Seaton Village

The only village in this township is Seaton, located on the Iowa Central Railroad.

Like all new towns, the residences and business houses were frame structures. The town had no fire department, and without warning the fire fiend swept down on the village and, in an hour's time, consumed its principal business houses.

In the rebuilding of the village, and to guard against a repetition of such distaster, brick was substituted for all mercantile houses and the hotel. A cleaner, neater or more prosperous town, for its size, is not found in our State.

Good stores of all kinds, in the hands of competent business men, furnish the people with the necessaries of life, and the traveler, when he passes through its portals, can be safely lodged in a hotel of which any town in the county would be proud.

As a shipping point it is central for a large section. Its railroad communication is all that could be desired. The fact that other towns in the county, particularly Aledo, should be deprived of as good railroad facilities as Seaton, in the matter of stock shipments and passenger transportation, does not speak well for the accommodations furnished by the great Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Company.

Seaton is a strong competitor of some of the other towns in the county, and it will require firm energy and the reaching out for the best interests of their own localities to hold the trade they already have.

Seaton's financial interests are conducted by the Seaton Bank, an institution well officered and with a capital sufficient to supply the wants of its citizens.



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