At the first breaking out of the late civil war, the question. as to 'my duty to go," was responded to affirmative "yes" by many of Eliza's truest patriots, and from the begitning to the termination of the great struggle, they bravely answered every call for troops ; father and son left the farm to offer their lives, if need be, that the nation might be perpetuated. And it was not until the town had almost exhausted her resources that men were hired to .till the quota..

Many from Eliza enlisted in Iowa regiments. among whom were

P Whaley, B. R. Whaley, Jasper Reed

David Noble, Monroe Leech, Eli Mills,

Pyrhus Glancy . Isaiah Bishop, E. A. Wood

S. S. Wood, Walter Reneday, John I. Reed

Alexander Irwin, Harrison Bishop. wounded.

Those who enlisted in the 102d reg. Ill. Vol. Inf. were :

J. G. Merritt. (who entered company Eias a private and was promoted to captain. and was wounded at Averysborough. North Carolina)

Madison Retherford, Jacob A. Reed, Thomas Beverlin

James A. Barlett. William Carr, Ezra Fuller

H. J. Frazier, Josiah Spicher. James R. Wood

Abram Fuller (died of disease February 8, 1862.)

James Collier (died, of disease December 4, 1862)

George Barlett (died May 18, 1864 wounds received at Resaca),

Noah Spicier (died of disease October 17, 1863)

Otis Albee (discharged on account of wounds).

Peter 0. Pierce (died Ma y l7,1864)

M Biverlin. John H. Murfin, Franklin Ferguson

Daniel Knapp, Walter Smithers, Henry Smithers

Harvey J. Fisher (wounded at Averysborough, North Carolina)

J. F. Essly (enlisted in company outside of the county)

H. C. Esley

W. D. Maladay (who was killed at Stone River)

Van A. Noble (wounded at Clickarnauga)

Addition: Benjamin Franklin Johnson of Eliza Twp He enlisted in Co E of the 18th Iowa Volunteer Infantry in 1862, the second year of the rebellion He served over three years and was mustered out with the regiment.   Submitted by his gr. grand daughter Jan Dunlap



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