Capt. Peter McLain, Keithsburg

First Lieut. Jasper N. White, Preemption

Sergt. John E. Bentley, Ohio Grove

Corporal W. W. McCand­lass, Aledo

Corporal George Dougherty, Suez


John C. Ails, Green

Joshua H. Brown, North Henderson

Hugh W. Brown, Ohio Grove

John Carroll, Preemption

Alexander Calhoun, Samuel C. Calhoun, Ohio Grove

Uriah Dunn, Neponset; John Dorrity, Pre­emption

John W. Dilly, William Fuller, Ohio Grove

John Gallagher, Preemption; John Gilrain, Keithsburg

John Holden, Hiram Huntley (wounded), Preemption

Collins W. Isbell, Keithsburg

William F. Johnson, Preemption

Avery E. Kile, Keithsburg

Elijah N. Kile (wounded), Bald Bluff

Frank Lucas, Pre­emption

Matthew R. McCullock, Keithsburg

Josiah McCaw, John McPherren, Ohio Grove

James McDonald, New Boston

Andrew J. Morehead, Ohio Grove

Daniel Mack, Pre­ emption (wounded)

John N. Markee, Ohio Grove

Thomas Murray, Preemption

Adolphus F. .Myre, Keithsburg

Thomas C. Odel, Elim Purdy, Preemption

James B. Ross, William Shaw, William Shaw, Keithsburg

John L. Sandie, Preemption; James M. Scott. Keithsburg

John Smith, Green; Oscar V. B. Wickiser, Alfred Wade, Keithsburg

Lewis G. Williams. John M. Warwick, Mercer

Charles C, Walter, Perryton (wounded)

Elijah D. W. Covill, James B. Johnson, Keithsburg.


Eli Detwiler, May 12, 1865

George Dougherty, June 8, 1865

Austin Green, May 20, 1865

William H. Boggus, May 18, 1865 (wounds)

Benjamin L. Brown, April 13, 1865

John A. Crossly, Jan. 27, 1863

Garrett De Haven, April 9, 1864 (wounds)

Antis Harvey, Nov. 19, 1863

Stokely M. Jones, Jan. 20, 1863

Frederick Kein, April 20, 1864

Alonzo T. Keinston, Jan. 22, 1863

Thomas Miller, March 23, 1863

Peter Reynolds, March 29. 1865

Solomon Smith, Oct. 29, 1864 (wounds)

George W. Spry, Feb. 9, 1865 (wounds)

John Summers, Oct. 9, 1863

John Thompson, Oct. 27, 1862.

Died.-First Lieut. Luther T. Ball, Second Lieut. H. E. Abercrombie First Sergt. Andrew J. Hellings and Sergt. John M. Weidner. all killed at Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862

Sergt. Hinson R. West, Sept. 28, 1864

Almon Wilbur, March 31, 1863

James J. Kidwell, killed at Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862

Joseph Ballien, killed in railroad accident, Oct. 30, 1864

Michael Conway, Dec. 19, 1862

John Diesh, Jan. 9, 1863 (wounds)

John H. Gillespie, died at Andersonville, Aug. 9. 1864

Frederick Kamp. Nov. 4, 1864;

Bigelow Kile andWilliam Lipton, killed at Stone River, Dec. 31,1863

Lawrence McManus, killed at Pine Mountain, July 16. 1864

George McFerren, Jr., killed at Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862

0. R. Personius, Dec. 8, 1862

Peter Rothrcck, Jan. 20, 1863

Marvin Sullivan, Sept. 24, 1863 (wounds)

Edgar L. Spicer, Jan. 22, 1863 (wounds)

Mack Tirney, Sept. 27, 1862

Daniel Williams, killed Sept. 19, 1863

Henderson Welliver, killed Dec. 31. 1862

Francis Whan, died at home

Robert Whan, Aug. 30, 1864

Hezekiah White, April 14, 1863 (wounds)

Francis M. Brown, killed June 21, 1864

Alonzo Guest, Nov. 17, 1862

Andrew Jackson, May 26, 1865.


Clark C. Glidden, to V. R. C., Feb. 13, 1865

George M. Haney, to V. R. C., Aug. 1, 1863

Joseph Hoover, to Tel. Signal Corps, Nov. 2, 1863

Archibald C. Kile, to V. R. C., Aug. 15, 1863

Edward Little, to Pioneer Brigade, July 25, 1864

Jonathan R Eckley

Peter Johnson

Caleb M. Kile

William N. Kile

Charles W. Shoemaker

Fred C. Van Eaton

George D. Walter, to Company F, Twenty-first Illinois Infantry

David N. Walter, Mississippi Marine Brigade.

Resigned.-Capt. John C. Pepper, June 9, 1863.


Company H, Eighty-fourth Regiment Illinois Infantry, was mustered into the United States service, Sept. 1, 1862, and became part of Gen. Palmer's division, Army of the Cumberland. It took part in the battle of Perryville and was on the march with Buell through Kentucky in pursuit of the Confederate army under Bragg. In the battle of Stone River the regiment lost 228 men and officers.

It was in the Tullahoma campaign, and at the battle of Chickamauga during what was called the "siege." being with Hooker at Lookout Mountain in :the fight above the clouds;" also participated in the Atlanta campaign, and was in the battles of Franklin and Nashville under Gen. Thomas. The regiment had inscribed on its battle-flag, "Perryville, Stone River. Wood­bury. Chickamauga. Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Ring gold. Dalton, Buzzard Roost, Resaca, Burnt Hickory, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta. Jonesboro. Lovejoy Station, Franklin aad Nashville." The regiment was mustered out June 8, 1865.


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