Under this head mention can only be made of classes of stock raised and the names of those identified with this specialty in farming. Mercer County has a reputation as a por­tion of the State where pure strains of blooded stock can be purchased, and, from year to year, the quality is improving, as our farmers find there is more money in feeding corn to stock than in selling it. The large shipments, from railroad stations within the county, of cattle, hogs, horses and sheep, show the interest taken by farmers in raising stock which brings the highest prices in the market.

The reports of daily sales at the Chicago stock-yards, and the top prices received for the product of Mercer County stock-farms, afford evidence that, within our county, can be found stock of as high grade as any in the country; and our people are to be congratulated that we have men who take a pride in this branch of business, and the character of the stock produced here is a guarantee to the purchaser of pure blooded stock that he will not be deceived in animals bought within our county.

Mercer County breeders are known throughout the State and county as reliable; their stock is shipped into every State, and some even across the ocean to Scotland. The facilities for stock-raising are unexcelled; the farm lands are diversified, and on any quarter section can be found the natural agencies to foster this industry. New breeds are imported each year and the finest classes of animals are purchased, at fabulous prices, to propagate and increase the value of herds. It is evident from these facts that deterioration in the quality of herds is improbable, so long as this feature of stock-farming is in the hands of experts, always alert in looking out for their own interests by improving the quality of the article they have to sell. While there are other sections of the State that are uptodate in this respect, none can excel our county in the quality of its product.





History of Mercer and Henderson County

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