Viola Village

Viola is located 22 miles south of the Quad Cities.

The village of Viola, which is the largest and most important in Green township, was laid out in 1856 by Sheppard, Ford and Perkins, its name being given to it by Judge Perkins in honor of one of his daughters.

Among the business men who have figured in the mercantile interests of the town are Dyer Ford, N. H. Pond, the Crosbys, H. B. Frazier, V. R. Harriott, J. H. Bradford, John Ashenhurst, E. J. Morgan, Pinkerton Brothers and other enterprising citizens.

Its churches and schools are not behind any in the county, there being Presbyterian, United Presbyterian, Methodist and Catholic churches. The business houses are substantial and are occupied by reliable and successful merchants, and, on the whole, the town bids fair to become a competitor in all kinds of trade with the banner towns in the county.

Park & Henry opened a hank in Viola in 1892, but afterwards sold out to A. R. Moulton, who conducted the business up to 1898, when it was again sold to Edgar L. and Frank Terrey, its present managers, who are making a success of the business.

Fraternal Organizations

Lodge 577, A. F. ond A. M, was organized July 16, 1867, with the following officers : Master, J. B. Longley ; Senior Warden, B. F. Morey ; Junior Warden, S. B. Atwater ; Treasurer, Russel Park ; Secretary, V. R. Harriott ; Senior Deacon, Warren L. Smith ; Junior Deacon, Robert Park ; Tyler, M. K. Flory

. Following are the names of the charter members : Allen Robinson, W. L. Smith, M. K. Flory, Edward Lvnes, John Baxter, Levi McLaughlin, Russell Park, B. F. Morey, J. M. Erne, Robert Park, V. R Harriott, S. B. Atwater, S. R. Moore, W. D. Morford, J. B. Longley, Allen McLaughlin, Richard Cooper.

The Lodge was conducted under dispensation until 1868, when they received their charter. The names of the present officers are as follows : Worshipful Master, H. B. Frazier ; Senior Warden, P. F. Malik ; Junior Warden, B. C. Bowers ; Treasurer, Russell Park ; Secretary, V. R. Harriott ; Senior Deacon, W. L. Smith ; Junior Deacon, J. E. Greenwood ; Stewards, Reuben Perry, M. K. Flory ; Tyler, J. B. Smith. The present membership of the lodge number forty-three






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