The associates of Presbyterianism in and about Millersburg attended and held their membership at Pope's River until April 20, 1854, when a committee of Schuyler Presbytery organized the church of Millersburg.

The following names were withdrawn from Pope's River to form the Millersburg church:

E. Gilmore, Jr., Juliann Gilmore, John M. Gilmore, Margaret S. Gilmore, Ann Janet Taylor, Mary Marsh, Charles Clark, Sarah Clark, Elizabeth Davis, Mary M. Steel, Edward Brady, Mary Sherer, Julia Riggs, David Morrow, Thomas H. Davis, Elizabeth Morrow, John T. McGinnis, Margaret McGinnis, Joseph Gilmore, Alettaun Gilmore, Henry Lee : Martha M. Lee, Betsy King, Mary E. Murphey, Sarah E. Lloyd, Elizabeth Ann Edgar, John Kiddoo, Eliza Kiddoo, John Brady, Eliza Brady, Catharine Gilmore, Tabitha M. Bay, Graham Lee, Mary H. Lee, H. W. Thornton, E. F. Thornton. Rachel T. Willits, Samuel Guffy, Mary Guffy, Hannah Jane Reed. Henry Dool and Mary, his wife, were received by letter from Cadiz, Ohio, and completed the list of the charter members



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