Officers and Men Discharged With Regiment. —Captain William A. Lorimer, Keithsburg, wounded at Fort Donelson, Shiloh and Vicksburg; First Lieut. Theodore Glancy, Abington; First Sergt. John C. Welliver, Aledo; Sergt. Hugh Campbell, Keithsburg, wounded at Shiloh; Sergt. Hugh Morrison, Keithsburg, wounded at Fort Donelson and Shiloh; Evan R. Evans, Musician, Peoria;

Privates—Benjamin I. Dungan, Aledo; James F. Dorse, Keithsburg; William J. Fryer, New Boston; Duty Green, Aledo; Samuel Gould, Monmouth; Osborn'Holland, Keithsburg, wounded at Fredericktown, Mo., and at Vicksburg; F. M. Hubbell, Keithsburg; Samuel J. Morrison, Keithsburg, wounded at Fort Donelson and Shiloh; James M. Macy, Aledo: Benjamin F. Mawby, Suez, wounded at Vicksburg; Henry F. Perry, Keithsburg; General W. Riggs, High Point, wounded at Fort Donelson; James M. Sutterfield, New Boston; Thomas J. Sanders, Monmouth; Joseph Tomlinson, New Boston; Reuben Ulem, Illinois City; Samuel D. West, New Boston; Thomas Wolf, Keithsburg, wounded at Fredericktown, Mo.; Archibald T. Corken, Aledo; Stephen C. Liscomb, Alton; Robert B. Ungles, Keithsburg, wounded at Vicksburg; William N. Wright, Peoria.

Died. —First Sergt. Thomas S. Timmons, March 11, 1862

Mark H. Anthony, killed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862;

William H. Davis, May 19, 1862, wounds

George W. Elliott, killed at Fort Donelson, Feb. 13, 1862

Henry France, Feb. 2, 1862;

Erastus M. Gruwell, killed at Fort Donelson, Feb. 13, 1862

Henry Y. Gowey, Sept. 18, 1861

George W. Kingen, March 6, 1862, wounds

Christopher Middler, killed at Fort Donelson, Feb. 15, 1862

Elijah Myers, Sept. 25, 1861

John W. Nelson, killed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862

C. B. Simmons, July 7, 1863

Jesse Summer, date unknown

James A. Scott, died in rebel hospital;

John F. White, May 2, 1862. wounds

Samuel C. Willitts, Oct. 23, 1862

James M. Phelps, Feb. 17, 1862, wounds.

Discharged. —Sergt. Cornelius O'Leary, Oct. 23, 1862; Sergt. Charles H. Holloway, Feb. 21, 1862; Corporal Harrison Weaver, May 15, 1862

Corporal Albert Beach, July 14, 1862; Samuel H. Boyce, July 17, 1862; William F. Bard, July 17, 1862; Bruce M. Burnett, Oct. 1, 1861; Joseph H. Cain, May 25, 1862, wounds; Cornelius Doty, Jan. 3, 1862; Alonzo Fish, May 1, 1862;

Sergt. Nathan T. Griffin, April 10, 1863; William Gutgar, April 3, 1862; Henry C. Hyett, April 4, 1863; Samuel Harter, June 17, 1862; William A. Hubbard, April 20, 1862, wounds;George Hardy, Nov. 10, 1862, wounds; Henry
James, April 28, 1862

James Kile, August 1,1861, wounds; Albert Mason, July 18, i8«2: William B. Main, April 28, 1862; John W. Miles,
promoted Quartermaster; James M. Reynolds,April 25, 1862; Enoch S. Seeley, June 15, 1861;James Valentine, Nov. 10, 1862; Samuel D.Williams, July 1, 1862; William E. Wood, July18, 1861; Chancy West, May 17, 1862; James M.
Workman, March 24, 1863

James H. Boruff. March 10, 1862; George Boone, Dec. 19, 1862;David L. Bailey, Sept. 18, 1863; Isaac N. Dun-
lap, March 28, 1862, wounds; John B. De Bois.April 28, 1862; William R. Swing, Sept. 18,1862, wounds; George Pearling, Oct. 29, 1861;George H. Frick, April 2, 1862; Mathew S. McCoy, April 28, 1862; Nelson . Sheffield, Nov.
1, 1861; Charles T. Workman, Oct. 29, 1861;Alex. U. Thompson, July 15, 1862, wounds.

