17th Illinois Infantry Co. I




Officers and Men Discharged With Regiment

Captain William A. Lorimer, Keithsburg, wounded at Fort Donelson, Shiloh and Vicksburg;

First Lieut. Theodore Glancy, Abington

First Sergt. John C. Welliver, Aledo

Sergt. Hugh Campbell, Keithsburg, wounded at Shiloh

Sergt. Hugh Morrison, Keithsburg, wounded at Fort Donelson and Shiloh

Evan R. Evans, Musician, Peoria


Benjamin I. Dungan, Aledo

James F. Dorse, Keithsburg

William J. Fryer, New Boston

Duty Green, Aledo

Samuel Gould, Monmouth

Osborn Holland, Keithsburg, wounded at Fredericktown, Mo., and at Vicksburg

F. M. Hubbell, Keithsburg

Samuel J. Morrison, Keithsburg, wounded at Fort Donelson and Shiloh

James M. Macy, Aledo

Benjamin F. Mawby, Suez, wounded at Vicksburg

Henry F. Perry, Keithsburg

General W. Riggs, High Point, wounded at Fort Donelson

James M. Sutterfield, New Boston

Thomas J. Sanders, Monmouth

Joseph Tomlinson New Boston

Reuben Ulem, Illinois City

Samuel D. West, New Boston

Thomas Wolf, Keithsburg, wounded at Fredericktown, Mo.

Archibald T. Corken, Aledo

Stephen C. Liscomb, Alton

Robert B. Ungles, Keithsburg, wounded at Vicksburg

William N. Wright, Peoria.


First Sergt. Thomas S. Timmons, March 11, 1862

Mark H. Anthony, killed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862

William H. Davis, May 19, 1862, wounds

George W. Elliott, killed at Fort Donelson, Feb. 13, 1862

Henry France, Feb. 2, 1862

Erastus M. Gruwell, killed at Fort Donelson, Feb. 13, 1862

Henry Y. Gowey, Sept. 18, 1861

George W. Kingen, March 6, 1862, wounds

Christopher Middler, killed at Fort Donelson, Feb. 15, 1862

Elijah Myers, Sept. 25, 1861; John W. Nelson, killed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862

C. B. Simmons, July 7, 1863

Jesse Summer, date unknown

James A. Scott, died in rebel hospital

John F. White, May 2, 1862. wounds

Samuel C. Willitts, Oct. 23, 1862

James M. Phelps, Feb. 17, 1862, wounds.


Sergt. Cornelius O'Leary, Oct. 23, 1862

Sergt. Charles H. Holloway, Feb. 21, 1862

Corporal Harrison Weaver, May 15, 1862

Corporal Albert Beach, July 14, 1862

Samuel H. Boyce, July 17, 1862

William F. Bard, July 17, 1862

Bruce M. Burnett, Oct. 1, 1861

Joseph H. Cain, May 25, 1862, wounds

Cornelius Doty, Jan. 3, 1862

Alonzo Fish, May 1, 1862

Sergt. Nathan T. Griffin, April 10, 1863

William Gutgar, April 3, 1862

Henry C. Hyett,April 4, 1863

Samuel Harter, June 17, 1862

William A. Hubbard, April 20, 1862, wounds

George Hardy, Nov. 10, 1862, wounds; Henry
James, April 28, 1862

James Kile, August 1,1861 wounds

Albert Mason, July 18, 1862:

William B. Main, April 28, 1862

John W. Miles, promoted Quartermaster

James M. Reynolds,April 25, 1862

Enoch S. Seeley, June 15, 1861;

James Valentine, Nov. 10, 1862

Samuel D.Williams, July 1, 1862

William E. Wood, July18, 1861

Chancy West, May 17, 1862

James M.Workman, March 24, 1863

James H. Boruff.March 10, 1862

George Boone, Dec. 19, 1862

David L. Bailey, Sept. 18, 1863

Isaac N. Dunlap, March 28, 1862, wounds

John B. De Bois.April 28, 1862

William R. Swing, Sept. 18,1862, wounds

George Pearling, Oct. 29, 1861

George H. Frick, April 2, 1862

Mathew S. McCoy, April 28, 1862

Nelson . Sheffield, Nov.1, 1861

Charles T. Workman, Oct. 29, 1861;

Alex. U. Thompson, July 15, 1862, wounds.

Veterans —Transferred

Oliver S. Dennis, to Co. F, Seventeenth 111. Inf.

Theodore Artz, Sanford Street, Richard Daniels, John M. Stow

W. H. Stead, William Nelson, Joseph McGrath, Milton Fenwick.

Edward Savage, Samuel Watson, William H. Willetts, Edward P. Willetts

Levi P. Willetts, Lewis Kelley, James Knox, William Knox.

Isaac O. Miles, to Co. A, Eighth Ill. Inf.

James Snyder, to Co. B, Eighth Ill. Inf. Frank Harrington, to Co.D, Eighth Ill. Inf.;

Charles W. Anderson

James Findley, Jefferson Fuller. John Gaston.Daniel T. Hindman

William P. Henderson,Henry C. Morehead, Henry T. Jackson

Jeremiah D. McCue, Philander Perry, Lorenzo H.Riley, Adam E. Rosier

Jacob Walters, to Co.E, Eighth Il. Inf.

Samuel R. Porter, to Co.I. Eighth Ill. Inf.:

Simon Swartwout and Hardy Morehead, to Invalid Corps.

Deserted. —James Mulford, May IS. 1S63; James M. Middleton. Jan. 20, 1863; Albert Perry. August 31. 1862.

Resigned. —Capt. E. P. Wood, promoted Lieutenant Colonel, resigned April 19, 1862

Capt. E. S. Bruington, resigned July 8, 1862

First Lieut. William Avery, wounded at Shiloh , resigned March 24, 1863 .

Cashiered. —Capt. G. W. Sanders, April 2, 1863 , wounded at Shiloh .


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