ALLBRIGHT HENRY, farmer; Sec.35   35; P. O. Brookville.

BANEY ISAAC, farmer; S. 15; P. O. Brookville.

Baney Michael, laborer; Brookville.

Beck Jacob, farmer; Sec. 15; P. 0. Brook­ville.

Beightol Solomon, farmer; Sec. 12; P. 0. Brookville.

BOWERS DANIEL, Bet. Farmer; Sec. 34; Brookville; was born in Huntingdon Co., Pa., March 5, 1820; came to Brookville Township, Ogle Co., 1863; Sec. 34; has 390 acres land, valued at $21,450; Republican; belongs to the German Baptist Church ; married Mary Stoner, who was born in Blair Co., Pa., Jan. 15,1818; has six children—John, born June 12, 1841; Elizabeth, born Sept. 18, 1843; David, born Nov. 26, 1846; Jeremiah, born Aug. 30, 1848; Isaac, born Nov. 1, 1852: Levi, born Aug. 8, 1856; Elizabeth died Jan. 9, 1845, when she was 15 years old; moved to Bradford Co., Pa.; lived there 20 years; from there went to Stark Co., Ohio; lived there 10 years; from there to Ogle Co.; bought the place where he now lives; Mr. Bowers is one of the sound farmers of the county.

Bowers David, farmer; Sec. 34; P. 0. Brookville.

Bowers E. G. merchant; Brookville.

BOWERS ISAAC, 'Farmer and Stock Raiser; Sec. 26; P. 0. Brookville ; son of Daniel and Nancy; born in Blair Co., Pa., Nov. 1, 1852; came to this Co. in 1863; Republican; married Sarah Emrich; she was born in Ogle Co., Ill.,April 5,1856; they have had three children—Joseph, born May 10, 1875; Allen, born Jan. 16,1878; one died in infancy; has 100 acres of land, valued at $5,500.

BOWERS JOHN, Merchant and Postmaster; Brookville; son of Daniel and Nancy Bowers; was born in Blair Co.; Pa., Jan. 12, 1840; owns real estate to the vaiue of $2,000; Repub­lican belongs to the Evangelical Church; married Mary Lesh, Oct. 16, 1862; she was born in Ohio, May 6,1839; they have one child—Emma C., born Feb. 11, 1865; held the office of Collector and Assessor, and has a commission as Postmaster at this time.

Bowers Jeremiah; Brookville.

Bowers John, merchant; Brookville.

Bracht Samuel, laborer; Brookville.

Burgaman Jacob, laborer; Brookville.

Brey Sylvester, shoemaker; Brookville.

Byers George N. farmer; Sec. 10; P. 0. Brookville.

Byers John G. fanner; P. 0. Forreston.

CONRAD DAVID, farmer;  Sec. 15 ; P. 0. Forreston.

Conrad George, laborer; Brookville.

Conrad Isaac, laborer; Haldane.

Conrad Oliver, tenant farmer; Brookville.

Cooper Daniel, laborer; Brookville.

DOLAN   PATRICK, stone mason; Haldane.

Donaldson James H. farmer; Sec. 36 ; P. 0. Polo.

DONALDSON WALTER, Farmer and Stock Raiser; Sec. 36; P. O. Polo; was born in Northumberland Co., England, Feb. 6, 1819; came to this country in August, 1820; lived in Washington Co., N. Y., four years: from there to Toronto, Canada, lived there until the Spring of 1839; from there to this county: has 283 acres of land, valued at $14,150; is a Democrat; held office of Highway Commissioner, School Trustee and Supervisor; married Sarah H. Sylvester, June, 1846 ; born May 9, 1825; have three children— William W., born Dec. 27, 1851; James H., Nov. 30, 1853; and Ella I., Nov. 22, 1855; when he first came here he hauled pork to Galena, and sold the best dressed bogs for $2.50 per cwt.; medium brought $1.50 ; hauled wheat to Chicago for less than $1 per bushel; he went to Oregon to declare his intention to become a citizen of the United States in 1841: the County Clerk's office was kept in a tailor shop; had no blanks and bad to write out the papers, which took until near night; started for home, but got lost on the way; stayed all night with a man by the name of Pitzer, at Boonsboro; next morning started for what isknown as the Canada Settlement; came ten miles without meeting house or fence; thinks there was not a settler between here and Freeport.

