Original Members Discharged With Regiment

Capt. Isaac McManus, Keithsburgcommissioned Lieutenant Colonel, wounded at Golgotha Church

First Lieut. William . H. Bridgford, Millersburg, commissioned Captain

First Sergt. Lemuel S. Guffey, Perryton, commissioned First Lieutenant

Sergt. Elisha J. Grantstaff, Perryton

Sergt. R. W. Kite, Keithsburg

Sergt. James H. McCommon, Millersburg

Sergt. John C. Cummins, Ohio Grove (wounded)

Corporal Lewis Wilkinson, Abington

Corporal Oliver M. Goldsburg, Keithsburg

Corporal William M. Bunting, Millersburg (wounded)

Corporal William F. Cochran, Millersburg

Corporal Samuel Mc-Hard, Perryton

Corporals Squire W. Butcher, and James H. Fox, Abington

Musician Joseph 0. Calhoun, Keithsburg (wounded)


Walter Brown, Suez (wounded)

James B. Brewer

Charles P. Brock, Keithsburg

Roderick Cameron, Abington

John A. Connolley, Keithsburg

Peter Cameron. Keithsburg (wounded)

John Dunn, Ohio Grove (wounded)

Martin V. Eckley, Keitbsburg

Frederick Friebele, Burlington (wounded)

Alexander Glasgow, Keithsburg

William Gorman, Perryton (wounded)

William P. Hardin. Keithsburg

Wesley Hunt. Millersburg

Jacob E. Hauck, Perryton

John A. Hicks, Edgington

Alvah Jay, Abington

William H. Johnson, Ohio Grove

Dexter M. King, Millersburg

Michael R. Murphy. Abington

John Mingles, George H. Mingles, Keithsburg

John H. Minor, Ohio Grove

John J. McDonald. Otto Ott. Keithsburg

William S. Pearson, Abington

Samuel S. Pearce, Keithsburg

John A. Stevens. Isaac N. Stevens, Abington

Patrick Smith, Keithsburg

Samuel Stearns, Abington

Gabriel E. Shaw, Millersburg

Thomas Spence. Perryton (wounded)

George W. Thomas, Abington

William H. Turner. Keithsburg

William H. Wilson, New Boston

Charles B. Wakeland, Millersburg

David Woliver, Perryton (wounded)

Thomas Winters, James C. Vance, Abington

James M. Walker, Viola

Thomas C. Johnson, Millersburg

Lucien Murphy, Keithsburg (wounded)

William W. Wakeland

Mordecai Terry, Millersburg


Capt. Joseph Wycoff, Dec. 27, 1862

Second Lieut. Luke P. Blackburn, April 22, 1363

Second Lieut. Aaron G. Henry, May 24, 1864.


Sergt. Richard S. Cabeen, Corporal John Gibson, and William W. Hibbs, all killed at, Resaca

Samuel Harvey, killed near Cassvile, May 19, 1864

First Sergt. John C. Reynolds, Aug. 8, 1864 (wounds)

Sergt. John McHard, July 25 (wounds)

Corporal John Y. Harris, May 17 (wounds)

John Burnett, May 17 (wounds)

William T. Todd, July 17 (wounds)

William P. Irwin (wounded, probably died in hospital)

Sergt. Robert B. Seaton.

Lloyd H. Casebolt

Richard M. Hoy

Alonzo T. Dopp.


Corporal Andrew J. Douglass

John G. Poague,

Corporal Andrew J. Campbell

William Murphy

William S. Dilley

James 0. Baker

Samuel H. Danner

Eolus Elrick

Josephus Gray

Ebenezer Gray

George W. Hoover

John Henry

Daniel C. Halstead

Frederick W. Johns

Martin V. Morgan

John 0. Minor

Samuel Parks

Joseph A. Webster

William Wilson

John Workman

Moses N. Warren

David Ritchie

William C. Hardin

Henry B. Worden.


Thomas M. Garrett, Duncan B. Seaton. Norman F. Wood, to Engineer Corps; Almyron Luce, to Marine Brigade


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