Political representation in State and National bodies by citizens of Mercer county has been confined to membership in the General Assembly (State Senate and House of Representatives), Constitutional Conventions, State Board of Equalization and delegates to National Con­ ventions. Under successive apportionments since its organization in 1835, the county has been embraced in different senatorial and representative districts, and has consequently been associated at different times with various other counties in the choice of members of the General Assembly. As a consequence, it has happened only at long intervals that the Representative in either branch of the General Assembly has been a resident of this county.

From the record it appears that the first Representative from Mercer county was Hiram W. Thornton, who was a member of the lower House during the session of the Twelfth General Assembly (1840-42)

. Other citizens of the county who have held the same office, with the session during which they were members, have been as follows: Thirteenth General Assembly (1842-44), Reuben H. Spicer; Seventeenth (1850-52), Thomas Willits; Twenty-first (1858- 60), Ephraim Gilmore, Jr.; Twenty-third (1862-64), Thomas B. Cabeen; Twenty-fifth (1866-68), Capt. Dan W. Sedwick; Twenty-seventh (1870-72), Stephen F. Fleharty; Twenty-eighth (1872-74), Alson J. Streeter and George P. Graham; Thirty-second (1880-82), Martin Boyd and Capt. Alexander P. Petrie; Thirty-third (1882-84), Dr. J. M. Ansley; Thirty- fifth (1886-88), William C. Galloway; Thirty-sixth (1888-90), Dr. John P. McClanahan and Thomas A. Marshall; Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth (1892-96), Noah H. Guthrie; Fortieth, Forty-first, Forty-second and Forty-third (1896- 1904), C. A. Samuelson.

History of Mercer and Henderson County

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