Ohio Grove Township, known as Town 13 North. Range 3 West, is drained on the north by Pope and on the south by North Henderson creeks. No finer or more valuable land is found in the county. Col. William I. Nevius was probably the first to explore this region with a view to settling here. With some others he passed through a prairie fire on entering the township, and it was with great difficulty they escaped having their clothes burned off them.

The first comers were from Ohio. They settled near Pope creek, in the northern part of the township, giving to the grove of that sec­tion the name of their native state, Ohio. In after years the township was voted the combined appellation, "Ohio Grove." There were explorations made by different ones prior to any settlement. Prior to 1835, a cabin had been thrown together on the northwest corner of Sec. 3, T. 13 K, E. 3 "W. of the 4th P. M., but its builder is unknown. This rude hut gave shelter to those who had come to stay. It also be­came the seat of merchandise where William Mackey sold a few simple goods such as a pioneer could buy. This was the first "store."

The History of Mercer and Henderson Counties

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