The society of American Methodists was organized by Kev. Asa McMurtry in 1837. The leader was Chancy Stanard. Some did not join for some time, but all remember the early days.

The names are : Chancy Stanard, leader, Mrs. Stanard, William and Mrs. Lewis, Lucius Dimmock, Alvin and Mrs. Arasmith, Thomas and Mrs. Chires, Thomas Chires, Jr., Ann and Sarah Chires, Mary Love, Stephen and Mrs. Smith, Thomas and Mrs. Brittingham, Mrs. William Smith, John Rhodenbaugh, Stower's family (four), Mr. Consider, and Mrs. Barney, Sr., Joseph Crawford, Irvin and Mrs. Stone.

The building now occupied by the congregation was completed in 1848, although services had been held in it years previous to that date.


The Lutheran church society was organized by Rev. Jonas Swanson in 1858 with fifty communicants. The church was built in 1859. This society has continued to grow until now it is one of the largest, if not the largest, in the county. There are now over 500 communicants, and they always hare a large congregation. Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Chilberg, who are the oldest Swedish settlers in the township, still live near the church, and they look back with pleasure over the history of the society.


The American Society of United Brethren was organized by the Rev. Abner Isorman in the winter of 1871-2, with a membership of about thirty. The church building was erected in 1873.

The Swedish Methodist Episcopal church society was organized by Rev. Victor Titting in 1856 with a small membership. The church was built in 1860. The society has continued to grow and is now large and prosperous.


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