The site of this village was settled by Orville, Samuel and Ransom Bailey, about 1852. Until the advent of the railroad, it was only a fanners' settlement. At that time, Mr. Philbrick was made station agent, and soon opened a small store there, where he also kept postoffice, with Orville Bailey as postmaster.
For several years this was the only store. At present it is a prosperous village of some tiro hundred inhabitants. It is situated on the northern county line, having a portion of its business houses in Stephenson County.
The store of Mr. Philbrick was followed by a general stock, opened by Miller & Co., under the charge of Charles Bpadman. At the beginning of the year 1876, William J. Reitzell succeeded this firm, and continued until April, 1878. He is also postmaster, although, having disposed of his business, he is about to remove to his farm. On the next lot south of the location of this store, Samuel Druck has fitted up a storeroom, and is about to establish a store. Aikens & Brother have carried on a general retail business there for several years. Grocery stores are operated by J. F. Rinders and C. W. Bergner; Fred Kobo, blacksmith and agricultural implement dealer; George Conrad, black­smith; C. W. Prince, carpenter and builder; Peter Brand, shoemaker; P. Ly-man, painter; C. Dovenbarger, coal dealer; Charles Arms, agent for J. B. Smith, grain buyer; William Sluggett kept a saloon until last Fall, since when he has paid the penalty of confinement in the county jail. Across the line, in Stephenson County, a saloon is kept by John Geiger; Dr. D. H. Carpenter also resides there, and a shoe store is operated by J. Roscom.

The Methodist Church is one of the early features of the village. Rev. H. J. Huston, of Forreston, fills the pulpit there at present. Sabbathschool is held regularly during the Summer. Of the German Baptist Church, Rev. Willis was pastor.


History of Ogle County-1878


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