The Bar

Among the early attorneys who have practiced at the Mercer County Bar we find the names of

Jerome G. Beardsley, Joseph Knox, John B. Hawley, William Jackson, E. B. Sweeney, Henry Curtis and Ira O. Wilkinson, of Rock Island

A. C. Harding, Ivory Quimby, E. A. Paine, George F. Harding, J. W. Davidson, James G. Madden. Philo B. Reed and James H. Stewart, of Warren county

John Simpson, W. C. Rice, Charles M. Harris and Judge Drummond, of Henderson county

C. K. Ladd, Judge Wilson, T. L. Milchrist, Judge John P. Hand and Charles Durham, of Henry county

Julius Manning, Leander Douglass, Thomas G. Frost, E. P. Williams, James McKinzie and J. J. Tunnicliff, of Knox county.

The lawyers who resided in Mercer county in early days were

John C. Pepper, Benjamin Taliaferro, John S. Thompson, L. W. Thompson, I. N. Bassett, J. R. Bassett, L. B. Howe, A. Waterman, L. T. Ball, W. J. Pepper, C. M. Kay and William McK. Young. The present members of the bar are I. N. Bassett, T. W. Bassett, James H. Connell, L. D. Tomiinson, Guy C. Scott, George A. Cooke, Alexander McArthur, W. J. Graham, R. L. Watson. W. T. Church, J. Ross Brown, George W. Werts, L. D. Kirkpatrick, Eugene Burgess, John R. Wiley, Friend Church, John A. Mardock and Hugh Durning.


History of Mercer and Henderson County

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