Donaldson Wm. W. farmer; Sec. 36; P. 0. Polo.

Driebebis Abraham, farmer; Sec.22; P. O. Brookville.

Driebebis Adam, farmer; Sec. 22 ; P. O. Brookville.

EITEMILLER WM. miller; Brookville

Emrick John, farmer;  Sec.22;   P. 0. Brookville.

Esthery Charles, farmer; Sec. 34; P. O Brookville.

FAGER DANIEL, Farmer and Stock Kaiser; Sec. 12: P. 0. Foreston; was born in Northumberland Co., Pa., July 26, 1815; came to this Co. in the Spring of 1840; has 267 acre? knd; valued at $13,350; Democrat; held the office of School Treasurer, Assessor, and Justice of the Peace for thirty years; married Sarah Myers in 1845; born in Washington Co., Md.. Feb. 15, 1825; has eight children—James P., born Jan. 11, 1851; Jennetta, born April 30, 1852; Ellen M., born June 4, 1855; Ida A. J., born Jan. 5, 1857; Thos. B., born May 13, 1858; Daniel, born July 18, 1859; Jacob M., Sept. 7, 1862; Abbie R, May 31,1867. When he first came here, worked five years at the millwright business; then built a sawmiill on Elkhom Creek ; worked at this about six years; sold out to his brother and commenced farming; his business chiefly is collecting and doing Justice of the Peace business; Mr. Fager is one of the leading business men of the Co.

Fulton Chas. laborer; Polo.

GARMAN BENJAMIN, farmer; Sec 11; P. 0. Brookville.

Garman Henry, farmer; Sec. 14; P. 0. Brookville.

Garman Henry, Sec. 11; P. O. Brookville.

Garman Isaac, fanner ; Sec. 22 ; P.   0. Brookville.

Garman John K. farmer ; Sec. 24 ; P. 0. Brookville.

Garman Levi,   fanner; Sec.22; P. 0. Brookville.

Gibbs Geo. D. Sec. 35 ; P. 0. Polo.

Gibbs Henry J. farmer; Sec. 22 ; P. 0. Brookville.

Gibbs  Leonard, farmer : Sec. 35 ; P. 0 Polo.

Grim Phillip, laborer; Brookville.

Grim Henry, laborer; Brookville.

HERB ISAAC, farmer, Sec. 27 ; P. 0. Brookville.

HARRIS ABRAHAM, Farmer and Stock Raiser ; P. 0. Brookville; was born in Northumberland Co., Pa., Sept. 19, 1829 ; has 57 acres land, value $2,565 ; Dem. ; married Polly Paul who was bora in Northumberland Co., Pa., Sept. 21,1836; came to this county in 1854 enlisted in the 15th Regt. Ill, Vol. Inf., 1865, under Capt. J. H. Long, Co. K; was at the surrender of Johnson to Sherman; his father enlisted in the war of 1812; he was 18 years old at the time; Mr. and Mrs. Harris have not had any children, but adopted and raised three—one Franklin Melect, was in the 26th Regt. HI. Vol Inf.; was on the raid with Sherman through Georgia, was wounded twice, once in the leg and once in the thigh, the ball passing upward, lodged near the left lung.

Hetfield Edward J. fanner, Sec. 26; P. 0. Polo.

HETFIELD WM. A. Farmer and Stock Raiser, Sec. 26; P. O. Polo; born in Sussex Co.. N. J., June 20, 1825; came to this county June, 1835; has 180 acres of land, valued at $9,000; Democrat; held the offices of Assessor and Highway Commissioner; married Lucy Brand; born in Scotland, Feb. 27, 1825; has two children—Edward J., born June 11, 1849 ; Elizabeth F., April 15, 1852; left New Jersey in 1833; went to Indiana; lived there two years; came from there with teams to Elkhom Grove; left part of the family there until he built a shanty on this section. The shanty was fourteen by eighteen, put up in the rough, and within two weeks moved into it, which was not much of a move, as he had nothing but his bedding; made our beadsteads by cutting poles made in the Grove; made our tables out of stove boxes; used fire places instead of stoves. Cut out the logs, put up jambs, and made it outside, so as to save room; made the chimney by laying up sticks, and plastering it over with mud; also cut out logs for a window; had no glass nor sash. The first crop we raised was in 1836, sod corn and garden sauce; used to do our marketing at Savanna on the Mississippi river, and Pern on the Illinois river; kept a hotel at Brookville, a large double log house, with a chimney in the center, with fire place on each side; was the first man that took a grist to mill on horseback; took it to "Wilson's Mill, the first one that was built in the county.' Has hauled grain to Savanna, and got only twenty-five cents per bushel; could get no money nor groceries; had to trade it out for dry goods with a man by the name of Luther H. Bowen. When I first came to this county, I paid $25 per barrel for flour. His father was in the war of 1812; died at the age of 90 years. His.grandfather was killed in the Revolutionary war.

