The Church of Christ, of Oak Ridge

The church was organized May 21. 1865, by Rev. E.. Fisher.

The original membership comprised James and Martha Marford, Rebecca Shover, Thomas and Matilda Hill. Louisa Braught, Edna Watson, Mary J. Bunyan, Martha J. Thompson, James and Mary A. Meadows, Mary A. Miller, Levi and Margaret J. Spencer, and Mary Roosa. James .Marford and James Meadows were the first elders, and Thomas Hill the first deacon.

In 1873 the society was -removed to New Windsor and reorganized there by Rev. T. J. Burton. The society here purchased a church building of the Presbytery of United Presbyterian church. This building was the first church edifice erected in the township, having been built in 1867.

This removal proved disastrous to the society; the members living south and west of Oak Ridge, being too far away from the church, the society lost membership and became too weak to pay for the church they bought, so it reverted to the United Presbyterian Presbytery, and the Church of Christ ceased to exist.



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