The "Fox Den"

The county in early times was infested by a band of robbers and murderers, who traveled from Dubuque to Montrose, on both sides of the river, plundering the people at every opportunity.

It was this gang who murdered Colonel Davenport on Rock Island. Four of them were afterwards captured and hung at Rock Island. In their travels they had their stopping places, one of which was located on the southeast quarter of Section 10, now owned by James Dalrymple. On this land was a small house, two sides of which were built of logs in a hill-side just south of Edwards creek. This was known as the "Fox Den," from a family of that name living there who were related to the Fox implicated in Col. Davenport's murder. This place was used by the gang as a stopping place, and the children of the neighborhood dreaded to go near it. as it was believed to be a rendezvous for thieves.


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