HOFFA JACOB, Farmer and Stock Baiser, Sec. 3; P. 0. Forreston. (His grandfather, Abraham Hoffa, was in the war of 1812, as Captain. The subject of this sketch was born in Schuylkili Co., Pa., April 12, 1818; has 381 acres of land, valued at $16,000 ; Democrat; belongs to the Lutheran Church. Married Sarah Snyder, who was born in Northumberland Co., Pa., Aug. 8,1822. Has sixteen children—-Amanda, born March 20,1842 ; Henry, Oct. 12,1843; Sally, May 8, 1845; Daniel, Dec. 4, 1846; Malinda, Aug. 20, 1848 ; Mary, Sept. 22, 1849; William, Nov. 7,1851; Civilla, Oct. 17, 1853; Jacob, Sept, 11, 1855; Magdalena, Aug. 22,1857; Emrilla, March 23, 1859; Phillip, May 17, 1861; John, July 2, 1864; Ida A., May 21,1866; Minnie, Aug. 8, 1869 (one died in infaney). Has held the office of Highway Commissioner, School Director, Constable, also held a commission under Grov. Johnson, of Pennsylvania, as Captain in the militia. Had one son, Henry, in the 92d Regiment, L V. I.

Hofihine David, farmer; Sec. 15; P. 0. Brookville.

Hoffhine Isaac C. butcher; Brookville.

Hoffman Benjamin, tenant farmer; P. 0. Brookville.

Hoffman Jacob, grocery store; Brookville.

Huffard Wm. laborer; Brookville.

KIITZMILLER DAVID, Farmer; P.0. Haldane.

Kitzmiller Samuel, Haldane.

Kroh Elias, farmer; Brookville.

Kroh Henry, retired farmer; Brookville.

LACOOTER   JAMES   H. Farmer; Sec. 25; P. O. Brookville.

LAWSON ALEX. Farmer; P. 0. Polo; Sec. 25; was born Sept. 11,1824, in Renfrewshire, Paisley, Scotland; has 240 acres land, valued at $14,400; Re­publican ; belongs to the Baptist Church; held the office of Commissioner of High­ways 14 years; also Assessor; married Rebecca Harrington 1840 ; born in Onondaga Co., JN". Y.; has six children— Henry Y., born Oct. 28, 1851; Herbert, born Jan. 4, 1854; Alexander, born Dec. 8, 1855; Oliver H., born March 28, 1858; Annie E., born June 24, 1860; Katie, born May 13, 1863; came to this country in 1832; came to this county in 1840; has hauled grain to Chicago with teams; camped out and done his own cooking; sold wheat as low as 40 cents per bushel.

Lawson Alexander Jr.; S. 25; P.O. Polo.

Lawson Henry; Sec. 25; P. 0. Polo.

LONG REV. A. Farmer and Stock Raiser; Sec. 2; P. 0. Forreston ; born in Columbiana Co., 0., Feb. 25, 1828; came to this Co. in 1865; has 120 acres of land, valued at $6,000; Republican; belongs to the Evangelical Church; has held the offices of School Director and Road Master; married Elizabeth Caudle, May 13,1851; they had five children—Mary Ellen Catherine, born Jan. 20, 1858; Charles William George Joseph, born Nov. 12, 1859; Sarah Elizabeth, bom April 20,1867; Emma Lucy Netta, born April 13,1869; John Jacob Franklin, born Dec. 6, 1864; his father, Joseph Long, Bishop of the Evangelical Church, came to this Co. at an early day, and entered the land where his son now lives.

Long John A. saddler; Brookvilie.

