The first settlers of Mercer County were dependent on the mills in Henderson County for their milling, but soon supplied their wants in that line by the erection of a number of mills in their own county. As near as can be ascertained at present, the following is a list of the names of mills, their builders and location:

In Richland Grove Township a saw and grist­mill was built on East Camp Creek. on Section 12. by John Rhodenbaugh, in 1840; saw-mills were also erected on the same stream by Thomas Kincaid, in 1838, on Section 20; by Jacob

Trego & Son on Section 15, in 1840; and by Timothy Merryman on Section 28, in 1845. A large steam grist-mill was built on Section 16, by John Waugh, in 1856.

In Preemption Township the first saw and grist mill was built on Edwards River on section 34, by Hopkins Boone, in 1835.

In Eliza Township the first grist-mill was built on Eliza Creek on Section 29, by Pratt & Mannon. in 1837. A few years later a saw­mill was erected on the same stream, a short distance below the one built by Pratt & Mannon.

In New Boston Township Isaac Lutz built a grist-mill on Section 1, on Edwards River, in 1838. A carding mill was built on Section 4, on Winter's Creek, by John Roberts, in 1839 or '40. A few years later Mr. Roberts built a saw-mill on Section 9, on Edwards River.

The first saw-mill erected at New Boston was built by Lacey Pratt, about 1846. This mill was destroyed by fire and a large steam grist-mill was built on or near the same site, by Wells Willit, about 1863.

A carding mill was built on Section 4. on Winter's Creek, in 1840, by John Roberts.

In Millersburg a saw-mill was built by Ebenezer Criswell, on Section 4, on West Camp Creek. in 1835; also Kirk's grist-mill on Section 8. on Edwards River, in 1836. The first steam grist-mill was built in Millersburg by Stephen Strattan, in 1856. Green & Sharpnack, about 1869. removed the machinery from this mill to a new one operated by water power, erected on Edwards River. on Section 10. This mill was moved to Millersburg by Jonas Fender. in 1887.

In Mercer Township the first grist-mill was erected on Edwards River, on Section 3. by John Artz, about 1850.

Sayers' steam grist-mill was built in Aledo, in 1868.

In Green Township a carding mill was built on Section 33. on Pope Creek. in 1836, by William Dilley; also a carding mill on Section 5, on Edwards River. by James L Parshall. in 1838 or 1839. Benjamin Groff's saw-mill was built on North Pope Creek on Section 26. in 1838.

Cannon & Son built a steam grist-mill in Viola, in 1869.

The only mill in Rivoli Township was the steam grist-mill built at New Windsor. by Gould Brothers, in 1869.

In Suez Township a saw-mill was built on Section 21. on North Henderson Creek. in 1839, by Palatiah Pease, and a grist-mill at Norwood, by George M. Evans, about 1858.

In Ohio Township James McBride and Joseph Vernon built a saw-mill on Pope Creek, on Section 4, in 1836. This was succeeded by the grist-mill built by James W. Kimel, in 1856*.

In Abington Township a grist-mill was erected on Pope Creek on Section 8, by Gilbert Brewer and Isaac Gleason, in 1841 and 1842. A saw­ mill was also erected in 1846, by Mr. Brewer, on the same stream, about one mile above the grist-mill.

In Keithsburg Township a saw-mill was built near the mouth of Edwards River, by Isaiah Brown, about 1850.

A grist-mill was built in Keithsburg, near the 1837, on Pope Creek, a short distance above 1851; also a saw-mill by William Sheriff, in 1837, on Pope Creek a short distance above the site of Marshall's mill.

Saw-mills, grist-mills and planing mills were built in Keithsburg by James Stephens, William D. Smith, Goodlander and, perhaps, others, the dates of whose erection cannot now be correctly ascertained.


*The information I have indicates McBride and Stephens owned the mill at the time it passed into the possession of Henry Kimmel, and then on to his son James. W. This information comes generally from the Mercer County History. I have not researched deeds at the courthouse to get more exact dates. Jay Kimmel

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