.O. Byron.

FISHER CHARLES, Farmer; Sec. 25 ; P. O. Byron ; born in Westborough, Worcester Co., Mass., July 21, 1818; came to Ill. in June, 1838, settling in Byron; married Nov. 10, 1850, Harriet N. Saulsbury, who was born inTownsend, Windham Co., Vt, Aug. 2, 1827; have seven children, four daughters and three sons; owns farm of 164 acres, valued at $12,000.

Fitch Josiah H. farm; Sec. 22; P. O. Byron.

Flaherty John, section boss; Byron.

Flaherty Morgan, section hand ; Byron.

FLICK, SAMUEL, express driver ; Byron.

FOSS, G. F. Barber; Byron; born in Stratford, Stratford Co., N. H., Sept 30, 1837; removed to Crestline, Ohio, in 1855; remained there two years; then went to Columbus, Ohio, remaining there till the war broke out, in 1861, when he enlisted in Co. A, 2d Battalion, 18th US Infantry ; served three years, and was discharged on Lookout Mountain, Tenn., Oct 24, 1864; came to Boone Co., Ill, the same year, where he married Emily S. Brayton.

Fox Geo. harness maker; Byron.

GITCHELL, HIRAM, faemer; Sec. 15; P. O. Byron.

Gill Brook T. carpenter; Byron.

Goliher R. former; Sec. 80; P. O. Byron.

Goodale Geo. hotel proprietor; Byron.

Gorman W. farmer; Sec. 26; P. O. Byron.

Gravelin D. U. hotel proprietor; Byron.

Grove J. L. farmer; Byron.

Grove W. A. carpenter; Byron.


HALL, CHAS. L. Farmer; Sec. 80; P. O. Byron; born in Hatley, Stanstead Co., P. O., Sept 3, 1838; came to Ill. in March, 1851, locating in Byron; enlisted Sept 16, 1861, in the 8th I. V. V; mustered out July 17.1865; married Feb. 22, 1866, to Miss Maria Rood; family consists of three children, two daughters and one son; owns farm of 150 acres, valued at $10,000

HALL WRIGHT C. Farmer; Sec. 7; P. O. Byron; born in Hatley, Province of Quebec, Dec. 14, 1829; came to Rockford, Winnebago Co., 111., in 1852, resid­ing there two years; then removed to Ster­ling, Whiteside Co.; came to Byron, Ogle Co., in March, 1857; married June 29, 1854, to Ellen Hodges, who was born Oct. 29, 1832, in Vienna, Oneida Co., N. Y.; has six children, one son and five daugh­ters; owns farm 230 acres, valued at $10,500.

Hamaker A. farmer; Sec. 18; P. O. Byron.

Hamaker Adam, farm; S. 18; P. O. Byron.

Hamaker H. farmer; Sec. 18; P. O. Byron

Hamaker J. farmer; Sec. 18; P. O. Byron.

Hapgood J. H. carpenter; Byron.

Harrison A. farmer; Sec. 10; P. O. Byron.

Hartt John, laborer; P. O. Byron.

HAWKS  G. WASHINGTON, Editor and Publisher of the Byron Times; was born in Oswego Co., N. Y., in 1831; came to 111. in 1841, settling in Wheeling, Cook Co.; entered the Rock River Conference of the M. E. Church in 1864; located in Byron in 1877.

Hawthorne Judson W. clerk; Byron.

Hawthorne Wm. railroad employe; Byron.

Hays William. Helen John H. carpenter; Byron.

Hench John H. farmer; Sec. 11; P. O. Fountaindale.

Henry A. L.

Hetrick Allen W. agr. imp. dealer; Byron.

Hetrick Jacob, farmer; Sec. 13; P. 0. Byron.

Hewitt Amberson, blacksmith; Byron.

Hewiit Edward, printer; Byron.

Hewitt Elmore, farmer; Sec. 20; P. O. Byron.

Hewitt N.J. butcher; Byron.

Higgins Wm. farmer; Sec. 34; P. O.Byron.

HOADLEY G. F. Byron; Dentist; born in Lynnville, Ogle Co., June 26, 1851; mamed Nov. 9,1871, to Jennie A. Reynolds, who was born Sept 28, 1851; they have three sons.

