Dealer in dry goods, was born in March, 1828, in eastern Pennsylvania, and is the youngest son of Francis and Rose A. Felix. His boyhood, till his seventeenth year, was passed upon the farm of his father, at which period he was apprenticed to the cabinet maker'strade, at which he served his time, and for which services he never received a dollar of pay. Mr. Felix came west about the year 1847, and settled for a time in Iowa City, Iowa, from where he went to Qunicy, Illinois, and worked at his trade a short time, and went to Indiana.

He came back to Illinois , and about the year 1850 or 1851, went into the dry goods business in Rock Island county, where he remained till 1876, when he came to Aledo and established himself in his present location and business. Mr. Felix was married in 1854, to Miss Eliza Vanatta, of Illinois City, Rock Island county, Illinois, and has four children : Rose, Benjamin (who is married to Miss Clara Woods, and is in business with his father), Emma, and Lizzie. Mr. Felix belongs to the masonic fraternity, is president of the board of trustees of Aledo, and politically is a republican.

History of Mercer and Henderson County

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