Original Members Discharged With Regiment

Capt. James Y. Merritt, New Boston (wounded):

First Lieut. J. E. Harroun

First Sergt. William Winders

Sergt, Alexander Carnahan, Aledo

Sergt. Aaron R. Purdam, New Boston

Sergt. Leander Officer. Preemption

Sergt. Ambrose H. Rowe, Millersburg (wounded)


Peter Griffith, Preemption

Benj. F. Reynolds, Aledo

Reuben Shields. High Point:

James E. Gilmore, Aledo

Madison A. Retherford. Ferdinand (wounded)

Nelson Taylor, Aledo

Jacob A. Reed. Eliza

James Kiddoo, Keithsburg


Theophilus L. Ashbaugh. Aledo

James L. Brewer

Thomas Beverlin.

James N. Bartlett. Eliza

James Clark, Aledo (wounded)

William Carr, Eliza

Eugene Davis, Aledo

Henry F. Endicott, New Boston

Ezra Fuller and Harvey J. Fisher. Eliza (both wounded)

Elijah Gardener, Duncan; Edwin Gilmore, Alexander F. Graham, Aledo

John Hill, Oxford (wounded)

. John Haverffeld, Millersburg

Jacob W. Kelley, Aledo (wounded)

James Mays, Oliver Mays, Millersburg

David W. McKee

George H. Mills

Daniel McEwen

John A. Ramsey, Aledo

Joshua Spicher, Eliza

John J. Swartz, Aledo (wounded)

William Sabins, New Boston

James M. Shingledecker, Millersburg

Isaac Thompson, New Boston

William Valentine, Aledo

James R. Wood. Eliza

Laughlin H. Woodward, New Boston

Philip Walston, Duncan

William H. Woodward. Aledo

Henry R. Wells, Aledo (wounded)

Lewis Welty, New Boston

Chester S. Willits, Duncan

Arthur R. Ag New Boston (wounded)

Robert Boyle, Millersburg:

Melville Danford

William Danford

Pyrrhus Glancy

Sylvanus Hersom

Isaac Spicher. New Boston

Elias Pierce, Aledo

John C. Summers, Millersburg

Perry Thompson. New Boston.


Capt. S. H. Rodgers

Capt. W. A. Wilson, Oct. 26, 1864

Second Lieut. Van Wil­lits. Nov. 17, 1862

Second Lieut. Samuel E. Willits, Jan. 21, 1865.


Corporal Allen Wilson. March 3. 1862

Corporal Waters P. Willett, killed at Resaca

Corporal Isaac N. Stevenson, killed at New Hope church

Michael Bryant, Dec. 16. 1862

George W. Bartlett. May 18. 1864 (wounds)

Abram Fuller, Feb. 8. 1863

James P. Collier, Dec. 4, 1862

Madison Dagger. Feb. 23, 1863

Thomas H. Hand. March 12, 1863

James P. Hampton. June 10, 1863

Samuel D. Hutchinson, killed at Averysboro

William H. Hampton, March 23. 1865 (wounds):

Albert Kiddoo, Nov. 10. 1864 (wounds)

Peter 0. Pierce. May 17, 1864 (wounds):

Jacob Shields, Jan. 16, 1863

Noah Spicher, Oct. 17, 1863

Marvin R. Wright, Feb. 3. 1863

Moses White. Jr., killed at Resaca:

William P. Volk. May 30. 1863.


Sergt. John M. Miller. Jan. 15, 1862

First Sergt. John G. 3.1cGuilin, Oct. 1864

Sergi. L. V. Willits. Feb. 20. 1864 (wounds)

Sergt. Jesse E. Huston. Dec. 21, 1862

Corporal Eli Cook. Jan. 13. 1863

Edwin R. Dulin. Jan. 13, 1863

Otis Albee, March 29, 1865 (wounds)

Francis M. Beverlin. Jan. 15. 1863

James H. Crane. John Downing. Jan.. 1863

Robert H. Day. Joseph J. Delebar. Jan. 12. 1863

Henry R. Davis. Jan., 1864

David a Edgar

Andrew J. Foote

Robert N. Gilmore

Daniel Knapp

John Kiddoo

John H. Murfin,

James McIntyre, Jan.. 1863

Franklin Ferguson

Samuel M. Smith. March. 1863

Dewitt C. Updike.

James M. Wilson February, 1863

John J. Myers, April, 1865 (wounds)

Levi Walston, March, 1864.


Walter Smithers, George Braucht, Henry Smithers, Abraham Spicher, to Veteran Volunteer Engineer Corps; Eli C. Cros­by, to Marine Brigade, January, 1863.


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