Hogan D. farmer; Sec. 22; P. O. Byron

Hogan John, farmer; P. O. Byron.

Hogan John E. farmer; P. O. Byron.

Hogan P. farmer; Sec. 14; P. O. Byron.

Housewort J. C. livery man; Byron.

Howe C. E.

Hough Homer D. harness maker; Byron.

Hoyt Wm. A, Byron.

Hunt J. H. farmer; Sec. 19; P. O. Byron.

Hunter Chas W.

IVES JOHN, farmer;  Sec.  14;   P. O. Byron.

JACKMAN B. F. lumber dealer; Byron.

Jarver A. A. farm; Sec. 18; P. 0. Byron.

Jehl Joseph, wagon maker; Byron.

John Franklin, laborer; Byron.

Johnson Charles £.

Johnson Thomas L. plasterer; Byron.

JOHNSTON AMZI A. Farmer; Sec. 23; P. O. Byron; born in Richland Co., O., Dec. 3; 1821; came to Ill. in 1837, settling in Ogle Co. in 1837; married Nov. 14, 1849, Alma Miller, who was bom in Annsville, Oneida Co., N. Y., March 6, 1830; hare four sons and one daughter; he owns a farm of 41 1/2 acres, valued at $20,750.

Johnston Fred. D. farm; Sec. 23; P.O. Byron.

JOHNSTON  LUCILDA   H. Sec. 22; P. O. Byron; widow of the late Augustus T. Johnston, who was born in Kichland Co., O., Nov. 19, 1819; he came to Byron, Ogle Co., in 1837, and settled on Sec. 23, being one of the earliest settlers of the Co.; married Nov. 10,1850, Lucilda H. Copeland, who was born in Chester, Chester Co., Pa., Dec. 1, 1825; the father of Mrs. J. came to Ill., settling in Byron Tp., Sept 24,1871; she has two sons and four daughters; owns farm of 220 acres, valued at $ 11,000.

KELLEY PATRICK, farmer; Sec. 20; P. O. Byron.

Kelsey B. furniture dealer; Byron.

Kendall F. B, farm; Sec. 32; P. 0. Byron.

Kendall Jno. E. farm; Sec. 11; P. O. Byron.

Kendall 8. E. farm; Sec. 32; P. O. Byron.

Kenedy Harvey, merchant; Byron.

Kenedy Jno., Sr., farm; Sec. 17; P. O. Byron.

Kenedy Jno., Jr., farm; Sec. 17; P. O. Byron.

Kenedy Martin, farm; Sec. 17; P. O. Byron.

Kidder Silas, farm; Sec. 10; P. O.Byron.

KNOWTON I. S. Nurseryman and Fruit Grower; Sec. 30; P. O. Byron; born in New Fane, Windham Co., Vt, Jan. 29, 1815; came to 111. in May, 1838, settling in Byron Tp.. where.he now resides; married in Ashburnham, Mass., Aug. 16,1842, Miss Hephsibeth C. Fisk; have three children, two sons and one daughter; Mrs. K. died June 10,1863; married second wife, Mary F. Cochrain, daughter of David Hagadon, of Mayfield, Fulton Co., N. T.; she was born Jan. 7,1833.

Knowlton W. H. nursery; S. 30; P. O. Byron.

Kosier George, carpenter; Byron.

Kosier John S. carpenter; Byron.

Lagrange Wm.

La Ferae Joseph, farmer; P. O. Byron.

Leary Moses, farmer; Sec. 27; P. O. Byron.

Leary Thomas, farmer; Sec. 27; P. O. Byron.

Leary William, farm; Sec. 27; P, O. Byron.

Lindsey John B.

Linn Daniel D. farm; Sec. 24; P. O. Byron

Linn B. B. farmer; P. O. Byron.

Linn James C.

Linn J. Ross, farmer; Sec. 7; P. O. Byron.

Linn Samuel K. farmer; P. O. Byron.

Linn Thos. P. farmer; Sec. 8; P. O. Byron.

