A native of Scotland but a resident of this country since a lad of fourteen years, J. W. Gilchrist has become in Davenport-the city of his adoption-one of its most highly honored citizens.

He is identified with that important branch of industry-coal and lumber business. The date of his birth is
September 28, 1857, and his parents are H. M. and Mary (Weir) Gilchrist. His father, who preceded him in the coal and lumber business, was a man of means, who left Caledonia, Scotland, in 1871 and shortly after landing in
America located in Rapids City, Illinois

The town of Gilchrist in Mercer county Illinois, was laid out by him and received his name becoming a place of considerable importance in the coal industry.

J. W. Gilchrist had already received a good education in Scotland when he came into this country. He was so situated that he was able to acquaint himself with all the details of his father's business and as soon as he had attained to sufficient age he became associated with that gentleman. Their success has been good and as a matter of history needs no comment.

Mr. Gilchrist was married in 1877 to Miss Caroline Schaechter, and to them have been born nine children. Hugh, who married Miss Elizabeth McQuirk and has a daughter, Marjorie, assists his father in the lumber and coal
business. Mary is the wife of Charles Crowe and resides in Los Angeles. John W., Jr., also assists his father in the business. Grace is the wife of John Ploehm. Archibald is a student at Purdue University. Jean, Charles, Caroline
and Helen are all at school, Caroline being enrolled at St. Katherine's school.

The Gilchrist home is among the most attractive in the city. This was purchased upon the removal of the family of Davenport in 1899 and it was originally the old Fulton home. It has been rebuilt and remodeled and is
both handsome and picturesque, commanding as it does a fine view of the river. Mr. Gilchrist attends the Presbyterian church and in his fraternal relations he is a Mason. Resolute, keen and upright, exhibiting in his life many of
those traits characteristic of his Scotch ancestry, he constitutes in himself a valuable factor in the life of Davenport, both in its social and economic relations.

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