Wednesday, 17 July 1878

Pre-emption, Mercer County:  John CLARK suffered sunstroke here.

Pre-emption, Mercer County:  The houses of William and Thomas HA1 (perhaps HALDSWORTH?) were damaged in a recent storm

Cable, Mercer County: S.A. DONALDSON is the architect of R.B. EL house .

Milan:  Thomas SHIRES has learned of the death of his sister Mrs. MINNIECKE on Sunday.  She lived 1 mile north of Swedona, Mercer County. She was a widow and lived alone.  Her husband died about 3 years ago.


July 28, 1878

Mathew CRISWELL of Hamlet, Mercer County has been having his house painted.  He is a bachelor.

Swedona, Mercer County:  Andy HAMILTON is operating a blacksmith shop here.  Andrew FERONG is butchering pigs.