VeteransTransferred.—Oliver S. Dennis, to Co. F, SeventeenthIll. Inf.; Theodore Artz, Sanford Street, Richard Daniels, John M. Stow, W. H. Stead, William Nelson, Joseph McGrath, Milton Fenwick. Edward Savage, Samuel Watson, William H. Willetts, Edward P. Willetts, Levi P. Willetts, Lewis Kelley, James Knox, William Knox. Isaac O. Miles, to Co. A, Eighth Ill. Inf.; James Snyder, to Co. B, Eighth Ill. Inf.; Frank Harrington, to Co.D, Eighth Ill. Inf.; Charles W. Anderson,James Findley, Jefferson Fuller. John Gaston.Daniel T. Hindman, William P. Henderson,Henry C. Morehead, Henry T. Jackson, Jeremiah D. McCue, Philander Perry, Lorenzo H.Riley, Adam E. Rosier, Jacob Walters, to Co.E, Eighth Ill. Inf.: Samuel R. Porter, to Co.I. Eighth Ill. Inf.: Simon Swartwout and Hardy
Morehead, to Invalid Corps.

Deserted. —James Mulford, May I5. 1863; James M. Middleton. Jan. 20, 1863; Albert Perry. August 31. 1862.

Resigned. —Capt. E. P. Wood, promoted Lieutenant Colonel, resigned April 19, 1862; Capt.

Record. —Company I, Seventeenth Regiment Illinois Infantry, was mustered into the State service, April 26, 1861, and into the United States service, May 24, 1861, by Capt. John Pope, U. S. A., at Peoria, thence was conveyed by steamers to Alton, June 17, 1861; and late in July proceeded to Missouri and was part of Gen. Pope's army which had its headquarters at St. Charles. The regiment next proceeded to St. Louis, and embarked on transports for Bird's Point, Mo., the fleet from St. Louis being accompanied by Gen. Fremont. From Bird's Point it proceeded to Sulphur Springs Landing and, disembarking there, marched via Pilot Knob and Ironton to Fredericktown, Mo., in pursuit of Gen. Jeff Thompson; then went to. Cape Girardeau and Fort Holt, Ky., opposite Cairo; returning thence to Cape Girardeau, it formed part of the brigade under Col. Plummer, and met and defeated Thompson at Fredericktown, Mo., Oct. 21, 1861.

In this engagement several men were killed or wounded, among the latter, Joseph H. Cain of New Boston, who lost a leg—being the first volunteer from Mercer county wounded in the war. The next day the regiment returned to Cape Girardeau and remained in camp until ordered to Fort Henry. In the sanguinary battle followed by the surrender of Fort Donelson the regiment lost heavily. On February 13, when the regiment stormed the fort on the right center, half the men engaged were among the killed and wounded.

The regiment next moved to Savannah, thence to Pittsburg Landing, where it was assigned to Gen. McClern-and's Division, and, upon the memorable field of Shiloh, took part in the battle of April 6 and 7, losing, in the two days, 130 killed and wounded. It then advanced with the army to Corinth, thence to Jackson and Bolivar, Tenn., reinforced Rosecrans at the battle of luka, and was with Gen. Ord at the battle of the Hatchie. It next formed part or Gen. Grant's army that penetrated Mississippi to Oxford.

After the capture and destruction of Holly Springs by Gen. Van Dorn, the regiment proceeded to Memphis and, in January, 1863, embarked for Vicksburg; reembarked and proceeded to Lake Providence, La., then the headquarters of the Seventeenth Army Corps, and, about May l, formed part of the army advancing south on the west bank of the river, crossed below Grand Gulf, advancing with McPherson's command, via Raymond, Champion Hills, Jackson, Big Black and to the final investment of Vicksburg. After the surrender of Vicksburg, it made several incursions into the enemy's country as far east as Meridian, Miss., and west to Monroe, La. The regiment was mustered out at Springfield, June 4, 1864, the veterans being transferred to the Eighth Illinois Infantry.

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