Union School is across the road from the Eliza Creek Cemetery. Memorial services are held there every year.

Union School faces the west and the cemetery. Picture submitted by Lois Retherford


Eliza Township, located in the northwest corner of Mercer County, is known as Town 15 North, Range 5 West. Rock Island county bounds it on the north and the Mississippi River on the west. Three creeks pass through it—Eliza and Winter's creeks and the Glancey Branch. These streams furnish ample water supply for stock at all seasons. Below the bluffs in the western portion are many lakes and ponds, the most prominent being Eliza, Glancey and Swan Lakes. These lakes, skirted with timber, abound in game and fish, and are a great resort for the hunter.

Soil and Products

The soil is adapted to agricultural purposes, most of that lying southeast of Eliza creek is a rich black loam. Near the bluff the upland is quite hilly, covered with timber, and is used for pasture. The land in the extreme western portion nearest the river is of the finest quality,, but owing to.overflow of the river during some seasons, and the extreme dampness of the soil, but little is farmed. It is covered with coarse grass which makes fine pasture for cattle and. in seasons when the timothy fails on the high prairie, it is harvested for hay.

In favorable seasons this land produces larger crops of corn than any other in the county. Some years ago the construction of a levee for this district was begun, its starting point being in Rock Island county. Much work was done, but a misunderstanding among the land-owners caused the abandonment of the venture. Doubtless, in the near future, some plan may be adopted whereby the Bay Island district may be protected from its occasional overflow and its land made more valuable than that of the high prairie.

Many hunting and fishing clubs have purchased tracts of this overflowed land, upon which they have erected club-houses where the members have their outings, spring and fall. Sportsmen come from all parts of the State whose guns sound to the old soldier like the distant skirmish line. Hunters for hotels and dealers in game visit this locality in the season and ship thousands of ducks to the large cities.





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