Palestine church in Abington township was built in 1866 by the United Brethren denomination. Its original cost was about $2,000. It was dedicated August 12, 1866, Rev. L. S. Chittenclen preaching the dedicatory sermon.

The building will seat about 300 persons. It is a substantial frame. The society has no great strength in the way of membership, but they maintain a Sunday-school, are out of debt, and have preaching every alternate Sunday.

The clergymen who have served the society as pastors are : Revs. Elisha Godfrey, Benjamin Wagoner, O. F. Smith, John Wagoner, A. G. Smith, O. 6. Smith, A. Worman, Adam Wolff, and the Revs. Davis, Pease, and Chelser, the given names of the latter three gentlemen being forgotten. Some of the gentlemen named served the society only one year, while others remained on the charge two years in succession.

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