Long Jonathan, Sec. 2; P. 0. Brookville.

Lower Daniel, tenant farmer; P. O. Brookville.

Lower Henry, tenant farmer; P. 0. Brookville.

Lower Reuben, blacksmith: Brookville.

McCORD R. B. shoemaker;  Brookville.

McIlnay Edward, farmer.

McIlnay; See. 35; P. O.Polo.

McKerral Hugh, farmer;  Sec. 36; P. O. Polo.

Miller Martin.

Minier Hiram H. laborer; Brookyille.

Mowry John, money loaner; Brookville.

Myers Peter E. farmer;  Sec. 14; P. O. Brookville.

OLTMANNSKLASS, laborer; Brookville.

Overholtzer, Jacob, farmer;  Sec. 25;  P. 0. Polo

PAUL ABRAHAM, farmer; Sec. 23; P. O. Brookville.

Paul Daniel, farmer; See. 22; P. O. Brookville.

Paul Joseph, farmer; Sec. 34; P. O. Brookville.

Paul Michael, farmer; See. 34; P. O. Brookville.

Paul Valentine, laborer; Brookville.

Paul Valentine A. retired farmer; Brookville.

POOLE WM. Retired Fanner and Stock Raiser; Sec. 36; P. O. Polo; born in Ireland, in 1803; came to this Co. in 1839; has 160 acres of land, valued at $9,600; Republican; belongs to the Episcopal Church; married Nancy Johnson; she was born in Canada, in 1814; they have four children living— George, Abraham. John and Katie; when he came here there was not a house between here and Freeport.

PORTER WILLIAM T. Farmer and Stock Raiser; Sec. 26; P. 0. Brookville; born March 13, 1826, in Center Co., Pa.; has 175 acres of land, valued at $10,000; Democrat; held the offices of Justice of die Peace and Highway Commissioner; married Lucy Ebright in 1860; she was born Sept. 24, 1840; they have had six children— William A., born March 8, 1861; Heyatt H., Sept. 16, 1863; Margaret W., Aug. 7, 1865 ; John E., July 19, 1867; Mary E., Dec. 2, 1869; Jesse B., Nov. 25, 1870. Mr. .P.'s grandfather, Samuel Porter, was in the Revolutionary war seven years; was paid off in Continental money, and it was not worih 10 cents on the dollar.

RIDER GEORGE, laborer;   P. 0.Brookville.

Rothermel Amos, wagon maker.; Brookville.

Rubendall H.E. Constable; P. 0. Brookville.

SELL JOSEPH, farmer; Sec. 34; P. 0. Brookville.

SABORN AMBROSE, Farmer and Stock Raiser; Sec. 36; P. 0. Polo; has 210 acres of land, valued at $10,000; Republican; came to this county from York Township, Canada, in 1839; has held the offices of Commissioner of Highways, Assessor, School Trustee, Collector and Supervisor; married Elizabeth Good, who was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Sept. 24, 1835; they have three children-Susan E., born Dee. 7, 1860; Mary G., born Nov. 16, 1864; Annie E., born Dec. 26, 1868. Mr. Sanborn located on the same section when he first came here, and has lived there ever since; Mr. S. is one of the leading men of the township.

Shuey William, laborer; P. 0. Brookvilk

Spotz. Joseph, farmer; See. 26; P. 0. Brookville.

Starr, Amos, laborer; P. O. Brookville.

STOUTER WILLIAM H. Farmer and Stock Raiser; See.3; P. 0. Forreston; son of Samuel and Catharine Stoner; be was born in Ogle Co. Jan. 12, 1856; resided in this county ever since; rents his father's farm, on See. 3; has 330 acres of knd, valued at $16,500; Republican; belongs to the Evangelical Church; married Susan Yeakel; she was born in Berks Co., Pa., March 14, 1855.

TREGO SAMUEL, Farmer; Sec. 24; P. O. Brookville.

Trumbauer Henry, Farmer; Sec. 10; P. 0. Forreston;

Trumbauer, John, farmer; Sec. 10; P. 0. Forreston.

WALISA ISRAEL, laborer; P.O. Brookville.

Wallisa, Levi, laborer; P. O. Brookville.

Watson John, mason; Brookville.

Wintersteen Hiram, potter; Brookville.

YEAGER, DANIEL, painter; Brookville.