The next township north of North Henderson is Rivoli, known as Town 14 North, Range 1 West. It was originally known as North Pope, but at the suggestion of the Hon. Reuben H. Spicer the name was changed to Rivoli. Mr. Spicer was one of the earliest settlers. Among others who came in an early day was James Bridger, who was the first settler, coming in 1838. Mr. Bridger was born in England and came to America in 1822.

Some First Things.

The first death in the township was that of Mr. Bridger's wife, and his marriage to Mrs. Eliza Longley was the first marriage. The Rev. Samuel P. Burr preached the first sermon in the township in the cabin of Mr. Bridger. Richard Cox, an­other pioneer settler, located in the eastern part of the township in 1837. He was a native of Ohio and one of the early county commis­ sioners. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and in politics a Whig, after that paijy disbanded becoming a Republican.

A Pioneer Family

James Durston, another pioneer, born in England April 24, 1806, came to Illinois in 1837, settling first in Green township, where Charles F. Durston, his oldest son, was born August 14,1837. Mr. Durs'ton's other children were: Maria, born August 19, 1833; James T., born April 17, 1839; Sidney, born September 14, 1841; Martha, born May 2, 1843; Joseph, born March 1, 1845, died November 10, 1846; Samuel L., born June 10, 1847; Harriet, born July 18, 1849; William E., born November 2, 1851; Elizabeth, born May 22, 1854; Alfred, born December 25, 1856, and Elmer, born De­ cember 12, 1861, died January 31, 1863. Mr. Durston first settled on Section 30, but after­ wards sold out to R. H. Spicer, and settled on Section 15, which he improved and on which he lived until his death, September 8, 1879. Charles F. Durston was at one time cleric of the county court and Sydney Durston is the present supervisor of Rivoli township. Others who came to open up this new country were Nelson Chichester, Stephen Smith, Major McMullen, John Heriford, Abraham Watson and Daniel Jones.




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