Officers and Men Discharged With Regiment.

Capt. Daniel M. Candor

First Lieut. Robert S. Finley

First Sergt. Lorenzo D. Hanson, Ohio Grove

Sergt. William H. Ashbaugh, Aledo

Sergt. John H. Bradford, Rivoli

Sergt. Robert C. Hardin, Keithsburg

Sergt. Edward A. Willett, Aledo

Corporal Isaac H. Close, Millersburg

Corporals William M. Graham, Joseph A. Pherson, Andrew C. Wellerer, Aledo

Philip R. Alexander and John Canwin, killed at Atlanta

Isaac M. Horne, Aug. 8, 1864, wounds

William Lonee, March 5, 1862

Sylvester McIntyre, died of wounds

Jonathan Paxton, Nov. 11, 1863

Charles N. Shull, killed at Atlanta.


James A. Cummins, wounds

James M. Carus, June 13, 1862

William 0. Dungan, wounds

Joseph N. Bay, Samuel D. Dihel, Martin L. Detwiler (wounds)

James Moore, John W. Curry, Martin Canwin, John Cooper, John C. Clark, Samuel Clifford, James McPherson, Nov. 3, 1862

Jeremiah Beaty, April 8, 1862, wounds

Adam K. McQuilling, Emanuel Brown, May 18, 1862

David A. Brownlee, Sept. 20, 1862

Stephen A. Bartlett, July 28, 1862

James E. Brown, John W. Curry, James T. Durston, July 31, 1862 (wounds)

John J. Dihel, Aug. 8, 1862

Moses Flora, Archibald Gardner, William Gardner, John 0. Gibson, May 18, 1862

Theobald Gross, Dec. 27, 1861, wounds

James 0. Humbert, John 0. Heath, Robert M. Hamilton, William Haverfield, Nov. 4, 1863

Joseph Hughes, July 24, 1862

Samuel H. Lafferty, Sept. 30, 1862

John A. McCune, Edward Mercer, Thomas B. Moore, Sept.. 9, 1862

William G. McGraw, James W. Page, Samuel D. Paxton, Aug. 13, 1862, wounds

Joseph W. Pfifer, James L. Riddell, John Rupert, Chancey S. Smith (wounds)

John Valentine, May 3, 1862

Henry J. Walter, Nov. 5, 1862, wounds

William P. Brown, Nov. 21, 1862, wounds

John A. Forsyth, Oct. 1, 1863

William C. Rush, July 28, 1862 (wounds)

William D. Reynolds, July 28, 1862 (wounds)

John L. Ruth, April 15, 1865

John Spreacker, Hugh Wilson, James J. Wells, April 2, 1865

Samuel Whitham, William H. Reed, Abraham Clapper, Albert Rodgers, George Brown.


Richard S. Edgar, to Invalid Corps

Robert Forester, Thomas Phillips to Veteran Reserve Corps.


Capt. Francis G. Burnett, Sept. 3, 1862;

Capt. E. B. David, Oct: 27, 1864

First Lieut. David S. Poak, April 6, 1865

Second Lieut. Samuel McCreight, July 1, 1864.

Promoted.-Capt. Warren Shedd, to Colonel and Brevet Brigadier-General. Musician.-Alva E. Sample, Aledo, July 17, 1865.


Robert Alexander, Keithsburg

Harrison P. Bartlett, Preemption

John W. Cavin, Edward Grow, Aledo

Thomas Gemmel, Rivoli

John Martin, Ohio Grove

Edward Noonan, Millersburg

James Newland, William H. White, William P. Brown, Aledo

Emanuel Brown, Sunbeam

Michael J. Burk, Keithsburg

James B. Barber, Samuel J. Balton, William H. Betts, Aledo

Hiram Craig, Preemption; Henry W. Nevins Ohio Grove

Russell W. Cool, Thomas H. Crosin, Aledo

Wil­liam L. Dihel, John J. Dihel, Sunbeam

Francis Duffy, Keithsburg; David J. Grow, Aledo

John Gilmore, Ohio Grove

William S. Goodnoch, Preemption

E. C. Goodnoch, Abington

Robert S. Henderson, Sunbeam

Lemuel Hanson, Aledo

Leonidas W. Joseph, Millersburg

Lemuel S. Lytle, Robert Miller, Ephraim P. McCreight, John A. Mayhugh, Aledo

Andrew J. Reed, Keithsburg

George N. Snyder, Millersburg

Thomas Taylor, Russell F. Worden, John W. Wheatley, Keithsburg.


First Lieut. N. R. Kirkpatrick, killed at Fort Donelson

Sergt. Abner L. Titus, Feb. 27, 1862, wounds


Henry Arnett, Feb. 27. 1862

William Adams. Nov. 8, 1863

Benjamin Bell. June 6, 1862

Henry Bistline, killed at Belmont

Samuel Cook. April 4, 1862

Robert R. Croist, killed at Fort Donelson

Robert H. Davis, Feb. 2, 1862

Charles S. Dennis, Feb. 28, 1862

Thomas Horne, Dec. 17, 1861

Wiliam P. Kimer, John P. Mitchel and Henry Peters, killed at Fort Donelson

Phineas S. Snyder, April 13, 1862

John Smith, Feb. 3, 1862

George W. Hill, killed July 22, 1864


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