Officers and Men Discharged With Regiment

Capt. Henry B. Southward, Second Lieut. Samuel Gideon, First Sergt. Silvanus B. Atwater, all of New Boston


Sydney Beach, Enos Beach, New Boston

George W. Cross, William Cross, David Clausen, M. Chamberlain, New Boston

Edward H. Castle, Millersburg

Cary Dryden, Keithsburg

Garrett Debaun, New Boston

Freeman Dorse, George W. Dorse, John W. Ferguson, Patsy Flynn, Keithsburg

James Githens, Dart Hires, E. K. Ives, New Boston

James H. Kincaid, Mercer county

John Phillips, Samuel Reasoner, William Rottenbagh, Benjamin P. Swafford, Jesse M. Saunders, Wm. C. Schemerhorn, Frank A. Wood, George E. Wilson, William Wildman, Mercer county

Albert R. Whittford, Adams; Narcissus J. Young, Mercer county

Edward H. Clark, New Boston.


First Lieut. Hugh M. Love, killed Nov. 25, 1863

Michael M. Sadler, died in Andersonville, June 15, 1864

Joseph S. Briner, May 16, 1862

Benjamin Clark, killed at Belmont

William Fortner, July 2, 1862

Michael Lalley, Jan. 12, 1864, wounds

Joseph Manuel, killed Jan. 30, 1864

William D. Malay, killed at Stone river

Jefferson Mosley, killed at Mission Ridge

Andrew L. Smith, Jan. 6, 1862, wounds

James C. Sisk, April 16, 1864

Charles E. Thompson, Feb. 25, 1862

Wilson W. Wilcox, Jan. 10, 1864

Amisa Wood, killed at Mud Creek, Ga., June 18, 1864

John Webber, killed at Mission Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863

Chester White, May 9, 1862; Joseph Shodesh, killed at Kenesaw Mountain, June 27, 1864

Horace Willetts, May 22, 1862

Joshua F. Thurston, Jonathan Vanmeter, killed at Kenesaw Mountain.


Henry C. Essley, Calvin Gibson and W. H. West to Fourth II. S. Cavalry

William H. McCoy to Signal Corps

Alfred Collins, John F. Essley, William B. Fleming, Wiley T. Jackson, Lewis Lakey, Lewis B. Noble, Charles Sabin, Frederick Wadsack and William Welsh to Company G, Ninth Illinois Infantry.


Mahlon Sanders, Feb. 14, 1862

Amos Prouty, Sept 25, 1863

Mahlon Boy& March 3, 1863;

George Demler, Nov. 25, 1862

Nelson J. Depuy, Dec. 7, 1862

Charles Fortner, Jan. 8, 1863

Gilbert Fortner, Jan. 30, 1862

Peter Flitch, Nov. 7, 1862

Allen Gordon, Feb. 14, 1862

Henry A. Hale, Feb. 2, 1862

Amos Hodson, Feb. 20, 1862

Sylvester Jenkins, Dec. 12, 1862

George W. Laird, Jan. 31, 1862

George Mossman, Oct. 9, 1862

William M. Posey, June 12, 1862

Joel N. Woodard, March 26, 1863, wounds

John Welsh, July 14, 1862

Chester F. Wood, July 14, 1862

Charles Wadsack, July 14, 1862

Henry Jackson, June 14, 1862

First Lieut. Simeon Sheldon, promoted to Adjutant, dismissed Feb. 1, 1864

Second Lieut. Robert P. Lytle, promoted to Captain Company B, Twenty-seventh Regiment Illinois Infantry; Second Lieut.

George R. Beardsley, resigned Oct. 26, 1862; Ira Burlingim, promoted Sergeant Major


Gustus Hymbook, Sept. 5, 1861; Thomas J. Sergeant, Sept, 17, 1862.



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