Officers and Men Discharged With Regiment.

First Lieut. William D. Craig, promoted Assistant Surgeon; Second Lieut. Charles B. Fleming, Keithsburg; Corporal John A. Gil- more and Corporal James G. Carnahan, Aledo;

Privates—William Minor, Sunbeam; John Beaty, Millersburg; Aaron S. Dilley, Aledo; Charles Dryden, Keithsburg; William Evans, Keithsburg; Daniel Hubbard, Millersburg; John W. Hoy, Sunbeam; George F. Lee, John Morehead, Aledo; Samuel Selby, Keithsburg; Thomas Stulkal, New Boston; George Snyder, Ephraim J. Tyler, Aledo; Charles C. Worden, Keithsburg.

Died.— A. T. Waterbury, Feb. 2, 1862; James Haverfield, April 8, 1862; Joseph B. Jones (wounds), May 9, 1862; Calvin Martin, May 19, 1862; Frank M. Moore, killed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862; William D. Nevius, killed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862.

Discharged.— Russell W. Cool, June 18, 1862 (wounded); Samuel M. Smith, Feb. 24, 1862.

Veterans. —William Boyer, Joseph B. Cox, Aledo; Abisha Doclson, Keithsburg; George Gilmore, James B. Gilmore, New Boston; Thomas F. McClintock, William H. H. Smith, William H. H. Reily, Lewis L. Troy and Jacob White, Aledo.

Recruits. —Augustus B. Cox, W. B. Carter, Sleburn S. Crane, Aledo; John R. Dunn, Anthony Feater, Keithsburg; John W. Hoy, George W. Kilpatrick and Neal Vestal, Aledo.

Record. —This part of Company E, Ninth Regiment, was mustered into the three years' service at Cairo, Ill., August 6, 1861. The regiment participated in the occupation of Paducah, Ky., Sept. 5, 1861. On Oct. 16, 1861, part of the regiment attacked and defeated a large force of rebels at Saratoga, near Eddyville, Ky., on the Cumberland river, killing and wounding from ten to fifteen and capturing 36 prisoners.

The next engagement was at Fort Heiman, opposite Fort Henry on the Tennessee river, Feb. 5, 1862. During the siege and battles at Fort Donelson, Feb. 12-15, 1862, the regiment sustained a loss of 35 killed, 160 wounded and six prisoners. Feb. 22, 1862, the regiment moved to Fort Sevier, near Clarks- ville, Tenn., and on the 27th marched to Nashville. The regiment participated in the battle of Shiloh, sustaining a loss of 61 killed, 300 wounded, and five prisoners, out of 578 men who went into battle on the morning of April 6, 1862 . The regiment took part in the ad­ vance on Corinth and, in the second battle of Corinth , Oct. 3 and 4, 1862, sustained a loss of 20 killed, 82 wounded and 57 prisoners. The regiment was mounted March 15, 1863 , and was engaged in many raids and skirmishes from that date until mustered out at Louisville , Ky. , July 9, 1865 .


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