This village was laid out on the land of John Rummell, about 1846, although the exact date is not recorded. In 1837~1838, Mr. Oliver erected a saw mill on Leaf River, about one mile below Adeline. In 1839, John C. Fosler purchased this mill, and in 1840-41 he erected a grist mill with a stone basement. This mill afterwards burned down, and another was erected by Freadline and Samuel Fosler, sons of John C. Fosler. This is still in operation under the management of Tilman Treisbaugh. The saw mill was moved to Mud Creek, and has since been torn away.
About the time the village was laid off, Mr. Rummell built a saw mill at the village site, which was purchased by Jacob Dovenbarger, and operated by him until within a few years, when it was discontinued.
The first general store was opened by M. H. Philbrick followed by that of George W. Mitchell. A grocery had previously been established by Mr. John Rummell, who was postmaster. Henry Ausherman, George W. Mitchell, Emanuel Morrison and others succeeded as postmasters. Mr. John Mumma has held that office for several years, but is about to resign.

George W. Mitchell has continued there in business until the present time. Christian Fosler succeeded Mr. Philbrick, and is now in business there.
A general resurvey was made of Adeline, July 3, 1855, by A.Q. Allen. Blocks 1 and 2 formed the original plat ; block 3, with additional lots, formed Rummll's addition ; blocks 4 and 5 form Baker's addition. At that date, the following were the recorded owners of Adeline : Jacob, Christian and Henry Dovenbarger, G. W. Black, Mrs. A, Turner, J. H. Potthost, C. Riglemier, S. I. Jacobs, M. and N. Kemble, M. H. and Charles Philbrick, S. Hicks, H. Urn-hoist, H, and D. Byerly, J. Rummell, Joseph Newcomer, J. Schnieder, J. and D. Stover, D. Fry, M. and A. Welch, G. W. Mitchell, J. Beeler, S. Reed, C. Windholst, D. J. Baker, J. Mumma, Dr. Z. R. Millard, W. G. Strang, D. J. Lowman, F. Stugenberger, F. Loheffer, J. Hoffman, J. A. Ettinger, E. Knock, I. Hamilton, C. Fosler, S. Nikirk, E. Morrison, George Dowell, J. Moffett and N.W. Beebe.

Adeline has three churches. The Methodist and Lutheran were built about 1860, and the United Brethren about 1875. The pastor of the Methodist Church at present is Rev. Smith; of the Lutheran, Rev. Wm. H. Schock, and of the United Brethren, Rev. Rieble.
There is one harness shop, by J. N. Drury; a blacksmith shop, by Jacob Piper; a hotel, by John Cornell; a two-story, brick, public school, Frank Cooper, Principal; shoe shops, by Robert Brown and Mr. Corts; a drug, store, by Dr. Charles Reichenbach; a butcher shop, by Joseph Fosler; a barber shop, by William Reichenbach; a cooper shop, by Fritz Mulnitz.


History of Ogle County-1878


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