LOCK WOOD WM. Farmer; Sec. 35; P. O. Byron; was born in Erie Co., Ohio, Dec. 8,1816; came to Byron, Ogle Co., in 1840; married Oct 9,1845, to Eliza Wood, who was born June 20, 1818, have family of four daughters; owns farm of 154 acres valued at $11,000.
Love James, farmer; Sec. 6; P. 0. Byron.

Love Joseph.


McDowell C. F. roafroad employe, Byron.

McGregor A. fanner; Sec. 11; P.O.Byron.

McGregor John, farm; Sec. 2; P. O. Byron.

McGregor Thos. farm; Sec. 11; P. O. Byron.

Main Emerson B.

Main Jacob C.

Main Napoleon.

Martin James, railroad engineer; Byron.

Martin Lewis C. liveryman; Byron.

Martin Orlando, liveryman; Byron.

Merchant O. W. liveryman; Byron.

Mershon Jay, clerk; Byron.

Miller George, laborer; Byron.

Millerr Luther, Byron.

Mitchell Andrew, farmer; P. O. Elida.

Mitchell Geo. farmer; Sec. 19; P. O. Byron.

Mix Hiram, railroad employe; Byron.

MIX S. ST. JOHN, Postmaster; Byron; born at Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y., Oct 3,1799, and came to Ill. in 1835, settling in Byron one year later. When he first came to the Rock River country there were only two or three log houses at Dixon, and about the same number in Kockford, and only three on the road between the two places, a distance of forty miles. Asa G. Spaulding was the first postmaster at Byron, and Mr. Mix succeeded him, being appointed under the administration of James K. Polk, officiating many years. Was again appointed under Abraham Lincoln, some fourteen or fifteen years since, and still occupies the office. In early times, the people took trains going to Dixon (25 miles) to get their mail, and it was no uncommon sight in those days to see roving bands of Indians, numbering from 20 to 80, passing up and down rock River, either on ponies or in canoes. After the organization of the Co., in 1830, he was one of the three commissioners elected, and court was held alternately at Dixon in a schoolhouse, at Oregon in a little store, and at Buffalo Grove in a log house. After the expiration of his term as commissioner, was elected school commissioner. Mr. Mix was married in 1827, to Eleanor Mix, and bad twelve children,, seven of whom have since died, as also has Mrs. Mix. Of the children, Adelaide was born Jan. 20,1836, and is now the wife of Wm. I. Whitaker, residing one and a half miles north of Byron; Samuel H., Nov. 29,1839, lives at Black River Falls, Wis.; Hiram, July 16, 1843, and Wm. H., April 21,1846, both reside in Byron; Ernest, the youngest, born July 25,1848, lives in Chicago. Mr. Mix, although nearly 79 years of age, still retains his faculties in a most remarkable degree,and, although living on "borrowed time," bids fair to outlive many who have looked upon him as a relic of by-gone days.

HEX. WM. H. General Merchandising and Postal Clerk on Chicago & Cedar Rapids R, W. P. O.; bom in Byron April 21,1846; married Dec. 19, 1867. to Lois Addie Osborn, of Byron; one daughter.

Morris Asaph, farmer; Byron.

Morris Wm. farmer; Byron.

Mueller John, boot and shoe dealer; Byron.

Murray Wm. C. physician; Byron.


NEGUS ALFRED J. Proprietor of Rosehill Creamery; Sec. 30; P. O. Byron; born in England May 2,1851; came to Ill. in Feb., 1874; married Aug. 7, 1876, to Katie I. Houghton; have one son.

Netrow Jacob,farmer; Sec. 2; P. 0. Byron.

Nichols J. E.

Nolan Jas. farmer; Sec. 2; P. O. Byron.

Norton I. W. farmer; Sec. 20; P. O. Byron.

Norton Perry, farmer; Sec. 29; P. 0. Byron.

Nott Edgar A. clerk; Byron.

O'MALEY  THOMAS, farmer; Sec. 2; P. O. Rockford.

PACKARD F. L. thresher; P. O. Byron.

Parker Root laborer; Byron.

Parker L. P. farmer; P. O. Byron.

Patrick Chas. H. painter; Byron.

Patrick George T. capitalist; Byroo.

