Friday, June 8 1900

Born to Mr. and Mrs.  James Sharp of Aledo, a son, May 20th.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Harris of Aledo, a son, May 21st.

Born to Mr.  and Mrs.  J.C. Murdock of Aledo, a son. May 22nd.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Bower of Aledo, a son, May 24th.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Bestian of Taylor Ridge, a daughter. May 26th.

Born to Prof, and Mrs. J.W. Collins of Aledo, a son,May 29th.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Luke Gardner of Pre-emption, a daughter, May 29th. Mr. and Mrs. John Wolf of North Buffalo Prairie, a son, May 30th.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walter of Duncan, a son, June 1st.

Friday June 15 1900

Joe, the two-year old son of Mr. and Mrs, George Close of Duncan township, drowned Monday in a rain barrell at his home.  He was the youngest in a family of seven children. The funeral was today.

Friday, July 6 1900

Mrs. P.V. Hutchinson, a citizen of Aledo for many years, died June 21st, aged 70 years. She was a member of the Baptist Church.

Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Graham, died June 29th, aged 2 years, 3 months.

S.A. Aiken died June 20th at his home in Aledo, aged 73 years. He was born in 1827 and was an old resident of this county.

An infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Archer died June 26th, aged only a few days.

Samuel Weaverling who has been an inmate at the Soldiers' Home in Quincy for 4 years, is here visiting his sister, Mrs. Sarah Roberts.

Hamlet; Mrs. J.C. Lininger of West Bend, Iowa is here visiting relatives.

John M. Bistline, an old settler, died recently.

Friday, August 31 1900

Millersburg: Clarence Carver of Emporia, Kansas is visiting with J.D. Thornton here and with I.E. Carver.

Millersburg: Thomas Watson of Monrovia, California, formerly of this county, is here visiting his   ther, Edward Watson.

Sept. 7, 1900

Lyle, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Bower, died August 30th at his home in Aledo, aged 3 months.

Mrs. David Mardock died Friday at her home and was buried Saturday at the Eliza Creek Cemetery. She is survived by her husband and two daughters.

W.K. Fulton, an old resident of this county, was born 10 January 1824 in Crawford Co., Pennsylvania and died August 28th at Watertown, Illinois.  He came to Illinois in 1865 and purchased a farm north of Aledo where he lived until two years ago, when he went to the state hospital at Watertown. He was a member of the U.P. Church.  The funeral was Thursday at the church

Gus Brown of Bedford Co., Iowa is the now teacher at the school at Gingles Corners. His parents live at Gravity, Iowa.

John Minteer of West Liberty, Iowa is here visiting his father, Louis Minteer.

Miss Winifred Kennedy of Creston, Iowa who has been the toachor at the White Oak School here, has now returned home, taking with her, her niece, Philimenia Conway.

Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Mayhew of Aledo are enjoying a visit from the former's nephew, J.H. Mayhew of Hancock Co., West Virginia.

Friday, 9 November 1900

William Lemon died Wednesday at the residence of his son, James, near Aledo, aged 80+ years.

William Conly was born 1 May 1817 in Ireland and died November 1st at his home, west of Aledo. He came to America via New Orleans in 1857.  He was a member of the Catholic Church.  The funeral was Saturday at Alexis.

Mrs. Nancy Miller, one of the old pioneers of the county, died October 13th at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A.J. DeBord in Millersburg, aged 72 years. She was born in Ohio and grew to womanhood there and married Abraham Miller. He died 25 years ago and Mrs. Miller has lived in Aledo for those past 25 years.  She is survived by four children, two brothers and two sisters.  The funeral was at the Baptist Church in Aledo.

Edward C. Damp died October 31st, 1900 at the home of Schuyler Button in Aledo. He was born 8 May 1839 in Albany, New York and came west in 1858, settling on a farm near Hamlet, Mercer County, Illinois.  He married Miss E.A. Johnston in 1872; she died seven years later. He married again to Mary Unsworth in 1888.  The funeral was at the Presbyterian Church. Mr. and Mrs. C.I. Damp attended the funeral


Friday, 28 December 1900


Born to Mr.  and Mrs.  C.I.  Damp of Hamlet,   a son,  December 12th.

Born to Mr.  and Mrs. J.M.  Brown of Aledo,  a son, December  15th.

Born to Mr.  and Mrs. J.E.   Braucht  of Sunbeam,   a daughter, December  18th.


