Original Members Discharged With Regiment

Capt. Almond Shaw, Centre Ridge

First Lieut. Alfred H. Trego, Galesburg (wounded)

Second Lieut.' Byron Jordan, Rural

First Sergt. George W. Gregg, Centre Ridge

Sergt Sampson M. Tenney, Preemption

Sergt. Henry Bridgford, Richland Grove (wounded);

Sergt. Reading L. Carver, Pre­emption (wounded)

Sergt. Brainard Vance, Preemption


Phoenix R. Briggs, Richland Grove

John H. Lippincott, Richland Grove (wounded)

George S. Trego, James M. Shull, Centre Ridge

Charles I. McIntyre, Hamlet

William J. Long, Rural

Wilford Pitman, Preemption

Lester H. Cooper, Hamlet

Musician Thomas Merriman, Centre Ridge


Thomas Allely, Rural

Theodore Asquith, Hazlitt

Richard B. Barnes, Geneseo;

James F. Barnett, Centre Ridge

Christian F. Bharinger, Richland Grove

James M. Beardsley, Rock Island

David Beck, Christian Bloom, Louis Bloom, Richland Grove

William Blackfan, Orion

Manuel M. Briggs, Richland Grove

Samuel G. Chaney, Centre Ridge

James Cottenburg, Jacob Clause, Richland Grove

William H. Cooper, Hamlet

William E. Davis, George Eckley, Centre Ridge

Ed. L. Emerson, Keithsburg

Samuel B. Ewing, Orion

James Gorman, Perryton

Horace J. Gridley, Hamlet

Louis Hetzel, Richland Grove

Nathaniel Hamor, Rural

Charles Joseph, Rock Island

Jacob Krause, Richland Grove

Charles J. Lawson

Joseph Littlefield

Harvey McElhinny

Matthew H. C. McElhinny

Freeman Merryman (wounded)

John H. Martin

Gottlob Maier

Adam Maucker, Centre Ridge

Albion Nichols (wounded), Hamlet

Charles W. Norman, Centre Ridge

John P. Ol­son (wounded), Paxton

David Pfitzenmaier, Richland Grove

Joseph M. Piersol, Rural

Joseph N. Roberts,

Isaiah Rhodenbaugh, Centre Ridge

Frederick Schurr

Peter Smith

John Smith Richland Grove

Henry W. Suter (wounded), Centre Ridge

Warner Twining, Preemption

Gideon M. Tomlinson, Richland Grove

Thomas Wilson, Preemption

Joseph White, Richland Grove

William E. Wallace (wounded), Rural

Franklin M. Weaver, Wilford J. Ungles, Keithsburg

Stephen A. Bartlett, Richland Grove

Charles T. Blackfan, Orion

John J. Brice, Centre Ridge

Edwin T. Jordan, Gilbert A. Jordan, Rural

James G. Love, Centre Ridge

Alexander McKay, Rock Island

William McGill, Rural

James Marshall, Richland Grove

Lewis N. Peyton

William Parks, Centre Ridge

Valentine Smith, Rock Island

Harrison Trego, Centre Ridge

A. R. Tomlinson, Richland Grove

William W. Vansant, Centre Ridge

Thomas H. White, Rock Island.


Capt. Frank Shedd, April 6, 1863

Lieut. Watson C. Trego, Nov. 18, 1862


Sergt. George W. Allen, May 7, 1863

Sergt. I. N. Roberts, March 4, 1863

Charles Anderson, Dec. 15, 1862

Francis H. Freeman, killed

Henry Herr, June, 1863

George H. Huffinan, Jan. 6, 1863

Edmund Kinsey, killed at Resaca

Thomas B. South, Jan. 4, 1863

George Bharinger, 1865.


Sergt. Rodney C. Manning, Sept. 12, 1864 (wounds)

George Bressmer, Dec. 16, 1863

Henry G. Cooper, Oct. 7, 1864 (wounds)

Myron T. Jordan, Jan. 15, 1863

Major McMullen, Jan. 15, 1863

James Spivey, May 9, 1863

Leonard Stark, June 20, 1864

Jacob R. Trego, Jan. 15, 1863

Jacob Robb, Feb., 1863

William Thorpe, 1863.

Transferred.—Corporal S. F. Fleharty, to non-commissioned staff; James H. Jackson, to Pioneer Corps; Clinton Olin, to V. R. C.; Jason E. Young, to Pioneer Corps; Charles Pierce, to V. R. C.

Deserted.—Jonas Swab, April 20, 1863, at Pallatin, Tent.


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