Patton Daniel, farmer;Sec. 3.

Porter Calvin, farmer; Sec. 30; P. 0. Byron.

Porter John R. farmer; Sec. 30; P. O. Byron.

READ TRYPHEMA H. Widow of the late Lucius Read; P. O. Byron; Mr. Read was born Aug. 14,1810, in New-&ne, Windham Co., Vt: married, Nov. 23, 1831, to Emily N. Kimball, who died Dec. 15, 1847; had three children, the eldest dying in infancy; they came to Byron, Ogle Co., 1837; married for second wife Tryphena H. Parsons. April 4,1848; had four children by this marriage; only one daughter now living, who is married to Dr. Wm. F. Artz; Mr. Parsons was one of the early settlers of this Co., coming to Byron in 1837.

Reed Thomas.

Reid T. H. carpenter; Byron. Ridley Joseph, laborer; Byron.

Riley Henry, laborer; Byron.

Riley Patrick, farmer; Sec. 35; P. O. Byron.

Riley Thos. laborer; Byron.

Roach Henry, farmer; Sec. 10; P. 0. Byron.

Roach Patrick, farmer; Sec. 10;P. O. Byron.

Robinson S. W. farmer; Sec. 22; P. O. Byron

Robinson W. F. farm; Sec. 22; P. O. Byron.

Rogers Junius, banker; Byron.

Rood Aaron, merchant; Byron.

Rood Alfred H. tinner; Byron.

Rood Charles N. farm; Sec. 29; P. O. Byron.

Rood George, merchant; Byron.

Roselin Peter; stone quarry prop.; Byron.

Rush Roger, farmer; P. O. Byron.

Ryan Jeffrey, farmer; Sec. 2; P. 0. Byron.

Ryan Michael, laborer; Byron.

Ryan Richard.

SANDERS S. C. merchant; Byron.

Sanderson Robert A. farmer; Sec. 29; P.O. Byron.

Sanford E. J. music teacher; Byron.

Sanford James W. merchant; Byron.

Sanford John H. farmer; Sec. 31; P.O.Byron.

SchoonmakerDavid,farmer; Sec. 29; P.O. Byron.

Schroder Thomas, farmer; P. O. Byron.

Scone James, farmer.

Scone Patrick, farmer; P. O. Rockford.

Schott George, miller; Byron.

Scott Frank, farmer; Sec. 2.

Seal Wm. farmer; Sec. 17; P. O. Byron.

Sears George, blacksmith; Byron.

Sensor Creil A. school teacher; Byron.

Sensor George, carpenter; Byron.

Sensor James R. merchant; Byron.

Shehan Patrick, farmer; Sec. 1; P. O. Byron.

Shock N. S. laborer; Byron.

Sims Albert, farmer; Sec. 12; P. O. Byron.

Simms Daniel, farmer; Sec. 12; P. O. Byron.

Sims David, farmer; Sec. 12; P. O. Byron.

Singer Joseph I.

Sloan John, farmer; Sec. 3; P. 0. Byron.

Sloan Wm. farmer; Sec. 3; P. 0. Byron.

Smith Alexander, cooper; Byron.

Smith Asaph, farmer; Sec. 36; P. O. Byron.

Smith David, farmer; Sec. 1.

Smith Elbridge F. farmer; Sec. 86; P.O. Byron.

Smith Frank A. farmer; Sec. 4; P. O. Rockford.

SMITH HENRY A. Farmer; Sec. 25; P. O. Byron; born in Byron Tp. March 31,1844; married Feb. 28, 1873, to to Miss Annie Carter; Mr. Smith enlisted in the 132d Regt I. V. I. for 100 days, serving until the Regt. was mustered out; then enlisted in the 92d Regt I. V. I. Feb., 1865; remaining until the close of the war; Mr. Smith has a farm of 160 acres valued at $6,400.

Smith James, drayman; Byron.

SMITH J. P. Farmer; Sec. 36; P. O. Byron; bora in Franklin Co., Mass., Feb. 26,1817; came to Ill. in 1839, settling in Byron Tp. on the farm on which he resides; married in Centre Co., Pa., April 7,1839, to Mary D. Gotshall; they have four children, two of whom are married.