Friday,   11 January 1901

Joseph Gray married Miss Maggie E. Ramsey on December 20,  1900 at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Ramsey.

Howard A. Howie married Miss Maude Doolittle at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs.  Rebecca Doolittle.

Mrs.  Mary E.  Fender died January 8th at her home, 2 miles southwest of Reynolds. The funeral was January 10th at the Millersburg M.E.  Church,  with burial  in the Millersburg Cemetery.

Miss Ann E.  Porter died January 2nd at her home on East 8th Street  in Aledo.    She was born 15 August 1810 in County Donegal,   Ireland and was  aged 4  score and  10.     She was a sister of  the late John Porter.   Burial was  in the Aledo Cemetery,

Mrs.   Margaret  Goodlow died January 5th  at her home near Pre-emption.     The funeral  was  at  the Pre-emption M.E. Church on Monday,   with  burial in the Pre-emption Cemetery. Margaret Gilraore was  born 6 July 1818 in Ireland,  and came to America in childhood and to Pre-emption in 1841.    She married Thos. Goodlow on 12 July 1842 and he died 12 July 1868.    They had six children,  3 boys and 3 girls.    Two children are deceased  - John Goodlow and Mrs.   Francis McDonald. The four  living  children are Stephen E.   Goodlow of  Rural Mrs.  Wm Hess of Rock Island; Thomas Goodlow of Deep River, Iowa;  and Sarah of Pre-emption.

Mrs. Chas. York died December 28, 1900 at her home in Millersburg. Mary J.Landreth was born 6 March 1837 in Owen Co., Indiana and came to Mercer Co., Illinois in 1852


Friday, 11 January 1901

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm Armstrong, a son, January 5th.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Rodgers, a son, December 31st,

Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Jobusch of Aledo, a son, January Isi

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Alvah Baxter of Perryton, a daughter, December 29th, 1900.

F.H. Croson has moved from his farm southeast of Aledo and will soon move to Winterset, Iowa.

Friday, 18 January 1901

Dale, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Baker, died January 16th, aged 12 years.

John Hausch died January 10th at his home in Rural. He was born in 1856 in Richland Grove, Mercer County, but had been a resident of Rural for many years.


Friday,   1 March 1901


Sherman Powell of Drury married Miss Margaret Tyler of llinois City yesterday at the home of  the bride.

Frank J.  Goddard of Millersburg married Miss Winifred Ruth Caverly of Moline on February 21st at  the home of the bride's parents in Moline.

Wallace Long of Orion married Miss Anna Hicks of Pre-empt on February 27th at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robt Hicks.

William,   son of Mr.  and Mrs.  Phil Manning of Reynolds, married Miss Kitty Bivens on February 26th at the resides of the  bride's parents,  Mr.   and Mrs.  Al  Bivens of  Perryton

Charles F.  Minteer married Miss Carrie B.   Walter, both of Duncan at  the M.E.  parsonage  in Millersburg. C.C.   Walter  hosted  the reception.

Mrs.Sally Plummer,   for many years an  invalid and a guest  of Mrs.   Button,   died February  22nd.     She was  an aged  lady.

Mrs. Wm Staley died Sunday.   She was  born Nellie McKinley and married William Staley in  1895. They had two children,   the youngest aged  two weeks. The  funeral  was Tuesday at  the M.E. Church. She is survived  by her parents, three brothers  and two sisters. Burial was in  the Millersburg Cemetery.


Friday, May 3 1901

Prince the little daughter of Taylor Fender died (Sunday or Monday?). The funeral was Tuesday at Millersburg,

Friday, 10 May 1901

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baker of Prince, a son, May 4th.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Graham of Aledo, a son, April 29th.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Larson of Aledo, a son, April 30th.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Shaw, of Aledo, a son, April 27th,

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Marion Boyles of Aledo' a daughter,


Friday, 7 June 1901

 William Coyne of Bowling married Mrs. Bessie Foster of Pre-emption, on June 3rd at the 1st Methodist parsonage in Rock Island.

Mr, Mannon died recently

Mrs. Annie Dool of Aledo died May 29th at her home. She was born 14 May 1821 and was aged 81 years. The funeral was Friday, with burial beside her husband, the late Kev. W.S. Dool in the Aledo Cemetery.

C.F. Thede died May 28th at the county informary. He was born 27 April 1833 in Rendsburg, Germany and came to America early in life, locating in Michigan. He came to Rock Island Co., Illinois in 1857 and to Aledo in 1870. He was the father of 10 children, all of whom survive.