Green Township, organized in 1854, was named after General Green of Revolutionary fame. Elisha Miles, tne first supervisor, who afterwards resided for many years in Aledo, had a prominence, politically and otherwise, which made him widely known through- out the county. He moved to Nebraska, where he died a number of years ago.

The greater part of the township is underlaid with coal; the soil, which is fertile, is drained by Edwards river on the north and Pope creek on the south. Among the early settlers were the Pinkerton and Carnahan families, William Terry, John Collins, Dr. J. B. and H. B. Frazier, W. P. Collins, M. K. Flory, Van R. Harriott, Henry Hoagland, James Terry and Thomas Leary.

The Coal Interests

Mr. Hugh Gilchrist has been a prominent factor in the development of the great coal interests of Green township. He established the towns of Gilchrist and Wanlock, just north of the railroad, and opened the mines that give employment to several hundred men. From these mines trains of coal pass out every day to all parts of the country. Being of good quality, it is in demand by the manufacturing interests in many cities. The old mine at Gilchrist having been about worked out, a new shaft has been sunk south of the railroad and the town moved there. Since Mr. Gilchrist's death these mines have been successfully managed by Mr. John Gilchrist and Mr. Charles Shuler.


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