Smith J. O. farmer; Sec. 36: P. O. Byron.

Smith M.H. farmer; Sec. 36; P. O. Byron.

Smith Owen, farmer; Sec. 36; P. O. Byron

Smith William.

Smead George D.

Snider John, mason; Byron.

Spaulding J. F. farmer; Sec. 25; P. O. Byron.

Spoor Labra C. tinner; Byron.

Sterns Ambrose, painter; Byron.

Stevens William, stone mason; Byron.

STIRES GARRET, Stock Dealer; Byron; born in Hunterdon Co., N. J.. Oct. 13,1849; came to Byron in 1856; Mr. Stires was a member of the Forest City Base Ball Club; played in every match game for three years; the last year of the organization traveling over 15,000 miles.

Stires H. C. farmer; Sec 17; P. O. Byron.

Stone Frank R. merchant; Byron.

Stone Joseph, farmer; Sec. 31; P. O. Byron.

Stout Herbert, shoemaker; Byron.

Strang Calvin, farmer; Sec. 17; P. 0. Byron.

Strang Elam, farmer; Sec. 17; P. O. Byron.

Strang Peter, blacksmith; Byron.

Stromuquest John, laborer; Byron.

Swan Ed. W.farmer; P. O. Byron.

TANNER CHARLES W. farmer; Sec. 32; P. O. Byron.

Thomas John S. laborer; Byron.

Thompson A. B. railroad agent: Byron.

Thompson E. W. painter; Byron.

Thompson Harvey, merchant; Byron.

Throop Robert B. merchant; Byron.

Titos Benj. F. farmer: Sec. 4; P. O. Elida.

Tomlinson W. H. farmer; P. O. Byron.

Trumbull Sebley D. teamster; Byron.

Tanner Harry.

Tyler James, Byron.

UNDERWOOD M. H. lawyer; Byron.

Urey Harvey W. laborer; Byron.

VATANSTON DAVID, farmer; Sec, 20; P.O. Byron.

WAGNER JOSEPH, farmer;  Sec. 3; P. O. Byron.

WALTERS GEORGE, Dealer in and Agent for General Nursery Stock, Byron; born in Erie Co., N. Y., Sept 14, 1832; moved to Monroe Co., N. Y., in 1834, residing there until 1858, when he came to Byron, where he has resided ever since.

Watson R. T. grocer; Byron.

Wayland J. P. physician; Byron.

Weigle William, harness maker; Byron.

Whalen Pat farm; Sec. 10; P. O. Byron.

Wheeler Joseph, renter; P. O. Byron.

Wheelock Erastus, Byron.

WHEELOCK FREDERICK A. Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Real Estate and General Insurance Agent, Byron; born in Newfane, Windham Co., Vt, Aug. 10,1882; came to Byron July 22, 1844; married Nov. 1, 1856, Miss Nora Sophia Spoor; she was born near Buffalo, N. T., March 18,1835; have three daughters: Florence A., Carrie Belle and Nora Josephine. Erastus Wheelock was born in Wardsboro, Windham Co., Vt, Dec. 19, 1819; went to N. Y. City in Nov., 1835, engaging in mercantile business until the war broke out; enlisted as a private soldier and rose to the rank of Captain; came to Byron in June, 1873; Erastus and Frederick A. are sons of the late Judge .Henry Wheelock, long an old and respected citizen of Ogle Co.

Wickwire Roswell, farmer; Byron.

Wing H. J. shoemaker; Byron.

Wilson Jos. farm; Sec. 10; P. O. Byron.

Winchester Henry, laborer; Byron.

Wood Asa, farmer.

Wood Duane, blacksmith; Byron.

Wood Dudley,blacksmith; Byron.

Woodburn Allen, farm; Sec. 9; P. O. Byron.

Woodburn Fred. C. lawyer; Byron.

Woodburn J. C. farm; Sec. 9; P. O.Byron.

Wortman S. G. railroad employe; Byron.

Wright Thomas, laborer; Byron.

YORK WILLIAM, furniture  finisher; Byron.

York Nelson H. mason: Byron.